Westfalia’s Amundsen 540D Off Road Camper Combines Luxury With Versatility

Westfalia is renowned for their incredible campers, and we’ve seen the Fiat Ducato really kicking up a storm lately, so it was only a matter of time before they clashed into something incredible. This is the AMUNDSEN 540D with a Fiat Ducato as its base designed and created by Westfalia.

Westfalia Camper 1

Our good friends at The Indie Projects managed to get a look at this beauty at this years Campervan Expo in Birmingham, UK and lets just say this thing looks just as good inside.

It’s wrapped in a stunning army green colour with blacked out sections to give it at truly off-grid feel, on the front it has a large light bar mounted for you night crawlers out there. On top, a large Thule roof rack for extra storage, along one side obviously it has your side entrance, but on the opposite side it has a nice outdoor storage section to keep your tools and/or cutlery an arms length when chilling outside.

Westfalia Camper 2

On the back reps a strong Thule bike rack, and when the backdoors are opened up you are greeted with large storage space, your water tank and a place to store your gas right under the large bed which happens to have a very cool slatting system for extra comfortability.

Westfalia Camper 3

The Westfalia interior is stunning and features some very comfortable, and high quality leather seats in the front which swivel around into the dining area which features two more seats. It features a small kitchen, with a two burner stove, a fridge and plenty of storage, and a large sink. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom which shows off a full size toilet, a shower and a sink to wash your hands or keep those sandy shoes in!

Westfalia Interior 1

We’re truly in love, a stunning off-road vehicle that looks like a monster on the outside and feels like a palace on the inside. This is the ultimate off-road vehicle for anyone willing to spend £20,000+ on a Westfalia campervan of a lifetime.

Westfalia Interior 2

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