10 Best Custom Vans Perfect For Your Next Road Trip

It can be hard to find the perfect van for the ultimate road trip and, if you’re going to be living in it, you want it to be right.

There are so many different van life ideas and opinions from van life influencers and vandwellers that even knowing where to start looking for your tiny home can seem impossible. Well, today we are going to show you ten custom vans and affordable tiny homes that could be perfect for your next off grid adventure.  

This list will be great for you if you’re looking for your own camper conversion for your next road trip as all of these campervan conversions come from companies, around the world, who specialise in custom vans.

Best custom vans for adventure

These are the ten best custom vans — they give you plenty of tips if you are looking at creating your own tiny house or if you want to learn more about the van life essentials every off grid home needs. 

1. Outside Van 

Back view of sprinter conversion in custom vans.

First up on our list of custom vans is Outside Van. Outside van is a highly experienced company that is based in Portland, Oregon (USA). They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in building out Mercedes Sprinter conversions as well as ford transits and can work closely with you to create your dream home on wheels. 

The van pictured above is one of Outside Van’s latest builds Meraki. Meraki is a beautiful example of the well designed and professionally finished custom vans that Outside Van can offer.

This van features a fixed double bed, a seating and dining area that can be converted into a single bed, plenty of storage and a kitchenette with sink, double electric burner and a 12v fridge. On top of this, the under the bed area has been left bare, making it the perfect space to store outdoor gear to make the road-trip even more fun. 

We love this van and think it would make a great home base on any long trip in your campervan. It is an excellent example of the sort of build you could expect if you chose to purchase a custom van from Outside Van.

2. This Moving House 

Custom Vans- sleeping pod interior of camper.

Next up on our list on custom vans is this fantastic build from this moving house- The Blue Van. We are in love with the interior of this van, it is so unique, bold and practical, making use of every inch of space to be able to sleep a family of four. If you are looking to travel with kids in tow, then this is the camper van for you! 

The Blue Van features a comfortable double bed for two adults as well as two sleeping pods for two little people. These signature pods are a signature style for This Moving House; they are stylish and make van life even more fun for kids, allowing them to have their own private space to personalise and call home.

On top of the clever sleeping arrangements, this van features an Uber fresh blue kitchen that makes the home pop with colour, that is complete with two ring burner hob, baby Belfast sink, 12v fridge and an extendable countertop. Finally, this van features two extra passenger seats and front seats that rotate to form a dining area. 

We love the design of this van and the high standard that the conversion has been completed to. This moving Van is based in the UK and works directly with the customer to ensure they get the most out of their conversion as possible. 

3. Knaus BoxDrive

Interior of BoxDrive.

Next on our list of awesome custom vans, we have the BoxDrive from Knaus. Knaus is a large German motorhome company that sells motor homes, caravans and camper vans. Today, we are going to be looking at one of their latest campervans, the BoxDrive. The BoxDrive is a fully customisable camper, built inside the base vehicle of a VW Crafter. 

This camper van features up to three beds (one double and one pull out single), a dining area made out of front swivel and extra passenger seats, kitchenette complete with sink, fridge/freezer and gas burner and a bathroom equipped with toilet, basin and shower. While this may look like a standard off the shelf camper, there are many customisable options and added extras to make this van personal to you.

For example, you can add an awning and bike rack to the exterior of your camper and choose whether or not to add the extra single bed. The finish of the interior is also up to you with many different upholstery options available. 

If you’re interested in the Knaus BoxDrive, you can look for a dealer near you through the Knaus website. Prices for the BoxDrive start at £55,670. 

4. The Travelling Makers

Custom vans- photo form loft bed of luton box van conversion.

At number four on our list of custom vans that would be great for your next road trip, we have this beautiful Luton box van conversion from The Travelling Makers. This van is one of the most stunning tiny homes that we have ever seen, and the conversion is to the highest standard. 

This fantastic box van conversion is large enough to feel like a small apartment and has all the features you would need to live in the van on a full time basis. The large double bed inside this conversion is situated above the driver’s cab, which means all of the floor space is left free to be used solely as a living area. This creates an obvious divide between bedroom and living area and allows more room to work with when creating the layout inside the van. The living area includes a large kitchen complete with burner and over, a beautiful copper sink, fridge and plenty of storage and food prep space; a sofa for lounging on as well as a separate seating area with a table, a wood burner and a bathroom tucked away in the corner. 

As well as this Luton Box Van conversion the Travelling Makers, who are based in the UK, have also converted smaller day vans and Sprinter vans. If you’re looking for someone to create a tiny home as beautiful as this one, then today is your lucky day as The Travelling Makers have just announced their books are open for custom commissions. 

5. Freedom Vans

Custom Vans- dining table set insdie camper.

We’re halfway through our list of epic custom vans that would be perfect for your next adventure and up next we have this amazing Sprinter van conversion from Freedom Vans. With one of the biggest van kitchens that we’ve seen so far, this van would be a dream for anyone who loves to cook.

The kitchen in this van runs along one side, and is 7ft long! It includes a 12v fridge, large sink, four(!!) ring gas burner and more than enough preparation and storage space, with cabinetry running below the countertop and overhead.

This van also features plenty of seating space to enjoy the meals cooked in the well-equipped kitchen with an L-shaped bench seat running along the other wall and in front of the bed. At the end of your busy day adventuring and cooking you can flop onto the vast, static double bed at the back of the van. 

We love the layout and finish of the van, the wooden floor and ceiling make this van feel super warm and cosy. If you’re looking for your own custom conversion to suit your needs, then Freedom Vans are based in the USA but do have a waiting list of 10-14 months!

6. VW Camper Interiors

Mint green vintage interior of VW campervan.

Next up on our list of the best custom vans for your next road-trip we have this beautiful classic VW conversion by VW Camper Interiors. Everyone knows that converting a vintage VW back to its former glory isn’t a job to take lightly and it can be a good idea to get the professionals in. This camper is one example of an exemplary conversion. 

This bay window VW campervan has been returned to its beautiful original state, including the iconic checkerboard floor and leather seating to match the exterior paint of the vehicle. While this conversion has stuck to the classic and iconic style of a VW bus, with the retro cabinetry and rock and roll bed, it has also added some more modern comforts.

The Rock’n’Roll bed is extra wide for comfort, the van is fitted with a brand new electrical system that can be hooked up to solar, is heated by a propex heating system, has new speakers and a 12v fridge. This VW camper conversion merges the best of old and new to create an eye-catching and comfortable van. 

We love a classic VW here at Van Clan, they are iconic in the van life world and should be celebrated. We love that this conversion has kept to the classic design while incorporating modern comforts. If you have an old VW camper that needs a bit of love, then VW Camper Interiors could be for you. 

7. Boho Camper Vans

Next up on our list of fantastic custom vans is this unique conversion from Boho Camper Vans, who are based in the USA. The feature that stands out the most in this custom build has to be the pull out foosball table that extends out of the rear of the van. This addition proves that anything is possible in the world of van conversions. 

As well as having the novelty feature of a foosball table in the back, the rest of the interior of this van stands out from the crowd and catches your eye. The walls and ceiling are fully cladded using tongue and groove cladding stained a deep brown and giving the van its nickname of ‘Golden Egg’.

All the cupboards and cabinetry are also made from the same cladding; the only thing breaking it up are the stylish tiles used behind the kitchen. The kitchen comprises of a fridge, sink, hob and oven and plenty of storage and prep space. This van also features a seating area with a table and a static double bed.

This is one of our favourite custom van builds to date; it would make a great full-time home to travel the country. If you love it as much as we do, then you can contact Boho Camper Vans for your very own personalised build. Prices for a conversion start at $35,000. 

8. Roaming Wild Campers

Interior of campervan with pull out drying rack.

Next up we have a custom vans company who are based in Australia, Roaming Wild Campers. Today we are going to be looking at their beautiful Sprinter van conversion, Atlas. We love the mix of clean white and deep wood in this interior, making it look clean and fresh. 

This camper van is complete with everything you would need in a full time home, making it a comfortable base to travel the fantastic scenery Australia has to offer. The white walls and cupboards make this camper seem larger than it is, giving it a bright, happy atmosphere to live in.

On top of the fresh feel of this van, we love the layout with the bed at the back, seating a table in-front and the kitchen and storage running along either wall with a shower cubicle behind the driver’s seat. But it’s the attention to detail that catches our eye the most, such as the pull-out drying rack which is perfect for drying swimmers after a dip in the ocean. 

If you’re feeling inspired by this stunning custom campervan, then you can reach out to Roaming Wild Campers to discuss your very own tiny home conversion and make your dream a reality. 

9. IoCamper

IoCamper coming out of the back of van.

Up next on our list of the best custom vans for your next road trip we have something a bit different, the IoCamper. The IoCamper is an innovative expandable apartment, the size of a trailer, that allows you to use three separate rooms when fully expanded. 

The IoCamper Unit, when packed down can either be towed on a trailer bed as a caravan or inside a large cargo van such as a sprinter van. This clever insert allows you to use your van through the week as a work van only to be able to transform it into a spacious campervan at the weekend.

The unit expands to four times its original size, with room for four people to sleep in separate bedrooms as well as a kitchen and living space. Each of these rooms interior is customisable so your mini apartment can feel like a second home.

We love the idea behind the IoCamper; it’s always great to see the new and different ideas making their way into the van life world. This would be a brilliant alternative to a campervan for those who want a bit more space and luxury in life, without having to drive a massive motorhome. 

10. Paved To Pines

Wooden school bus converison interior.

We have saved an amazing conversion for the last spot on our list of custom vans that would be fantastic for your next adventure. The Cabin, this beautiful school bus conversion by Paved to Pines would be perfect for anyone looking for something a little bit bigger than a standard van. We love the vintage look of school busses, and this interior conversion is flawless. 

Step inside to a stunning wooden interior, with tongue and groove cladding making up the interior walls and ceiling of the bus. The wood gives this bus a cosy feel, which is added to by soft curve in the roof and the natural green tones in the kitchen and living room. The kitchen features a full size fridge freezer, large sink, full size oven and gorgeous cabinetry.

The kitchen feels like it has been plucked straight out of a country living magazine. As well as the lovely kitchen this bus has a bedroom at the back, with a cosy double bed, an ample living room space complete with sofa bed for guests and a wood-burning stove as well as a full bathroom. 

This bus would be a pleasure to live in and is larger and more thoughtfully designed than many small apartments. If you’re dreaming of Skokie life and want to know more, Paved to Pines can help you with the whole process, from choosing a vehicle to completing your conversion. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many fantastic custom vans out there, and it was difficult to choose just ten for this list. We hope you have enjoyed the ten that we did choose and feel inspired to find the perfect van for your next epic road trip. Let us know what you would want in your dream custom van by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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