Handcrafted Rustic Campervan Is A Work Of Art On Wheels

If you’ve read any of my articles before, then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of original handcrafted rustic campervan conversions.

There’s nothing better than starting with a bare metal shell and putting your heart and soul into a campervan build, whether it’s for yourself or a potential client.

Some converters see a common-old-garden Ford Transit van as a blank canvas, a means of expressing themselves past deciding on the best choice of seat cover or where best to put the cassette toilet.

Say Hello To Rumi, A Custom-Made Camper From Supertramped Co!

Take Ashley, the founder of SuperTramped Co. His alternative views on the ‘campervan conversion’ and passion for art have taken the internet by storm.

His experience of living on the road and a keen eye for design have allowed him to produce some of the most stunning vehicles that I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a LOT on my travels with Van Clan).

Meet The Maker

Handcrafted Rustic Campervan with a forest setting paintjob

Ashely is the founder of Supertramped Co, a campervan conversion company based in Somerset, UK.

After a chance meeting with a freestyle skier come vanlifer, Ashley immersed himself in the world of van life and tiny space living. He completed his first van, put pictures on the internet, and the rest is history.

When people are asking you to build vans for them rather than the other way around, you know you’re onto a winner!

Take A Look At Rumi

Let’s start with the outside of this handcrafted rustic campervan. Before we go any further, we’ve got to talk about that stunning forest/mountain scene that gives this camper such a unique look.

Little touches like this are so important for making a small space feel like a comfortable and cosy home.

Van Clan

This artwork was carried out by artist Sam Gaden and gives the camper an incredibly unique feel that is a million miles away from the bland, boring exterior of a Ford Transit van!

It’s the perfect vehicle to join the camp quirky fleet at the next festival.

And, if you park it in just the right place, you’re bound to blend into the surroundings. It would certainly stick out a lot less than a white van while parked amongst the trees.

Putting the artwork aside for just a second, let’s just take a peek at those wheels. Ashely and his team have installed Black Rhino Alloys On BFGoodrich Tyres.

Long story short; this rolling art show is as gnarly as it is beautifully crafted.

There won’t be any problems coping with those southern country lanes or the hills of the nearby Brecon Beacons.

Handcrafted Rustic Campervan with a tree logo on the back, custom

Back to the artwork. Ashley was given a brief by Rumi’s owners to create a camper that was ‘earthy and organic’. That explains why the custom paint job has such a tranquil, natural vibe.

And to top it all off, the team have created a large graphic of a tree morphing into flying birds across the back doors.

This van makes me feel so calm and free I think I could move in right now!

Up on the top of the van there’s a 1m x 1.5m Velux Skylight and 175W of solar panels.

Below, you’ll find an underslung gas tank as well as fresh and waste water tanks, creating more room inside the van itself for comfortable furnishings and striking artistic commissions.

What Is Rumi Like Inside?

inside this stunning Handcrafted Rustic Campervan.

Three words – a tranquil paradise.

I guess I have to write a little more than that, but that’s how I’d sum it up to anyone who is short on time.

Remember I said that Ashley has an eye for design and the finer details? This conversion uses every inch of the available space to bring a homely feel to what was once a metal box on wheels.

He’s even managed to make a Dometic 3-ring hob and a Smeg oven/grill combo look interesting!

Countertop and ornate tap - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

I’m a big fan of surrounds for things like light switches and USB ports.

Ashely has made some rustic-themed housings for these essential but boring items to maintain the organic and earthy aura of this build.

And take a look at that wooden worktop! There’s a Belfast sink built in with a cover that fits perfectly across the top (something I tried to do with my own build and failed miserably!)

That tap looks as though it’s come straight from the set of Downton Abbey, and I find it incredibly pleasing how those tiles sit perfectly underneath the windowsill.

It’s little features that give this camper a narrowboat vibe without the need to be on water, which is perfect for any die-hard land-lubbers out there.

Keeping Warm

Continuity is key in a build like this, and the same kitchen tiles can be found in key locations throughout this camper. One of the main areas where they provide a colourful focal point and much needed safety is around the Hobbit Stove.

The famous Hobbit stove from Salamander stoves - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

I’ve been envious of these Hobbit Stoves built by Salamander Stoves since I first installed a wood burner in my camper. They were a little out of my price range at the time, and now I’ve reverted to a diesel heater, it just makes me want one even more.

You just can’t beat that real coal/log fire experience in a camper, especially if you’re burning something with a lovely scent like pine or cedar.

Nothing says earthy or organic more than that!

Velux skylight in a Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

From this angle, that fantastic skylight and the fake ivy around it give the impression that the camper is open to the elements, especially thanks to the reflection in the glass.

I’ve tried to copyright the catchphrase ‘bring the outside in’ through these articles, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck yet. Still, there’s no better way of making a space seem bigger than by bringing nature into the mix, and Ashley has managed to this this both tastefully and effectively.

The Full View

From what we can gather, Rumi is perfectly built for a solo traveller or, in this case, an adventurous couple. The sofa converts down into a spacious bed with plenty of room for starfishing on an evening.

Now, if this was my van, I know for a fact that my girlfriend and fellow Van Clan writer Rose would be forever walking through those curtains on the back door like she was in a theatre play.

And why not!

The earthy-brown carpet covering the back doors and those long curtains frame the space nicely. I can just imagine having those pulled over to keep the sun out on a hot day and chilling out with a book on the sofa.

The rope tiebacks are a real nice touch too!

Fake plants bring nature into the space - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

There is no shortage of lighting in this build. The downlights and reading lamps situated throughout the van create a soft glow perfect for relaxing on an evening.

There’s nothing worse than being blinded in the middle of the night when you’re trying to find the tap for a drink of water.

And check out that British Red Western cedar cladding, perfectly distressed to give that country cabin on wheels feel.

What Other Artistic Pieces Can Be Found In This Rustic Handmade Campervan?

How many vans do you know that have a custom stained glass door in them?

Ashley has brought in the help of Jan Czugalinski to add an extra artistic element into this build, turning yet another essential necessity into a focal and talking point.

Little touches like this are so important for making a small space feel like a comfortable and cosy home.

Adjustable table - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

To complete the living room set up, Ashely has installed this adjustable desk, big enough or working, eating, and playing games on (though not all at once!).

Can you imagine yourself sat here with a cup of tea looking out at the sights of nature? Those curtains really do frame the landscape perfectly!

Hobbit style drawers straight out of bag end Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

Bed converts from the sofa - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

Keeping Clean

Shower - Handcrafted Rustic Campervan

Remember that underslung water tank I mentioned? It’s going to come in handy for supplying water to this neat looking shower.

Now there’s no excuse not to get away from the campsite and out into the wild. The shower area and Mandarin Stone made tray are set nicely out of the way and don’t encroach on the living space at all.

It’s an addition that would give some people more confidence to try out full-time van life and is especially handy if your adventurous lifestyle sees you heading to muddy or sandy places.

Two deep cycle leisure batteries provide all of the electricity to pump and heat your water and more besides. You can go fully off-grid thanks to the solar set up or hook up to a campsite electric station once in a while to fill your batteries back up with precious juice.

Our Verdict

Rumi is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning campers we’ve ever seen. Ashley’s work speaks for itself; we wouldn’t mind commissioning a vehicle or two for the Van Clan fleet one day!

The brief was earthy and organic, two natural features that this conversion has in abundance. It’s light, rustic, and provides an interesting place to live whether living full time on the road or tripping away at weekends.

If you want Supertramped Co. to create a bespoke conversion for you to see the world in, then head over to their website for more details.

You can pick and choose what amenities you want in your van via a drop-down menu and contact Ashley directly to chat about the finer details!

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