SUV Camper Conversion Kit That Turns Your Car Into A Camper

Buying a motorhome can be a huge investment which is why an SUV camper conversion kit is a great alternative. Purchasing an SUV kit still allows you to hit the open road but keeps the initial cost of your trip to a minimum. Today we’re going to be looking at The FlatBox from QUQUQ, a fantastic option with everything you need for an adventure.

What Is an SUV Camper Conversion Kit?

A car can be the perfect adventure companion; it will take you where you want to go and also provide you with a cheap roof over your head. Car camping isn’t a new idea, anyone who’s taken their tent out and been caught in a storm will find themselves retreating to the safety and dry roof of their car. But an SUV camper conversion kit takes this convenience to a whole new level.

With an SUV camper conversion kit, you can turn your car into a campervan, disregarding the need for a tent completely. This clever idea means your vehicle becomes a sophisticated place to stay when you head out into the wilderness, complete with a bed and kitchen.

Why Not Just Buy A Camper Van?

Stay Outdoors

Many people that choose to buy a camper van are outdoorsy folk, who enjoy exploring the great outdoors and seeking adventure. An SUV camper conversion kit encourages you to spend all of your time outside. The kitchen is outside meaning this is where you have to cook, and really there’s nothing better than camp food enjoyed under the stars.


If you are an outdoorsy person, then it seems pointless to spend a considerable amount of money on a camper van when all you’ll be using it for is driving, sleeping and cooking. With an SUV camper conversion kit, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money for something that enables you to have the same road trip adventure.

It’s not only the initial purchase cost of a motorhome that you’ll be saving on, opting to use your current car as your camper means that you will not have to pay tax, insurance and repair costs on two vehicles.

No Need For Second Vehicle

If you own an SUV, this kit is perfect for you as you don’t need to buy a second vehicle. Owning just a camper van isn’t practical for everyday life as it is too big to take on the school run or for some groceries. An SUV doesn’t have this problem, and it is also compact enough to be able to tackle narrower roads.

Owning just one vehicle is also good for the environment as you do not have to fuel two cars. This reduces your carbon footprint and ensures you are doing your bit to preserve the landscapes you want to explore.

Weekend Warriors

An SUV camper conversion kit is perfect for those weekend warriors who enjoy using their weekends to head outside. If you’re only going on short trips, you don’t need the space and home comforts that a camper van provides as you’re only away from your home for a few nights. You can even chuck the kit in your trunk on Friday morning and head straight out when you finish Work!

Better Off-Road Capabilities

SUVs are built to go off-road, where many camper vans aren’t. By opting for an SUV camper conversion kit, you will be able to take the road less travelled and reach more remote destinations. This is such a bonus as it allows you to wave the conventional campsite goodbye and seek untouched locations.

Easy To Drive and Park

Finally, an SUV is so easy to drive and park. As well as being suitable for off-road routes, their small size and low profile make them easy to park. They are just as good at zipping through a busy city as they are in the country and can park in any spot, no matter how tight. This driving ease gives you the freedom to explore wherever you want, stress-free.

Who Are QUQUQ?

SUV camper conversion kit - QUQUQ logo

Born in Germany, QUQUQ (pronounced cuckoo) now have dealers in many countries and export worldwide. Their camper conversion kits have made their way throughout Europe as well to Iceland, Borneo, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia, USA and South America. QUQUQ has the benefit of being designed and built by a camping lover. His passion allows the QUQUQ to be a practical product that has been tried and tested in the outdoors.

QUQUQ already produce camper conversion kits for high roof vans, VW transporters, the Toyota Porace Verso, Landrover Defenders, and the Mercedes G-Class. So, if you don’t have an SUV but are still interested in the conversion kit, they might have something to suit your vehicle’s measurements.

The FlatBox

The FlatBox fully extended

So, let’s take a look at the SUV camper conversion kit from QUQUQ, The FlatBox. The FlatBox is a compact box unit that stores in the trunk of your SUV. Thanks to the fact that there are no loose items The FlatBox is quick and easy to remove and install.

As there are no loose elements, it is impossible to forget anything for your camping trip. Inside the large box is the kitchen as well as some storage space for essential items. The bed folds on top of the box unit, allowing the whole kit to store neatly in the trunk when not in use.

You can secure the unit to your vehicle using two straps that easily hold 500kg. This feature means that the box will stay in place if you were to have an accident on the road, keeping you safe.


SUV camper conversion kit - Kitchen extended in back of car

When you want to use the kitchen in the SUV camper conversion kit, simply open the box and pull out the gas burner. The side of the kit’s box provides you with a workbench to prepare food or wash up. With the stove extended, you have an L-shaped kitchen with plenty of space to cook delicious meals.

Also in the kitchen space are two 10l water containers, with a tap for easy usage. Paired with one of the two bowls provided in the kit, this simple water system becomes an effective washing-up solution. The sink, combined with the workbench and burner gives you space for a stress-free cooking experience.

Finally, the kitchen area also has a large storage box, stored in the centre of the unit. This provides space to keep food and utensils. Any other items that need storing can go in the footwells of the passenger seats, which remain free even when the bed is out.


SUV camper conversion kit - bed extended in car

The most important upgrade the SUV camper conversion kit offers you, when compared with a tent, is a proper bed. The FlatBox’s bed is spacious and comfortable, allowing for a good nights sleep and leaving you well rested for the day ahead.

The bed unit is split down into three mattress sections, which allows it all to be packed down neatly. As it folds away, you can store it in the trunk of your car when not in use. Each of the mattress sections come with their own 100% cotton fitted sheet, providing you with a little bit of luxury on your camping trip.

A fold-out aluminium bed frame supports the comfortable 10cm thick foam mattress. The frame also stores on top of the kitchen’s box unit in the trunk, when not in use. The aluminium bed folds out over the back seats but the seats don’t support it. This means that if they are not needed, you can remove your SUV’s back seats for extra storage.

Instead, two adjustable straps support the bed by hanging on the car’s interior frame – either the handrails or seat belt holders. This is a clever use of the car’s structure that keeps the size of the conversion kit to a minimum. It also ensures the bed is safe and secure when in use.

The bed measures a comfortable 110x195cm, enough room to sleep two. This is undoubtedly a step up from a camping mat in a leaking tent!


The FlatBox kit folded away

The whole unit has been designed to be lightweight, coming in a just 50kg. As it’s lightweight, using the SUV camper conversion kit will not add to your car’s fuel consumption. This is good news for both the environment and your bank balance!

Final Thoughts…

We love The QUQUQ FlatBox; it’s a brilliantly clever piece of design that allows you to go on spontaneous adventures, what’s not to love?! However, coming in at $3990, The FlatBox is a bit on the pricey side. For this amount of money, you could almost convert a basic camper yourself.

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