This Mercedes Sprinter Off Grid Home Is A Thing Of Dreams

When it comes to living alternative living methods, we think we’re pretty clued up on how to live in an off grid home. We spend most of our days writing and testing out amazing camper vans, and this little beauty that we found whilst trawling the internet is no exception. Take a look at this Custom Adventure Camper from Nomad Vanz!

Nomad Vanz – Get An Off Grid Home That’s Built For Adventure!

Off Grid home - Front shot
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

Nomad Vanz  have taken the classic realm of Mercedes Sprinter Conversions and supercharged it into oblivion. Each of their colourful Sprinter conversions makes for an ultimate off grid home that is equally built for comfort and adventure. With more controls than Kit from Knight Rider and an onboard shower to boot, this amazing Sprinter could just be your next road trip vehicle. Let’s take a look inside!

Inside Nomad Vanz Off Grid Home

Off Grid home - Cab
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

These colourful conversions are very family friendly, but don’t let that fool you; Nomad Vanz adventure campers are just at home on the campsite as they are in the middle of a forest or traversing a ravine. They’re the real deal, and an off grid home that we could definitely live in all year round. This particular model is called ‘Out Of The Blue’ – the best trips come when you least expect them after all.

Off Grid home - inside living area
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

Nomad Vanz have thought about everything, from the under cupboard LED’s to the old school style Volkswagen Bus Camper seat material. Everything works seamlessly without you even knowing its there, and thats the best compliment that we could ever give to any camper! You might have been set on a range of 4×4 truck campers, but if you want to get off grid in style then Nomad Vans are your new best friends.

Off Grid home - Swivel seats
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

Let’s look at a few of the specs of the interior. From the Command Centre to the Mechanical Shroud, all of the individual components in this off grid home have kick ass names, and for a very good reason. The bones and brains of this conversion are hidden behind cupboards to keep your living space clean and tidy, but if you’re a digital nomad and like your gadgets and gear then you can sit and marvel at their brilliance with a cup of coffee and while away the evening. The central Command Centre monitors and controls the van’s leisure battery levels, the solar and alternator input that bring power into the off grid home, heat and hot water, and they also monitor different levels for Nomad Vanz Mother Ship and those all important grey water tanks!

The leather passenger sofas fold down into a bed so that the whole family can sleep in comfort, and in the day the seats in the cab can swing round so that four people can sit around the fold up table. Poker anyone?

Off Grid home – Bed

Nomad Vanz pride themselves on their comfort, and they definitely built this off grid home with your sleepy needs in mind. Their built in beds are based on a ‘lightweight carbonate bed panel with a latex mattress wrapped in an organic cotton cover’. Inside the mattress is where the magic really happens though, with articulating bed springs for airflow and comfort, as well as a handy bunk ladder.for you to climb up into snooze town. Plus with pop out sides, you person of 6’6″ height can comfortably sleep sideways.

Black out blinds that are aptly named ‘Shadez’ (how cool is that!) provide privacy and also help to keep the van cool in warm climates. They also attach to the windows using rare earth magnets – these campervan accessories keep getting better and better!

Off Grid home - shower
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

The best bit about this off gird home is the Oasis package. This particular model utilises the space perfectly to create an amazing on board shower! The Mother Ship, a 175 litre stainless steel tank that is fitted in the location of the factory spare tire, pairs with the Rain Closet, a shower system that can be used both indoors and outdoors with a stowaway shower wand. There’s also a shower curtain with the option of a shower pan. Sounds fancy right?!

Off Grid home - Bike storage
Photography by Reuben Wurtz

Nomad Vanz can be made with built in Fork Grips and a Bike Repair Station, as well as an inbuilt air pump so you don’t have to mess around with a foot pump before hitting the trail. As well as storing the all important lithium battery and the hot water system, you can use the space in some of the custom builds to put in extra seats if you feel like taking the entire family out into the wilderness for a big celebration.

Off Grid Home - Feature

Final Thoughts…

We haven’t come across a company that converts Sprinters with such attention to detail for a long while, and you can tell that the genius minds over at Nomad Vanz really love what they do. These builds are fun as well as functional, and with everything being so customisable you can really work with them to create the best off grid home for you.

Off Grid home - mountains

Simple builds start from around $50,000, and the high end builds cost around $250,000. It might sound expensive, but you can’t put a price on comfort, style and the ultimate adventure. We love this van, and if you’re looking for a 4×4 off grid home with a difference then this is the vehicle for you! Head over to the Nomad Vanz website to find out more about their vans and to speak to their dedicated customer service team!

Written by Seb @vincentvanlife

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