Van Life Insurance Exists, And Here’s How To Get It!

The real struggle for any movement or alternative lifestyle is being recognised by a local authority, the media, and other ‘business to consumer’ organisations. The concept of Vandwellers and the freelancing Digital Nomad is still too new or hard to understand for some people (mostly people who think Alan Bennett’s ‘Lady In The Van’ is what alternative living is all about). But now there’s a Van Life Insurance company who are capitalising on the the boom of this global phenomenon, keeping the wind beneath our wings as we explore the hidden highs and lows of our world.

Meet SafetyWing – Van Life Insurance Experts

Van Life Insurance - SafetyWing

We’d like to introduce you all to SafetyWing, the worlds first company specialising in Travel Medical insurance for the vanlife entrepreneur. They don’t just cover you in your home country either; this van life insurance is specifically tailored for off grid living abroad and even worldwide!

It’s so easy to forget the ‘boring’ things travel insurance before you plan a trip away. You’re excited about getting out into the world and don’t stop to think about the fact that you could get eaten by a bear or kidnapped by a wild gang of angry racoons. SafetyWing takes the stress out of the whole process for you, and from the moment that you click on their website you get this funky-fresh feel and modern attitude that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just ticking off a chore from the to-do list.

Who Can Buy SafetyWing Van Life Insurance?

As long as you’re over 18 years old then you’re able to provide van life insurance coverage for people age 14 to 80. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo female vanlifer or a group of friends living off the grid, packages are tailored to meet your needs, and whilst this van life insurance was designed with Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and Freelancers in mind, holidaymakers and weekend warriors can also be covered by the product on short trips away.

Van Life Insurance - work
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What Am I Covered For?

The SafetyWing van life insurance covers you in two different ways – Travel Medical and Travel. 

  • Travel medical insurance opens the door to a global network of reputable and qualified hospitals and doctors that will help you with any sudden and unexpected medical problems or accidents that you might get on the road. With this van life insurance under your wing, you’ll be covered for costs with doctors, hospitals, and emergency medical evacuation.
  • The dedicated Travel element of this insurance covers for travel delay and lost checked luggage if you’re using public transport or airports for your work, emergency response & natural disasters and personal liability.

In short, your mother or father will sleep a lot more soundly in their beds at night if they knew that you were covered with SafetyWing van life insurance!

Van Life Insurance - experts

How Do I Know That I Can I Trust Them?

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t sceptical about a new company but with SafetyWing there’s no need to worry! They’re what’s called a Y-Combinator company, and their van life insurance is administered by Tokyo Marine, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The policy that you purchase is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds London too, so you know that SafetyWing is a legitimate company that take your safety very seriously.

Tokio Marine handle all of the claims directly, and they offer 24/7 support when a person is in need. No matter where you are in the world or what time zone you might be in, someone will be on the other end of the phone to help you when you need them.

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What Countries Am I Covered In?

If you’re planning on taking your off grid home on a global adventure then you’ll be pleased to know that this van life insurance provides worldwide cover, as well as limited cover in your home country. It’s available to purchase in 180 countries, and if you forgot to organise it before you set off, then you can buy it while you’re travelling too. Now you can get insured from your off grid van anytime, anywhere!

Van Life Insurance - groups

If you’re one of our readers from the U.S then it’s worth noting that you won’t be eligible for coverage whilst travelling within the United States, except as provided under your specific home country coverage or an eligible benefit period. Check out SafetyWing for more details.

How Much Does This Van Life Insurance Cost?

It might surprise you to know that van life insurance through SafetyWing is very affordable! For just $37 per 4 weeks, you get worldwide travel and travel medical coverage for all of your digital nomad needs. Now you don’t have to travel the globe on a wing and a prayer (I can’t get enough of these wing puns); you can leave confident knowing that SafetyWing have got your back if you get into trouble on the road, leaving you to concentrate on working and not wasting your time worrying whilst you’re out exploring.

If you want to take your adventures to the US then the cost goes up by $31 per 4 weeks while you’re there, but that’s still a 1/3 of the price of SafetyWing’s competitors!  You can purchase anything from 1 month to 1 year and cancel or reapply as you wish. It’s easy to understand, simple to use and affordable for the vanlifer who is living on a shoestring.

Van Life Insurance - Travel

Final Thoughts…

You wouldn’t leave home without your wallet, and you certainly wouldn’t get on a plane without your passport, so why would you go on a long journey into the unknown without insurance. Don’t be one of those people that thinks ‘It won’t happen to me’ because it might, and if it does then you’ll be well and truly up a certain creek without a paddle!

For just over $9 a week (ยฃ7 for us Brits) you get peace of mind and the knowledge that you’re covered for any medical bills or lost luggage whilst you’re freelancing on the go. To me, it’s a no-brainer, and as my mother always says, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.

Visit SafetyWing online to find out more about their van life insurance and to purchase your policy!

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