Meet The VW Camper Built For Big Spenders And Bigger Weekends

The VW Camper is without doubt one of the most popular campervans here in the EU. Its size is perfect for getting around the city at speed while at the same time being able to transform into a spacious “campsite” in minutes. It’s built for weekends, a trip to the beach, an evening camping under the stars or a week away at that music festival you’ve been waiting for all year.

This stunning VW Camper is called the Trakkadu 450 S and it’s built upon a Volkswagen T6, crafted by the legends that is Trakka in Australia. It’s truly something special and the team should be proud. We’ve never wanted a VW Camper so bad in our lives, and we might have to fly over to Oz just to take a peak at this stunning yellow road unicorn.

A VW Camper that mixes speed with comfortability seamlessly.

VW Camper Exterior

Would you like the good news or the bad news? Okay, let’s start with the good news, and then towards the end of the article we’ll kick you where it hurts. So, the unicorn. Put simply it’s a beast that will not only give you the thrills of a sports car, but it also packs the comfortability of a high end hotel room with all of the van life essentials you’ll ever need.

It teams up a 7-speed automatic DSG transmissions with a 150kw bi-turbo diesel engine that has 450Nm of torque, making it feel like nothing else you’ve ever driven before. Trakka has said that this VW camper offers excellent traction on dirt roads, as well as steep, slippery wet conditions, for example snow and ice. Admittedly it’s not a 4×4 vehicle built it can sure tackle most obstacles you chuck at it.VW Camper Exterior 3The exterior is beyond beautiful, it features a golden paint job with a touch of black in places that fit its aesthetic perfectly. On the front you have bright LED headlights that make the road shine with detail, to the side an electric sliding door which makes you feel like a Jedi every time it opens and heat insulated windows that are tinted to match its stealth black features.

Towards the back end there’s a heavy duty protection plate that helps keep the back bumper scratch-free when loading and unloading your gear from the back. And throughout the body work you have a touch of Trakkadu decals that adds a nice custom appeal.VW Camper Exterior 4The interior is just as exciting as the exterior and we’re certain every van life enthusiast will love it. It packs a fridge, a diesel stove, a hot water system, 38L water tank, fold away tables to do your digital nomad thing and a double bed.

The pop-top allows for you to stand, have friends around and it helps make a mean steak with its top cooking accessories when camping out, we advise teaming it up with a XL Ridgemonkey for cooking the best meals on the go. VW Camper InteriorWithin the VW Camper’s cabin you’ll find yourself in what looks to be a like a small spaceship, there’s a large LCD touchscreen that has everything you need to make your next off grid living adventure more convenient. It will show you not only your overall battery level but it will tell you when your water is low and what temperature it is, both inside and outside the VW camper.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a yacht would look like on land, then you’re looking at it. The Trakkadu 450 S is beautiful, rugged and can tackle almost anything you can chuck at all, all while keeping the beers cold and having a bed that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in clouds. VW Camper Interior 2Now you’re waiting for the kick, right? You may have guessed that a campervan of this magnitude does not come cheap, and with a price tag of over £100,000 ($140,000) it’s certainly out of ours and possibly your price range. It’s built for adventurers who are serious about taking to the road for their next thrill, if it’s in your price range than it’s worth saying g’day to Trakka in Sydney.

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