Tesalate Sand Free Towel – Why Every Beach Bum Needs One

Last year the incredible people over at Tesalate Australia sent us their pride and glory – a Tesalate Sand Free Towel. It was a little bit cold over Winter to be testing it out (we didn’t fancy the 4 degree celsius temperatures in Hunmanby Gap), but now that we’re experiencing a British heatwave we took it out into the world to test out just how good it really is! Could it be another item that slips into our van life essentials list? Let’s find out.

Testing out the Tesalate Sand Free Towel

Tesalate Sand Free Towel - BeachThe first thing that separates the Tesalate Sand Free Towel (apart from their main USP of course) is their colourful design. Tesalate towels don’t just come in boring block colours, they all have vibrant and unique designs that will make you stand out from other travellers and beach bums. No more ‘who’s taken my towel’, you’ll spot your friends borrowing your Tesalate Sand Free Towel a mile off!

Tesalate’s microfibre towels are all incredibly lightweight and pack down into a small pouch that fits neatly in your backpack or van drawer, or a carry case that you can sling over your shoulder. They might be thin, but each towel can hold up to a litre of water, and they dry in half the time of a normal towel – how cool is that! Plus they stay sand free even when wet.

Tesalate Sand Free Towel - Design

Tell Us More!

What makes the Tesalate Sand Free Towel super awesome is the material that they are made from – Absorblite. It allows sand to pass through the towel and not stick to the surface of the fabric (and for all of you fabric fact buffs out there each towel is 80% polyester + 20% polyamide). Now you can do yoga or exercise on the beach and not worry about getting a sandy back!

Tesalate Sand Free Towel - Colour

Each towel is double sided, and comes with a handy hook for storage or for drying off in your van after a day at the beach or swimming in the river. We’ve been using ours at the gym quite a lot recently and haven’t noticed any signs of wear or tear over the last few months. It dries so quickly compared to normal cotton towels and it always stays soft no  matter how many times we wash it.

Final Thoughts…

We asked Tesalate to send us their product to figure out if the Tesalate Sand Free Towel was really as good as they said they were. The answer is – yes, they’re the real deal. We tried to find a flaw in the design or something to write about to even out this review, but the truth is that Tesalate have created an incredible product that does exactly what it says on the tin/shoulder bag.

Tesalate Sand Free Towel - Feature

We tried the sand trick, and sand just doesn’t stick to it whatsoever. We got it wet, and it dried so quickly that we did it again to check that it wasn’t magic. If you vandwellers or travellers out there like surfing, swimming or just keeping clean then you need one of these in your life immediately, and with free worldwide shipping you really can’t afford not to.

Visit the Tesalate website to check out their stock and order yours today!

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Written by @vincentvanlife

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