VW California 6.1 Camper Gets A Bunch Of New Hi-Tech Features

VW has finally revealed more information on their new VW California 6.1, a new hi-tech, modernised upgrade to their Transporter range which is targeted at us campervan and van life enthusiasts.

It will be officially revealed at this years Caravan Salon show in Düsseldorf on the 30th August which we will be attending in hopes to capture some crispy footage. The VW California 6.1 has a lot of new features, large and small but the biggest being its whole new sharper look.

One of the most unique features of the redesign is its front section. The top area of the VW California 6.1’s chrome-plated grille forms a single unit with the new LED lights. Below that it has a large air intake for the efficient engines. On the VW California 6.1 a chrome strip also adorns the new bumper, this chrome element is what makes it slightly different to the Beach and Coast models.

The sharper design modernises the camper, making it fit in with us modern road explorers, we just wonder if soon, VW will make this electric, allowing it to be placed in our best electric campervans article? Who knows, electric isn’t in high demand… yet.

Of course the signature VW California 6.1 comes with a pop top and one of the best vamper van awnings around, allowing to you be outside in both sun and rain. Additionally on the exterior you get front and back cameras, electric windows and wing mirrors, large alloys, two tone colour scheme, and tinted black windows all around the living space.

The interior is where things start to get serious, and when reading these details you just know that VW are looking to take the VW California 6.1 to a whole new level in terms of technology.

It comes with a compact set of kitchen units, additional USB sockets, new aluminium handles on all the doors, some are even sliders because normal doors are so 2019. The double bed has even been upgraded with even comfier materials, it can also compact down into a rear bench like most Transporters.

They’ve added a dark grey pop top because previous customers mentioned it let in too much light, so this can be controlled a bit better by opening the front and side flaps for more light if needed. And yes, if you were wondering the pop top is fully electric so it can be controlled on the inside control panel.

While we’re talking about the interior, you can see that they’ve taken a lot of cool ideas into place within the living area. First, the chairs swivel all the way around, creating a place to eat for up to four people. The flooring, and storage systems have this light wood finish which bounces light nicely.

These storage systems come with new handles they don’t protrude and lay flush with the wood. If you look closely at the image below you’ll also see some nice ambient lighting under the cabinets, this is a nice premium touch to the VW California 6.1.

Towards the “cockpit” one of the biggest additions to the VW California 6.1 is the control panel above the head. We agree, it looks like you’re in a space shuttle! This is the hub for all things technology, here you can see any information regarding your camper. For example, it can control your pop top, heating, level functions to see if you’re parked ready for sleeping, alarm and the sunrise function which lights up the interior at a specific time in the morning to wake you.

As of yet there is no release date, nor is there a price tag for this thing. We will be attending the world premier so hopefully once that’s out the bag the price and release date will be revealed. To be first to know head over to our Instagram @vanclans to get all of the details while we are there!

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