The New 4X4 Exhibition Fiat Ducato Camper Looks Unreal

When you think “Camper Van”, you probably don’t think of the Fiat Ducato Camper right? Well, that could be about to change. Earlier in 2017 Fiat announced this incredible masterpiece, the Fiat Ducato Exhibition, a 4×4 monster camper built for the mountains and crafted for real adventurers. 

Here at Van Clan, we’ve seen this awesome Mercedes Sprinter camper, some amazing Ford campers as well as fantastic DIY camper conversions and today we’re here to find out if the Fiat Ducato Exhibition is just as good. When you think of off road campers, you often think of compact campers that are easy to handle, beasts like this off road Mercedes that aren’t really practical or pop up truck campers that sometimes lack a bit of luxury. The Fiat Ducato Camper is a brilliant middle ground, combining all the vanlife essentials and tiny home comforts with the ability to take the road less travelled.    

Fiat Ducato camper going down dirt road

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This epic camper van is a collaborative effort between the Fiat team, 4×4 specialist Automobiles Dangel, custom body builders Olmedo Special Vehicles, and interior specialist Technoform. Together they have created a fantastic 4×4 camper van that would easily cruise along even the roughest of roads. The 2.3litre, 150 horsepower engine is combined with four-wheel drive technology by Dangel to make every road feel comfortable to drive and allow you to take your camper wherever you want to go. 

Fiat Ducato camper interior back view

The exterior of the camper van is a pimped up version of the classic Fiat Ducato Camper and is built on the same chassis, but with plenty of added extras. The sturdy roof rack, great for carrying extra outdoor gear, boasts a huge light bar to illuminate remote roads, making them easier to tackle. Also mounted on the roof rack are two additional heavy-duty 4×4 wheels, to match the set on the van- these wheels are designed to withstand the toughest terrains. Along with the light bar and wheels are a set of recovery tracks just in case you do get stuck and plenty of canisters to hold extra fuel, meaning the journey can last for even longer. Mounted on the front bumper is a winch to help you out if you do get yourself in a sticky situation while driving off-road. 

While the exterior of this camper may be practical and rugged, the inside is a haven of modernity. This tranquil space is the perfect place to relax after a long day of driving or a great space to plan your next route. The stylish interior is the work of Technoform, a design company that usually displays its designs inside luxury campervans and high-end yachts. Their unique look is evident in the crisp finish of the interior of the Fiat Ducato camper. 

Fiat Ducato Camper seating area with table

Walking into the camper and a roomy seating and dining area greet you. A double bench seat, with seat belts, provides a safe space for extra passengers to enjoy the journey from and also allows four to sit around the table. The front driver and passenger seats swivel to face the table, meaning no space is wasted. The table can be folded away when not needed to create a more spacious seating area.

Fiat Ducato Camper front view

Behind the seating and dining area is the Fiat Ducato camper bathroom, hidden from the rest of the interior by a sliding door. Inside is a shower and toilet, providing a little slice of luxury in this 4×4 off-road vehicle. Having a bathroom on board makes every adventure feel a little bit more comfortable and allows you to clean off after hitting the trail or catching some waves. 

Fold out bed at back if camper

Behind the bathroom, at the back of the camper van is a huge double bed. This bed folds out so can be stored away when not in use, providing more space for transporting bulky items when on the move. This design would allow you to easily carry dirt bikes or kayaks on board with you, meaning the adventure doesn’t have to stop when you park up. The enormous bed looks incredibly comfortable and would be very welcoming after a busy day. 

Kitchen in camper

Running along the wall opposite the seating area is the Fiat Ducato camper kitchen. The sink and electric hob can be hidden under a slick, white work surface when not in use, complementing the interiors stylish design. The fold-down countertop also provides plenty of space to prepare delicious meals so you won’t feel cramped when cooking on the road. Below the work surface is a fridge and plenty of storage space. Overhead cabinets can also be found throughout the van for storing clothes and other essential items. 

We love the neutral colour scheme running throughout this camper van. The neutral colours and bright whites allow light to flood the space, making the interior feel bright, welcoming and bigger than it is. The light grey suede used on the walls and for the bed cushions give the camper a high end feel, almost as though you could be in a five-star hotel. We love how this camper combines the rugged practicality of an off-road vehicle with a more luxurious interior. 

Exterior of van with back doors open and bed down

While we do love this Fiat Ducato Camper, we are disappointed that this 4×4 model never made it past the concept stage. This van was created simply as a special configuration van, for the Düsseldorf show, without the intention of ever putting it into production. Fiat Ducato is one of the most popular camper van creators across Europe, and we feel it is about time they produced a four-wheel-drive camper that you can actually buy. We love the interior of the Fiat Ducato vans, and it would be amazing to be able to take these campers to new heights. Having said that, a 4×4 camper van built to this high spec is likely to cost somewhere in the region of £100,000, a price tag that feels inaccessible to many people. 

Do you think Fiat should be making an off-road campervan and would it be worth the high price tag? Let us know by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Exterior of camper driving on road

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