Off Grid Van From Outside Van Is The Ultimate Swiss Army Vehicle

You might think that we have a little bit of a soft spot for Oregon based company Outside Van, and in all honesty you’d be absolutely spot on. We love campervan conversions that combine function and versatility with a clean and minimalistic feel, and the Mercedes Sprinter Conversions that Outside Van produce never fail to knock us off our feet. Their newest creation, the Off Grid van, has more adventure storage than we’ve seen in any other vehicle, and it’s safe to say that it’s a digital nomads paradise.

Meet The Gnarliest Off Grid Van In The West!

Off Grid Van - Outside Van

Here it is; the Off Grid van in all it’s glory. Built on the classic Mercedes Sprinter chassis, Outside Van have created another Van Life monster that will not only make you an Instagram King or Queen, it’s also one of the best suited campers for your off grid living lifestyle.

From the off you can tell that the Off Grid van is built for the toughest terrain; the double wheels at the back and serious looking suspension give that much away! From the small privacy windows in the bedroom area to the Surf/Sup Roof Rack for your boards and paddles, this van has everything that the modern day adventure could ever possibly need whilst living off the grid.

Off Grid Van - Surf Off Grid Van - Roof rack

What’s On The Outside?

Outside Van know how to kit out their campers, and they include all of the necessary gear without wasting time adding show pieces or pointless bells and whistles. At the front end theres an OSV Pre-runner Bumper which is made from high-strength aluminium, and it comes available with your choice of custom driving and fog-light configurations. These bumpers give your camper some serious protection, pushing aside obstacles like small trees and buildings as though they were made of rice paper. (N.B – don’t try knocking down a building…not without a good run up at any rate).Off Grid Van - bumperThe Off Grid van also comes with a handy awning to protect you from harsh sun or torrential rain, and a full solar package is ready and waiting in the wings to prepare you for off grid living. That’s what we love the most about Outside Van – this Off Grid van is made for the dark depths of forests and glorious cliff-top park-ups. It’s meant to be taken into out into the wilderness – that’s where the best adventures happen after all!

What’s Inside This Off Grid Van?

Off Grid Van - bike storage

Honestly, I thought you’d never ask! If you’ve read one of my articles before then you know that I like to bang on and on about storage (if you’re a full time vanlifer then you know why) so imagine my excitement when I saw the pictures of the back of the Off Grid van. It doesn’t matter whether you like mountain biking, downhill biking, trials biking, surfing, paddle boarding, camping, mountaineering, extreme sports or rambling, Outside Van have created a compartment that you can fit your equipment in that doesn’t interfere with the living space in the slightest.

Off Grid Van - Bed holes
Those circles might look fancy, but getting air up and underneath your mattress is important to keep damp at bay. OSV think of everything.

Off Grid Van - Bunk bedsYou can either choose a fixed bed platform to stretch out and relax or some bunk beds for the crew to catch some z’s after a long day in the wild. Each sleeping set up is easy to erect and simple to change at the drop of a hat. The static bed platform allows for three bikes to be stored underneath using the famous OSV frame locks, and you can easily fit your trials or motor bike in the back with the bunk beds fastened up to the sides.
Off Grid Van - bike storageAnother impressive part of the garage area is the back door storage compartments, giving you easy access to skateboards, bike pumps, outdoor coats and van life essentials. The Off Grid van uses the most of every inch of space which is one element that I love to see in a campervan conversion – all tiny homes should be built like this!

Off Grid Van - cabin bed
This also looks like another extra sleeping area, but to be honest we’d probably use it to store tonnes of snacks that the passengers could pass to us whilst on long journeys!

Shut Up About Storage…We Want To See The Living Area!

Fine…if that’s what you want…I was just about done anyway….

Off Grid Van - seatsThe inside of the Off Grid van has a lot more going on than we’ve previously seen in the stripped down adventure vehicles that we’ve covered, but OSV do it all without making the space feel cramped or crowded. The luxury leather seats look comfortable for long drives in the country, and theres room for four people to sit whilst the vehicle is in motion (just don’t strap another four into the bunks – that’s definitely NOT a good idea!).

And you see that cupboard next to the seats? Well that’s exactly what you think it is; a built in shower!

Off Grid Van - shower

The H2O package in the Off Grid Van provides the user with hot and cold water in the kitchen and shower, which means that you don’t have to go in search of a camper shower when you need to scrub off the dirt of the day. This full stainless steel enclosed shower also has a removable shower tray, so you can shower inside our outside the vehicle, which is also great for if you need to wash your gear down before drying it off in the sun.

Is There A Kitchen?

Off Grid Van - kitchen

The Off Grid van has a galley kitchen with hot and cold running water, a 12v refrigerator, an overhead microwave cabinet for those midnight Hot Pockets, and space for your food blender and top cooking accessories. There’s a solid butcher block countertop in every van and a two hob stove for whipping up hot meals (or soup mix if your mother didn’t teach you how to cook).

…And What About Power?

The Off Grid van has tonnes of power for your adventuring needs. With 110v, USB, ARB and 12V outlets you shouldn’t be short of places to plug in and charge up on the go. Keeping your devices full of tasty juice can be tough, which is why OSV have fitted  two NorthStar SMS 480 long-life extreme capacity high-output AGM Batteries and two Additional long-life extreme capacity high-output 240 AGM batteries. That’s some serious firepower right there!Off Grid Van - power

There’s also a 2800 Watt Magnum Inverter and a secondary alternator in the Off Grid van – this camper has more gadgets than Air Force One! As always, OSV include a power centre for you to be able to control all of your electrical needs and monitoring. You can also include a diesel heater package to keep you warm in cold climates, so you’re not just limited to seasonal use. Check out the awesome custom vent below too – hot air never looked or felt so cool (that made perfect sense in my head). Off Grid Van - heating

Final Thoughts…

Off Grid Van - overview

We try our best not to be biased when it comes to our reviews, but man I sure love these vans! If you’re looking for a versatile camper that can store more equipment than Noah’s Ark then you’ve just found your dream vehicle. This Off Grid van looks the part, it’s sleek and stealthy, and it has a ‘rough and ready’ style interior without compromising on comfort, space or style.

It’s as far from my own ‘log cabin on wheels’ Van Life UK Camper as you could possibly get, which is why I think it appeals to me so much. It’s the kind of off grid camper that I would keep stocked up with adventure gear 24/7 so that it was ready for extreme off roading whenever the feeling took me. The addition of the onboard shower makes it even more appealing, as no one likes to go caving or river walking and then get back to their off grid home all dirty (not that I do either of those things…I’m just trying to sound cool).

For more information on the Off Grid van check out Outside Van online! Be sure to take a look at their other cool conversions while you’re there too.

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