Meet Faith, The Custom Built Sprinter Camper That Will Make You Want Your Own

Today we’re looking at a stunning custom built camperFaith — built by UK based conversion specialists Supertramped Co. This van is a masterpiece with a unique interior that would be the perfect base for any road-trip. In fact, you’ll be wishing for a rainy day so you can stay inside and admire your tiny home!

Faith, The Van

Faith is built within a trusty Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, reliable vehicles that make your journey smoother. The low-key silver exterior means this van could be suitable for stealth or city camping.

The only hints that this is a camper van are the windows and the chimney on the roof. 

Custom Built Camper Interior

Inside this van is where the magic happens. By opening the sliding door, you’re stepping into a new world, filled with dark, moody wood and copper accents.

Faith is a work of art, but the layout also makes the most of the limited space available. There is everything needed for a long term road trip including a kitchen, bathroom, wood-burning stove and bedroom area.

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look. 


Walking into the van, the kitchen greets you. It’s small but perfectly formed with a two-burner hob for cooking meals on the go.

As well as the hob, there is a Dometic fridge freezer, hidden behind a wooden door to maintain the enchanted forest vibe. Under counter storage and a wall-mounted spice rack complete the area and allow space for all your ingredients and road-trip snacks!

This kitchen is practical, but it’s the small details that make it stand out from the crowd. Copper light switches complement the wooden surrounding, a distressed metal plant pot brings some greenery to space, and a rustic tiled splashback adds another texture.

It’s these touches that make the kitchen special. 

The Shower Room

Moving on from the kitchen is the shower room. Squeezing a shower into a sprinter van can be a challenge, but its placement in this camper works well. Being at the front of the van, it doesn’t create a strange layout, allowing the van to feel spacious and open plan. 

Inside the shower room, the rustic theme continues. You can see the same wooden cladding found in the rest of the van on the ceiling, but tiles adorn the walls. The tiles not only look good; they also create a waterproof room, safe to enjoy a hot shower.

A shower curtain pulls across to ensure no water splashes out into the main living area. 

Like the kitchen light switches, there is more copper in the bathroom. The taps, piping and showerhead are all copper, adding to the rustic feel and creating a sophisticated aesthetic. It’s hard to believe that this shower room is in a camper van!

The Wood-Burner 

Supertramped Co is based in the UK, so heating is a must to get through a chilly winter. For this, Faith includes a wood-burning stove. The Hobbit Stove, by Salamanda Stoves, is a compact burner, perfect for small spaces. 

This mini crackling fire will perfectly heat the camper and provide a warm atmosphere for relaxing in the evening. Furthermore, the fire is opposite the bathroom, so it will also dry the shower, preventing a build-up of damp.

Not only does it provide heat, but the Hobbit Stove also adds to the cabin-y and rustic feel.

Sink Unit

To the right of the shower room is a sink unit. This unit completes the kitchen by providing somewhere to wash up but, as it’s separate from the kitchen, also works well as more of a bathroom area for washing your hands and brushing teeth etc.

The storage below the sink could be used as more kitchen storage or for clothes and other essentials.

The sink and taps are made of copper, fitting in with the rest of the campervan’s theme. Behind the sink is a large window, providing natural light that gleams off the copper and an ever-changing view to enjoy. The same tiles found in the kitchen give a splashback for the sink and tie the two areas together. 

More faux plants adorn the walls around the sink unit, sat in circular rustic planters. Including fake plants in your camper is a great way to brighten up the space without needing to worry about them wilting. It can be difficult to look after plants on the go, especially if you are only in your camper part-time. 

The Bed

Finally, we’re moving onto what is arguably the most important part of any camper van: the bed. To have a successful road trip, you need to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Having a comfortable bed is a key ingredient in achieving this. 

Faith certainly doesn’t disappoint on the bed front, as a full-sized double sits at the back of the van. This cosy space invites rest and is the perfect place to end your day.

The bed fits width way in this conversion, which saves space for the rest of the areas but still gives you plenty of room to stretch out. 

At either end of the bed are windows, allowing you to take in your view, wherever you’re parked up. Above each window are copper curtain rails, and more faux plants, tying in with the rest of the van. Best of all, open the back doors and lie in bed while feeling the sun on your face. 

Having a fixed bed is an excellent choice as it means you don’t have to construct your bed every day.

It also allows you to have a huge storage area at the back of your van, ideal for bulky items of outdoor gear or other road trip essentials. This storage area is accessible via the back doors. 

The Practical Stuff

This camper is absolutely beautiful, but it’s also functional. An off-grid electrical system runs throughout the van, powered by a 100w solar panel and Victronic Splitcharger. This means you can have power on the go to charge all your electronics. 

An underslung gas tank fuels the hob and boiler. Opting for an underslung tank is a great space-saving choice and allows for easy re-filling on the road. Having a boiler and running hot water in your camper is a true luxury and home comfort. 

As well as a boiler, you’ll need large water storage to get the most out of the shower. Faith comes equipped with a 100l freshwater tank, that should keep you going for a while!

As well as the freshwater tank, Faith also has a wastewater tank to store used water until you can dispose of it. 

Our Verdict

Faith - custom build camper - interior

Faith is an excellent camper van, well equipped and stunningly executed. This camper goes to show that you can have both practicality and beauty. The craftsmanship and eye for detail in this camper shines through, with good quality construction and high-end finishes, making an exquisite tiny home.

This van would make a very happy adventure mobile for anyone looking to hit the road. 

Meet The Maker 

Supertramped Co is a UK conversion company based in Somerset. Founded by Ashley Webber who completed his first conversion back in 2016, Supertramped Co has a team of highly skilled craftspeople with backgrounds in carpentry, electrics plumbing and even stained glass. They will work with you to create your dream camper van and get you on the road.  

How do I get My Hands On One?

Supertramped Co works on a one-off custom basis, so while you can’t buy Faith, you can commission your own conversion. This system allows you to have a hand in designing your camper so you can get exactly what you want.

Faith is an excellent example of the finish you can expect, and the high standard that your conversion will be completed to. 

If you want to find out more, then head to Supertramped Co’s website and check out their Instagram

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