Citroen Camper Van Puts The ‘Wild’ Back In WildCamp

Are you looking for the best campervan conversions that carries a sense of nostalgia? Maybe you’re wanting the iconic look of a retro Volkswagen Bus but with more of a modern twist, or perhaps you want something that oozes cool but still has all of the mechanics of a new vehicle that won’t let you down on the road? Whatever your preference, this new Citroen Camper Van fuses retro feels with brand new ideas, and we absolutely love it.

Check Out The New Citroen Camper Van – The ‘Type H WildCamp’

You might recognise the shape and style of the classic Type H van from the good old days (can you believe it was over 70 years ago that it came out!), but don’t be fooled by the exterior – this new Citroen Camper Van has everything that you could possibly need and more if you’re a tiny house enthusiast or an off grid living hero.

The Type H WildCamp is the Citroen Camper Van that will change vanlife forever. It’s stunning enough to completely take over your Instagram discover feed, and it could well be the start of a retro insurgence that sees motors like the Mercedes Camper Dream Ride that we wrote about coming back into the fray. But enough about other vans, today it’s Citroen’s turn to shine!

Even the headlights look like eyes that are keen for adventure!

From the outset you can see that this is a machine that is more than ready for getting off grid. It might look like butter wouldn’t melt on its bonnet, but this Citroen Camper Van can definitely hold its own with the big boys and girls of the vanlife world. With enough storage for two spare wheels, a fold down ladder and a roof rack that can carry all the bulky adventure gear that you might need on your next road trip, the Type H WildCamp  is definitely a contender for the best camper vans that money can buy.

The Type H WildCamp (we love saying that out loud) is powered by a 161-hp BlueHDi diesel engine. Some of the other standard features in this mighty Citroen Camper Van are ABS and brake assist,  full monitoring systems, Hill Start Assist and and built in captains chairs that make you feel like you’re the king or queen of the open road. If you want to mod the WildCamp further then you can order an ‘Alpine 9-inch premium infotainment system’ which also comes with a gps navigation system in case you decide to throw caution to the wind explore the unknown. 

What’s Inside This Citroen Camper Van?

If you thought that the outside was impressive, wait till you see what Citroen have done with the inside!

With the back doors open you can see that there’s absolutely tonnes of storage in the Type H WildCamp. This Citroen Camper Van looks clean and fresh without looking too crowded, leaving you to live comfortably whether you’re in the middle of the forest or on the top of the highest peaks. The bed is large enough for two people (or three if you don’t mind personal space invaders) and folds up to give you extra living space through the day. The Star Trek commander style seats swivel round to create a comfortable social area, meaning that you don’t even have to get up once you’ve parked up – this Citroen Camper Van brings laid back living to a whole new level!

The kitchen is plenty big enough for you and your family or friends to cook up a storm with some of our top cooking accessories, and it looks as though it even comes with a bowl of fresh fruit – Citroen really do know how to look after their customers! The kitchen boasts a two-burner gas hob, a stainless steel sink that you can also wash your socks in (if you don’t have a Scrubba Wash Bag of course), a handy water jug ​​and a 12v fridge with a built in freezer. There’s also a bathroom with ‘various bathroom solutions’, so you can leave your trusty spade at home on your next trip into the wilderness.

Where Can I Get This Citroen Camper Van?

We believe that Citroen will be showcasing the Type H WildCamp on August 24th, and that more details will soon follow about where and how you can own this retro-modern hybrid camper. This Citroen Camper Van shows that Citroen are ready to take on the van life market and the likes of the Mercedes Sprinter Conversions that populate the camper market, and they’re going to do it with style.

Would we get one; absolutely! It’s a thing of beauty, and it looks as though it can seriously crunch those miles without falling at the first speed bump. We’re seriously hoping that we might even be able to test drive one very soon (are you listening Citroen!).

Citroen Camper Van - Feature

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife

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