Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent Weighs 80lbs & Works With Any Vehicle

Day campers rejoice – we’ve found the lightest hardshell rooftop tent on the market, and it’s available to order right now!

The worst thing that we’ve found about installing a rooftop tent is how fiddly they are.

Ok, that’s the second worst thing.

The worst thing is having to install them on your own.

Unless you have arms like Jax from Mortal Kombat or a mate who owns a crane, then you’re looking at a long and painful experience.

At least, that was the case before the Superlite Roof Tent came into being.

This product is the lightest hardshell rooftop tent that we’ve ever come across, and it can be installed by one person in under three minutes.


Now you can turn your work vehicle or family car into a camper in less time than it takes to make and drink a good cup of tea, or vacuum your living room, or count to 180-seconds in your mind.

Let’s take a look at the Superlite Roof Tent and find out more!

Meet The Superlite Roof Tent, The Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent On The Market!

Superlite Rooftop Tent on a car

Just How Light Is This Thing?

At just 80lbs, this rooftop tent is the lightest that we’ve ever come across on our travels through the internet.

That’s the same as carrying 11,610 teabags on your roof, and teabags weigh nothing!

And more importantly, less weight up top means that you’ll be able to go faster on the motorway and not have to worry about draining as much of your precious fuel.

Save Money, Drive Better

Heavier rooftop tents create a higher centre of gravity and more drag, generally turning your car, van or truck into a gas-guzzling monster.

But if you become the owner of the lightest hardshell rooftop tent in the world, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lower centre of gravity, giving you better handling and a smoother ride.

Go Fast Campers built this thing to be a race tent, so they know what they are talking about.

Hold Up…A Race Tent?

Superlite Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent on a jeep

If you are into rally driving or looking at getting into long-endurance races, then you’ll need something light and comfortable to stay in at the end of the day.

Go Fast Campers asked themselves one question when they set out to build the ultimate race tent – how light-weight and minimalist can we make the worlds lightest hardshell rooftop tent?

The creators signed up for the Mexican 1000 and gave themselves one mission – build a rooftop tent that provides a comfortable nights sleep, can withstand fast speeds and bumps, and that won’t affect car handling performance.

It turns out that they got the formula spot on!

And with a super-easy installation process and the ability to set it up in seconds, there’s zero stress and maximum sleep time with this roof tent.

How Big Is The Worlds Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent?

The Superlite rooftop tent measures between 4-6″ thick depending on your bedding option when closed.

That’s so thin that you’ll hardly notice it’s even there.

And the best part is that there’s still space to store a surfboard on top when it’s packed down, so you’re not losing any crucial roof rack space.

The tent measures 90″ x 50″ and provides 44″ of headroom once lifted up. It can hold two adults plus a baby or a child, depending on your relationship status and what kind of small creature you want to be the parent of.

If you’re parked up somewhere nice, then you can open all of the flaps and have a full view of your surroundings.

And if bugs turn up, the mesh sides will keep you bite free.

When it rains, the hardshell top will keep you dry, and twinned with the corner-stay design, you’ll experience a quiet night even in a gale.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

The lightest hardshell rooftop tent on the market takes just three minutes to install by yourself.

If you have a friend helping you with half a brain, it could take as little as one-and-a-half minutes!

That makes sticking it on for an adventure a breeze, and taking it off again when you’re ready to use your vehicle for work again is now hassle free.

To be honest, you could keep it on all year round and never even know the difference.

It would make a great mobile break room if you don’t like your colleagues!

And once it’s on your car, truck, SUV, or van, it takes a couple of seconds from getting out of the drivers seat to getting into bed.

That’s exactly what you need when it’s cold outside or if the skies are firing cold water bullets at you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Superlite Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent on an off road vehicle

Some of you might be thinking that the worlds lightest hardshell rooftop tent might cost a fortune, but it’s very affordable compared to other products on the market.

You can own a Superlite hardshell racing tent for $1,199.00 (just over ยฃ870.00).

If you want to add a ladder and a mattress to the mix, then you’ll be looking at paying $1,578.00 (just over ยฃ1,229.00).

For how light this product is and the savings that you’ll make on fuel while out on your adventures, that’s an absolutely amazing cost.

See it as an investment that will last you a lifetime!

When Can I Order One?

You can order the world’s lightest hardshell rooftop tent on the Superlite website now.

Pre-orders are set to ship November 2020, so you can have one in time for the busy Holiday season.

Give yourself the gift of adventure for Christmas or your birthday; you won’t regret it!

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