Best Socks That You Need For Living The Van Life

Everyone needs them, and they’re often taken for granted. No, I’m not talking about parents or takeaway menus, I’m talking about socks. They’re the little cotton wonders that keep our feet warm on the road, and they deserve their spot in the Van Clan limelight.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Socks for living the Van Life. Some are warm, some are practical, and some are just down right awesome. But hey, if you can’t appreciate a good pair of socks then you’re probably already a lost cause. (Maybe wait for the ‘Top 5 Boring Matchstick Holders’ list instead.)

What are the best socks for van life?

#1 – Warmawear Battery Heated Socks 

Top 5 Vanlife Socks - Warmawear


Whoever knew that you could find a Carbon Ceramic heating element inside a pair of socks? Well, according to Warmawear you can, and it’s a reliable and energy efficient way of heating up your toes in those cold climates. With up to 5 hours of heating time, these warm woollen socks are comfy as well as practical. They’ve also got a reflective strip on them, so if you happen to be cycling through the arctic then the polar bears will know to keep well away from you.

You can buy you very own pair of Warmawear socks from Amazon for just £19.99

#2 – Jimmy Lion Campers Casual Socks

Socks - jimmy Lion Campers

If you’re living the van life then you should be living it to the max. Nothing says ‘I wish I was a camper van’ like these awesome camping socks from Jimmy Lion.

Complete with little trailer, trees, and the trusty towing vehicle, these socks are a fun way of letting everyone around the campfire know who the real boss of off grid living is.

You can grab your own pair from Amazon for just £8.48!

Jimmy Lion Socks Buy Now

#3 – Long Woollen Leg Warmers

Sorry guys, but this one’s just for all of the van girls out there.

Leg Warmers

Picture this; you’re in the alps somewhere, and your legs are freezing. Do you A) create trousers from hot water bottles, B) stick loads of hand warmers down to your legs, or C) wear an extra long pair of socks.  C is probably the safest and easiest option.

Apart from looking extremely cool, they will keep you nice and toasty. No more frozen pins whilst you’re out walking now!

To pick up a pair of these funky long socks, head over to Amazon and hand over
£7.58 of your hard earned cash.

Long Leg Warmers Socks

#4 – Defeet Aireator Tall Hi-Vis Socks

Defeet Aireator Tall Hi-Vis Socks

Bright enough to flag down a passing air ambulance or confuse a raging bear, these Hi-Vis socks from Defeet are considered the very best amongst members of the sporting community.

Named after it’s Aireator mesh weave over the top of the foot, these are the maiden socks that launched the Defeet brand. What’s more, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles too, so they’re completely eco friendly.

Warm, comfortable, breathable and bear repellent. What more do you want! Grab yours from Amazon now for £13.50

Defeat Buy Now

#5 – Merino Wool Thermal Ski Socks

Merino Socks

Just when you thought socks couldn’t get any more hi-tech. These Merino Wool Thermal Ski Socks might look like boots, but don’t let the clever/cheesy design fool you. Merino wool provides excellent insulation against cold, and it keeps your feet at the perfect temperature.

They have dynamic cushioning, taking away the stress from your heel and arch; dry quickly when wet; and are odour resistant
(which means more time hiking and less time showering).

You can grab your very own pair of ski boot look-a-like Merino Wool socks from Amazon for just £13.99

Merino Buy Now

Parting Words

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