Best Camping Water Dispenser For Your Next Off-Grid Adventure

Getting the right camping water dispenser can make your vanlife experience much more enjoyable. Having enough water on board avoids chasing water sources. Plus it’s a terrible feeling when you’re always worrying about running out of water.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to prematurely leave a beautiful spot you chanced upon because you don’t have any water left. By carrying a camping water dispenser, you’re minimising this chances of cutting your trip to paradise short!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Camping Water Dispenser 

While adding a camping water dispenser is a relatively small and cheap addition to your camping gear, it’s still important to consider some key points. 

How Much Water Do You Want To Store?

The most important factor of a water container is how much water it can hold.

Think about how much extra water you want to bring along, and also how heavy this is going to be to carry.

A camping water dispenser should be light enough so that you can carry. If it’s too big it, then it may be too heavy for you to use easily. 

Where Will You Store It?

This point is especially important if you’re looking for an extra large water container. Make sure there is somewhere you can store if when you’re on the move.

A good solution for a large container is to fit a holder to your back doors. You could even use your roof rack if you have one. Or go for something collapsible that takes up minimal space when empty. 

Do You Want a Thermal Container?

Campervans do get pretty hot during the summer. If you’re travelling in hot climates then your water will also get warm.

Unless you’re a fan of drinking hot water, then you might want to get a thermal container. They do a pretty good job at keeping liquids cool, although they can be more expensive. 

Do You Need A Filter?

Some of the water taps you find on the road can be a bit dubious. While it’s unlikely that the water from them will do you any harm, it’ll taste nicer if you have a filter in your camping water dispenser.

A water filter removes any impurities from the water, giving it a smooth clean taste.

How Much Do You Want To Spend

In my mind, a water container should be a cheap item to purchase. Still, you’d be surprised at how expensive they can be. As you add more features to the dispenser, it’ll get more expensive. 

Best Camping Water Dispenser

So, with all that in mind, let’s jump in and take a look at the top ten water dispensers for your next road trip. 

*all prices correct as of June 2020

1. Arrow Plastic Slimline Water Container

Camping water dispenser - clear with tap

Pros Cons
Affordable No thermal of filter
Tap for easy pour Basic design

The First Camping Water dispenser on our list is the the Arrow Plastic Slimline Water Container. This is a pretty basic model, but it does the job and holds 2.5 gallons of water. This is a good amount but will still be light enough to carry easily. 

The slimline design is a nice feature as it won’t take up too much space on your camper’s countertop. The tap can hang off the side of your work-surface, making grabbing a glass of water easy.

This dispenser comes in at $29.99, a reasonable price for a sturdy piece of kit. 

2. Hitchman Aqua Roll 

Container that rolls on floor
Pros Cons
Large storage capacity More expensive option
Easy to manoeuvre Takes up a lot of room

Next up, we have the Hitchman Aqua Roll. This is a good solution if you’re looking to store a lot of extra water in your conversion.

This container holds a huge 8.7 gallons, the largest camping water dispenser on our list. To make it easy to carry, the container itself rolls along the floor, which you pull using the long handle attached. 

The Hitchman Aqua Roll is a clever design that makes transporting water easy. However, it is quite large so would need a designated storage space when not in use. It comes in at £47.20 ($59). 

3. Coleman Beverage Cooler

Camping water dispenser - orange cylindrical cooler
Pros Cons
Thermal – keeps drinks cool Large item to store
Cheap option

If you’re on the hunt for an insulated camping water dispenser, then the Coleman Beverage Cooler could be for you. This 5 gallon container does a good job at keeping water cold all day, especially when topped off with ice.

The tap at the bottom makes filling a glass nice and easy and the large screw lid means the container is easy to fill up. This water cooler costs just $18.88.   

4. Hydrapak Seeker 

Flexible water pack
Pros Cons
Deflates small to store Doesn’t hold as much water
Can freeze Not self supporting

The Hydrapak Seeker is good portable option, as it deflates with not in use, so it takes up hardly any storage space. Made from abrasive-resistant TPU this water container remains strong while being flexible. The bag can even be frozen, so you can have ice cold water as it defrosts through the day. 

Holding up to 0.87 gallons of liquid, this is one of the smaller dispensers on the list but would be still make a great addition to your campervan However, it may be harder to use as it is not self supporting sue to the flexible nature of the material. The Hydrapak comes in at $30, slightly pricey for a smaller container. 

5. Kitchentoolz Premium Military Water Container 

Camping water dispenser - sand coloured large jerry can
Pros Cons
Durable Expensive
Holds a lot of water

The next camping water dispenser on our list is a Military Grade container, so may be a good choice if you do a lot of off-roading in your camper. This dispenser is highly durable so can take a few knows and bumps without any problems while carrying 5 gallons of water. 

The kitchentoolz water container is a good choice if you want to mount you dispenser to the back of your camper, this is the right size for slotting into a holder. On the downside, it is pretty expensive at $69.99. 

6. Big Berkey Water Filter 

Large metallic filter
Pros Cons
Purifies water Bulky for storage
Looks good Expensive

If you live in your camper full time you might want to go for something that looks nicer, especially if you’re going to store it on your countertop. The Big Berkey Water Filter looks good and is a practical choice for storing and filtering water. 

This is also a great choice for those who like to spend time off grid as it is classified as not just a water filter but a purifier too. This means you can fill it with water from remote lakes, streams and even stagnant ponds to generate drinking water. At $599.99, this is the most expensive camping water dispenser on our list. But if you want to be able to fill up from any water source, then I guess you’re going to have to pay a bigger price for the privilege. 

7. Igloo Sport Roller 

Camping water dispenser - on wheels with handle
Pros Cons
Handle for pulling around Smaller design than others
Recessed tap dispenser on base

The Igloo Sport Roller is the perfect dispenser for anyone heading out on a trip to the seaside or a local festival. This thing says it’s just for water, but we reckon you could fill it with beer too!

At 4 gallons, it’s not the biggest dispenser on the market, but it’s compact size and telescopic handle make it a perfect option for sticking in the back of your van and wheeling out to your faviurite destination. 

The Igloo Roller has a recessed tap dispenser which has room for you to get your cup right underneath it. The spigot is elevated away from the grass, and at $29.97, you’d be mad to not give it a try!

8. Collapsible Water Dispenser 

Collapsible container
Pros Cons
Folds down for storage Low water storage capacity
100% portable

If you’re just looking for a small dispenser to have on your countertop or a container for filling with punch at parties, then this collapsible water dispenser should do the trick. It can hold 1.5 gallons of your favourite beverage and can be transported from A to B with zero fuss. 

This camping water dispenser has a concertina design that allows you to ‘fold it away’ and store in a drawer when not in use. It’s space saving, it’s easy to use, and most importantly, it’s only $15.97!

9. Brita Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser 

Clear Brita filter
Pros Cons
Filters water Filters need to be replaced
Perfect for large gorups Filters, doesn’t purify

Everyone loves a Brita filter. Who want’s to drink water that tastes of chlorine and copper when you could be tasting chemical free water that tastes like it’s just come from a mountain spring.

This Brita camping water dispenser can hold around 18 cups of water before it needs to refilled, making it a great choice for larger groups or families. What’s more, the filters in this dispenser provide the same amount of clean water over their lifetime as 300 16 oz water bottles. 

It’s not only tasty, but it’s environmentally friendly too! It’s a steal at just $29.95

10. Lifesaver Water Filtration Jerry Can 

Woman using Lifesaver jerry can on beach
Pros Cons
Purifies dirty water More expensive option
Two stage filtration system protects
against bacteria and viruses

You might think that $254.95 might be a lot of money for a camping water dispenser, but the Lifesaver Jerry Can is the real deal. It’s designed to filter dirty water as and when you need it, proving that It could indeed be a ‘life saver’ in dire circumstances. 

Each filter can clean 10,000 litres of water and can hold up to 18.5 gallons at any time. Filter water any time, anywhere, as and when you need it. The two-way filtration system gets rid of any chemicals as well as bacteria, parasites, and viruses, making it a perfect option for an off grid adventure where you won’t be seeing too many fresh water points. 


Every camping water dispenser on this list would make a great addition to your campervan set up. If budget isn’t an issue for you, then our choice would be the Lifesaver Jerry Can. Its a good size, you can mount it on the back of your van and being able to create drinking water from almost any water source is pretty cool.

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