15 Campervan Accessories For Your Next Off Grid Adventure

restart 15.25 Getting out and about in our beloved campervan is one of our favourite things to do, and there are so many campervan accessories out there that can make your life on the road so much simpler. Off grid living in the middle of nature is one of the most relaxing things to do when the weather gets warmer, but terrible equipment can really put a stop to the fun.

Must-have Campervan Accessories

Don’t be a fun stopper! We’ve made a list of our favourite campervan accessories to bring on your next trip that should help to keep the party going!

15. Collapsible Drink Dispenser

This is great for all of the family; a portable 3.5L drink dispenser that can be collapsed down and tucked away in the van. Not only can you add cool water to this little tub, but you can also add ice and fruit to really give your drinks a refreshing taste when in the sun! I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!

14. Inflatable Lounger

You may have seen these floating about at your local campgrounds over the years, and there’s a reason why they are so popular. This portable blow up bag transforms into a comfortable lounger that keeps you off the dirty floor/sand when you’re outside. And the best bit…these campervan accessories pack up nice and small for storage in your cupboard or behind your seats! There’s a pocket for your phone and a drinks holder too; what more could you want!

13. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

The one thing a lot of travellers can’t live without on the road is a nice warm shower, and if you’re living in a van, then they might not come around as often as they should. This portable shower comes in a durable bag that can be attached to a tree and used with its included hose to shower you down. To keep it warm, just keep it out in the sun, or if you have a compartment near the engine then that should do the job too!

12. Therm-A-Rest Trio Chair

The problem with your average camping chair is that it’s not exactly portable; they like to say that they are, but we all know that they also like to stretch the truth a little. The next item on our list of campervan accessories is possibly the smallest camping chair ever! It’s from Thermarest, and it transforms into the same size as a pint glass, allowing you to take it literally anywhere. Hold it in your hand, stick it in a bag, or strap it to your leg for all we care. This thing won’t weigh you down and will allow you to take a load off no matter where you are.

11. Goal Zero Lighthouse Power Hub

This little fella packs a punch! Not only is it a super bright lamp that you can twist to power, but it’s also a power bank that allows you to charge your devices! It’s great for hanging outside your van, taking into the woods when you need to tinkle, or just for keeping in your bag when you go on a little adventure!

10. SheltaPod

Most camper van conversions can’t fit a built-in canopy, which can be disappointing for those small van fans that need a little extra storage or chilling space. But this next item on our list of campervan accessories has a universal design and it’s so much better than your standard canopy. The SheltaPod can be transformed into a number of combinations, making it great for any campground, even if it’s raining! And you can even purchase a kit that changes the SheltaPod into a tent to sleep guests (no more topping and tailing with your Auntie!).

9. Compact Lightweight Hammock

Admittedly, we don’t use a hammock every time we’re on a little adventure, but it’s nice to have in the van for those long stays in the wild. Plus, there’s nothing better than lying in a hammock next to a warm fire after a long day on the trail. You can buy cheap ones, but more often than not they break. This one from ‘NATUREFUN’ can hold up to 300kg and features tree safe ropes that don’t cut into trees when in use, giving you peace of mind every chill session.

8. Swedish Candle Log

Why would you want to bring a log with you on your trip we hear you ask! The next items on our list of the best campervan accessories are called Swedish candles. They are small logs that are cut 3/4 deep with a deep center, which allows for air to be directed into the middle of the log to help start a fire. All you need to do is add some twigs, light them up, and this thing will keep burning for hours! Not only is it a portable bonfire, but you can also cook on top of it too!

7. GoSea Crystal Kayak

This is one for you big money makers out there. Not only do kayaks just naturally provide great times, but this transparent one lets you see below deck at all of the wildlife underneath you too! It comes with up to two seats, two paddles, and weighs only 22kg, so it’s super easy to chuck on top of your van when you’re done with it. Don’t have any room up top? Check out these inflatable Bluefin Paddleboards!

6. Sleeping Bag Coat

One of our favourite accessories has to be this genius invention; the all-in-one sleeping bag coat. We’ve used this many times and it truly comes in handy when you’re sitting around the campfire at night and it’s starting to get a little cold, but you don’t want to be a party stopper and go to sleep. That’s the perfect time to pull this fella out, keeping you warm and away from the bugs but still able to make memories with your friends. It can even be used at home on the sofa; it literally has endless opportunities, making it one of our best campervan accessories for sure!

5. Omnia Oven

We’ve been using our Omnia Oven non-stop for the past few months, baking delicious cakes and fresh bread on our gas stove without a conventional oven in sight! All you need is a gas hob or rocket burner, and the Omnia Oven does the rest. It uses convection heating to cook everything from calzones to chicken wings, and we never leave home without it! If you like to eat (who doesn’t) then this could be the most important of our campervan accessories!

4. Portable Waterproof Speaker

Music makes the world go round; it’s an international language that everyone can speak, and it’s a great ice-breaker at gatherings where you might not know everyone very well. This waterproof speaker from Urbanista is the perfect accessory for taking on your next camping trip or van life outing. It’s small, but it packs a serious punch. The bass on this thing is amazing!

3. Surf Towel

Northcore knows how to make the best surf and adventure products, and this ‘Beach Basha’ surf towel is great for any vanlifers that like to shower in the great outdoors or for changing into your swimwear on the beach. Keep your modesty in public and dry off at the same time. One size fits all, 100% cotton, and machine washable. Perfect!

2. Portable Gas Cooker

Cooking up your favourite campervan recipes just got a whole lot easier with the next item on our list of the best campervan accessories! The Vango Combi Infrared Grill and Hob Cooker is a great bit of kit for whipping up off grid meals. It’s simple to use, lightweight, and can be used both inside your camper and in the middle of nature. It’s sturdy too and easy to clean – we can’t compliment this thing enough!

1. Portable Power Bank

Keeping charged up on the go is incredibly important, especially if you’re a digital nomad who uses tech to make a living. This Anker PowerCore 20000 portable power bank is small enough to fit in any pocket, has an ergonomic design that doesn’t leave smudges or fingerprints, and can be charged up fully in just 10 hours. It’s perfect for carrying around on the go and chargers up your gear safely and quickly. We’re charging one as we write this article!

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