10 Best Double Sleeping Bags For Your Next Off-Grid Adventure

If you’re building a camper or setting out on an adventure, then you should take a look at our list of the best double sleeping bags.

You might like snuggling up to a loved one, or maybe you hate the feeling of being cocooned. Either way, the extra space in these warm, cosy camping bags can make all of the difference.

If you’re travelling with a partner, then the last thing you want is to be wrapping up in two separate sleeping bags at night. It might upset your sleep pattern if things feel too different.

And let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a mood killer if you’re on a romantic getaway.

Many van life couples opt for a double sleeping bag instead of a traditional duvet/comforter set up. They’re super warm, pack away nicely, and can be taken out into the wilderness if you plan to go exploring in the wild. It’s a great choice for smaller campers with rock ‘n’ roll beds, and a firm choice for the weekend warrior.

Best Double Sleeping Bags

So, without further ado, let’s kick off with our list of the 10 Best Double Sleeping Bags on the market today!

1. Sleepingo Queen XL Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bags - Sleepingo XL

Say goodbye to cold and constricting sleeping bags with the Sleepingo Double sleeping bag. If you’re used to spreading out on an XL mattress at home, then you can recreate the feeling with this super-soft, cosy camping solution.

Not many products come with a lifetime guarantee. Perhaps that’s why the Sleepingo has 6,200+ reviews on Amazon and an average 5* review rating. I guess you can’t say any fairer than that!

The Sleepingo can be used in conditions of 32โ„‰ and up and can be used as either two sleeping bags or one humongous sleep nest. The durable outer shell is made from waterproof camping grade polyester, and the cotton-blend interior will make you drift off to sleep in no time.

2. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Sized Sleeping Bag

Best Double Sleeping Bags - Teton Sports Mammoth

Next up on our list of the best double sleeping bags is the TETON Sports Mammoth. This comfortable adult sleeping bag is soft, fibre-filled for warmth, and has shoulder draught tubes to keep warm air inside where it belongs.

With a size of 94″x 62″, this thermal enhanced 20โ„‰ sleeping bag with brushed poly-flannel lining will provide a great nights sleep after a hard day on the trail. It’s wider than a queen sized mattress and comes with a mummy hood to keep your head warm. That’s a great feature if you’re bald like me!

With instructions on how to fluff your sleeping bag and how to store for increased product longevity, TETON makes sure that you get the most usage and customer satisfaction out of your Mammoth sleeping bag.

3. MalloMe Double Sleeping Bag

MalloME Sleeping bag

The best double sleeping bags should make uneven ground feel like a cloud. The MalloMe guarantees a comfortable nights rest no matter what the terrain feels like. Tree roots and stones are no match for this blue wonder!

This double sleeping bag is 100% polyester and will keep you toasty in near freezing temperatures. The double-layer technology and S-shaped stitches make the bag waterproof and stop you from getting damp. It’s lightweight and can easily be machine washed.

The MalloME can be used as either two bags or one big sleep sack. It comes with a simple stow-away compression sack with straps for carrying through the wilderness. It’s also one of the cheaper options on our list – great value for money!

4. TETON Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag

Tefton Sports Sleeping Bag

This next product in our list of the best double sleeping bags has a very recognisable shape. The TETON Sports Tracker bag is essentially two Mummy sleeping bags fused together.

It has a shaped design, so your head position will be more defined. But this ultra-durable diamond ripstop shell will certainly keep you warm. It can be used from temperatures of 5โ„‰+, making it perfect for an adventurous couple who love extreme holidays.

The anti-snag, self-repairing zippers and easy compression sack take the stress out of setting up and packing away your sleeping area. Vaulted foot boxes and the signature Mummy hood will keep your toes and nose toasty, and the whole thing is waterproof too. Result!

5. AXIATIC Kodiak King 20F Double Sleeping Bag

Axiatic Kodiak King - Best Double Sleeping Bags

This is the biggest sleeping bag I’ve ever seen. Not only does it use parachute grade rip-stop nylon, but it looks about the size of a parachute too! This 76โ€ x 98โ€ oversized king size bag has oodles of room, making it perfect for wriggly sleepers.

My girlfriend loves flannel bedding, so the AXIATIC Kodiak King would be a winner for us. The 100% brushed cotton flannel lining will make you feel like you’re back in your own bed. It’s a far cry from the cheap and nasty, scratchy sleeping bags of old.

The Kodiak King can be used in temperatures of 20โ„‰+ thanks to its hollow fibre filling. It’s waterproof, comes with draught tubes and easy-to-use zippers, and there’s even a storage pocket inside!

6. SylvanSport Cloud Double Sleeping Bag

SylvanSport Cloud - Best Double Sleeping Bags

If you’ve read any of our trailer articles before, then you’ll already know the type of quality that SylvanSport produces. Their entry in our list of the best double sleeping bags comes with organic cotton sheets and removable layers for multi-season use.

Talk about ticking every box!

8″ larger than a Queen sized bed, this SylvanSport Cloud can be integrated with an air mattress for even more comfort. This product looks most like a conventional bed and can be used from temperatures of 20โ„‰

From the draw-tight hood to the side-baffles, this flannel-lined sleeping bag makes you feel as though you’re floating on a warm and fluffy cloud. The double-zipper system also allows you to stick your feet out if you get too warm.

Just make sure they don’t get rained on!

7. Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Kelty TruComfort Sleeping Bag

Next up on our list of the best double sleeping bags is a product that is actually advertised with vanlifers in mind. The Kelty Tru.Comfort Sleeping Bag is jam-packed full of features to keep vandwellers cosy on the go. It’s wider than a Queen-sized bed and can be used from temperatures of 20โ„‰!

Each Tru.Comfort bag comes with independent ventilation, a removable top layer, and foot vents. There’s an oversized hood that can accommodate two standard pillows inside and two built-in blankets to keep you feeling toasty in the coldest of temperatures.

This bag is larger enough to snuggle up to a loved one comfortably in a variety of camping scenarios. Customisable temperature options mean that you and your partner can have different levels of warmth, keeping you happy and cosy until dawn.

And with 64″ of shoulder space and a length of 84″, there’s plenty of room to roll and jiggle around!

8. Coleman Tandem Double Sleeping Bag

Coleman Tandem Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Tandem sleeping bag might look like an oversized iPod sock, but it’s a solid option for any couples who love van life and braving the great outdoors.

The Coletherm hollow polyester insulation will keep you warm in temperatures of 45โ„‰+, making it a nice sleeping bag for warmer climates and regular Summer usage.

This double sleeping bag can be zipped apart to make two separate bags if you and your spouse have an argument (fingers crossed that won’t happen!). It’s designed for people of 6’4″ and under and comes with a handy to use stuff sack for storing away.

9. Venture 4TH Queen Size Double Sleeping Bag

Venture 4th Sleeping bag

The next item on our list of the best double sleeping bags is a lightweight, summer sleeping bag. The Venture 4TH sleeping bag is perfect for use between 40-70โ„‰. It’s light enough to clip onto a backpack, and the 210 water-resistant polyester means you can use it in showers too.

This comfortable and breathable sleeping bag comes with two pillows and can be opened up at each corner. There’s a zip at the bottom so that you can stick your feet out, or you can top-and-tail with a friend if you don’t want them to spoon you in the night accidentally.

At 7.9lbs, this bag isn’t going to weigh you down. At 86.6″ long x 59″ wide, it’s made with couples and small families in mind. It’s making me tired just looking at it!

10. Canway Lightweight Flannel Double Sleeping Bag

Canway Flannel lined sleeping bag

Last but not least is this Canway Flannel sleeping bag. It’s lightweight but can still keep you warm in temperatures of 42โ„‰+. And most importantly, the flannel liner and cotton filling guarantee a terrific nights sleep after a hard day of exploring.

The double-filled, ‘S’-shape quilt design provides a waterproof, water-resistant bag that minimises damp. The bag can be washed easily, and you’ll get a free carry case for transporting from A to B.

This double sleeping bag measures 85″ x 57″, which is huge! It even comes with two small travel pillows so you don’t have to bundle up your jumper into a ball. It can be made into two smaller bags for sharing with a friend and is very reasonably priced.

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