Mercedes Reveals Its New ‘Westfalia’ Campervan

Mercedes have a light background with campers, their Mercedes Sprinters are well known for being some of the best off-grid homes you can get your hands on, but they are also known for being darn expensive, so Mercedes have revealed a more affordable, smaller hybrid called the Marco Polo Horizon.

It was revealed in January of this year and it’s main aim is to crush the new VW California, it’s a great looking camper, with even better interior, and if you have a few extra bucks to spend it even comes in two Limited Edition versions for you ballers out there.

We are seeing more car brands venturing into the campervan category lately, with Fiat busting out their new Ducato and now Mercedes, exploring a smaller, more tactical approach so it’s good to see more and more travel junkies buying them!

The Marco Polo is priced slightly higher than the VW California but offers a bit more power, and if you’re tempted by the more powerful V 250d, you’ll be looking at £55k+. Inside is where the magic happens, and in all honesty it looks similar to many modern campers, but nonetheless a great selection of accessories and bits from Mercedes.

It has the traditional camper layout, a side kitchen with two-ring hob, a sink, a fridge, beds that sleep up to four people, rotating front seats and a electric Westfalia pop-top designed by Westphalia himself. At the front is where you tech junkies will have most of the fun, it features a Garmin sat-nav, ambient lighting controls, three-zone climate settings and auxiliary heating for those cold nights.

Overall this thing is a great addition to the modern campervan selection of 2017, we don’t think VW should be worried as of yet due to it’s hefty price tag but this certainly does have a more premium approach and VW should start planning their next line of Californias with a bit more strategy.



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