Mercedes Camper Van Revealed Called The Off-Grid “X Class”

If I asked you to name an automative brand that signifies style and class, chances are you’d answer with ‘Mercedes-Benz’. But you wouldn’t associate Merc with getting muddy and rip-roaring though mountains, would you? Enter the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup; glamping with attitude.

Checking Out The Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper PickupMercedes-Benz X Class Camper - Dash

Vanlife is a global trend that simply cannot be ignored, and the intelligent minds over at Mercedes Benz are not ones for missing a trick. The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most sought after vans when it comes to can conversions, and Merc know a good thing when they see it.  They’ve heard the call (or read the email) of the digital nomad, and they want an even bigger piece of the pie.

“Simply to set off and to stop and stay where the fancy takes you: flexibility and independence are the most powerful motives for customers deciding to purchase a camper van. Between January and October 2017 almost 38,000 new vehicles were registered across all classes of camper vans, some 5,000 more than in the same period of the previous year”

So What Are Mercedes Offering?

At the minute, the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup is a concept. Mercedes want us to start thinking about how versatile the X Class can be, and it’s suitability for the adventurous lifestyle.

The featured image at the top of the page shows the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup with a cab-over camper from Tischer Cabins, which looks a little bit like the Earthroamer (albeit not as much as a behemoth), or the Overland Nissan Titan XD.

These Tishcer Pickup Cabins are pretty suave…
…no wonder Mercedes-Benz chose these. This is camping on another level!

Mercedes-Benz choose only the best, and you can see from the pictures above that comfort won’t be an issue in the first idea for the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup.

Their second idea utilises the help of VanEssa Mobile Camping, and is more of a rough and ready camper that’s more for the hands on adventurer. The kitchen unit, featuring storage, sink, cutting space and an all important Dometic 12v coolbox, fits directly onto the truck bed itself.

This X Class conversion is definitely more for the tent lovers of this world rather than those looking for a specific home from home, but the pick up itself will allow you to reach any destination with ease, meaning that you can have a deliciously cooked meal no matter what kind of barren or treacherous landscape you’re in.

Final Thoughts…

I like what Mercedes-Benz are doing here, and they know (just like us) that the Camper/Vanlife market is huge. Their first combination of the Pickup and the Tischer cabin is definitely their strongest idea, and perhaps is where they should focus the bulk of their time and energy.

Will it be a hit with the campers? I think so, but it will all determine on price. This isn’t something that your Instagram Sprinter Conversion addict will want to go for; it’s more for the camper who wants to see mud but doesn’t want to actually get in it. But hey, who are we to judge! Everyone has their own ideas on how they’ll travel the world, and the Mercedes-Benz X Class Camper Pickup provides a powerful and sophisticated solution to trekking in style.

mercedes camper van

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife


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