This Tiny NestBox Will Convert Your Car Into A Functioning Camper

We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now, but it wasn’t until the Nestbox here was released, that we can officially say it’s finally been done right. Many van life companies have tried to create a modular, transformable camper kit with all the van life essentials, but most have failed or haven’t been capable of fitting almost any car.

The NestBox is a modular, easily assembled camper kit that slides into the back of your car, giving you a shell for cooking space, storage, equipment and even a bed. That’s right, this tiny nestbox will transform your car, people carrier, or whatever you drive into a functioning camper that will allow you to venture wherever you wish without splashing out on expensive campervan conversions.The Nestbox can be fitted in under 10 minutes, as it allows you to start with the shell, and then add in your extra compartments. Plus, if one weekend you need space in the boot for storage, you can remove the Nestbox and free up some extra space, making it easier for us to add into our busy lives.

So, what does the Nextbox actually do I hear you ask. Well, it features compartments for water, which you can attach a foot pump to for washing dishes or surfboards. A mini fridge, cooking equipment, (without our highly recommended XL Ridgemonkey mind you), a foldable bed, that collapses over your back seats, just remember to fold them down before doing so! And our favourite part is two cooker heads allowing you to make delicious van life recipes on the go plus drawers and textile bag add ons to give you even more storage space!

The Nestbox is created by a company called egoé which is a Czech company that was founded in 2006. Building upon experience with design, technology and marketing of outdoor furniture, the company founded a new division — nest by egoé. In 2016, nest by egoé developed a new product designed for enthusiastic fans of camping.

We have to give props to the NestBox’s incredible design. Every single inch of this box has been crafted with a reason, each sliding rail has been precisely engineered to give this tiny Nestbox even more pull outs, and sliding compartments. They’ve even created three different versions allowing to you get the best NestBox for your specific sized vehicle. And we love the fact it comes with that hi-tech green, white and grey look. Keeping it modern and hip, we love it.

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