Best Portable Shower in 2023 For YouR Camping Trip

Are you thinking about the best portable showers for your next camping trip, or road trip away? We thought the exact same question just a few months back, and we’ve been lucky enough to test a few and put together the ultimate best portable showers list to help you decide which ones are worth picking up.

All these portable showers are aimed at those who want portability, durability and high quality pressure flow, because we all know there’s nothing worse than taking a shower from a hose that feels like you’re being peed on by a child.

Portable Camping Shower: The 10 Best

Let’s take a look at the best showers for van life, your fancy new campervan conversions and those of you that might be looking for one to take on your next camping trip.

1. Rinse Kit

rinsekit best portable showers

The Rinse Kit is on our best portable showers list for a wide number of reasons, and we’ll straight up admit that it’s one of the least portable ones, but it comes with its advantages, trust us!

The Rinse Kit is a hard shell case that you simply add water to using a normal tap or water outlet with its included faucet adapter. It can hold 14 litres of water and will weigh around 10KG when it’s full.

When you fill it up with water the Rinse Kit auto pressures itself to around 65PSI in just 20 seconds, and this will give you a full 6 minutes of shower time. Included is a shower head that can be used to clean yourself, your pets or even your surfboards!

Plus you can buy a tonne of accessories for it, one including a hot water adapter that will warm up your water while you’re on the road and it we found ourselves using it as a seat a lot of the times too! The Rinsekit costs approximately $90.

2. Helio Pressure Shower

helio portable shower

The Helio Pressure Shower is one very portable shower, and that’s why its on our best portable showers list, duh! It’s one of the must have van life essentials for adding to your camper build.

The Helio shower can hold 11 litres of water when full, and to heat it you simply fill it up and place it on top of your camper van for a while under the sun! Because the Helio is made from a matte dark black material it attracts the sun and keeps it warm for hours on end.

The Helio will provide 5 minutes of shower time when full, and although it’s not as pressurised as the Rinsekit because you have to use a footpump, it’s still quite strong! Making it one of the best portable showers around is it’s ability to compact down into a small size, allowing you to chuck in the back of your van or backpack when you’re moving. The Helio Portable Shower is approximately $100.

3. Rainburst Simple Shower

rainburst shower

This is by far the cheapest product on our best portable showers list as it comes in at just $14.99. This is a fantastic invention and one all of you reading will use and benefit from.

This is the Rainburst Simple Shower — a shower head and air piston that attaches to water bottles. The head simply screws with the piston inside squeezing in air to push out the water in the container.

This won’t give you a full running shower but it will clean you off enough to make you feel somewhat clean for a few hours. This can also be used to clean your fit, your surfboards your pets, and even your dirty dishes. Not only that it can be used to put out campfires safely too! A great cheap invention that can be chucked in your bag or left on your bottle.

4. Road Shower

road shower

We wouldn’t be a site dedicated to the best van to live in and the van life without featuring a product specifically for vehicles! So here we have the Road Shower, a portable shower that can attach to your vehicle rack and uses solar energy to keep it nice and warm.

It can hold 4, 7 or 10 gallons of water depending on what version you go for., and has the highest PSI of any product on our best portable showers list, but also the highest price tag. You can use it to shower, clean gear, clean kayaks and more.

The fact that it comes built with a hose that you simply attach to the side of your vehicle is great, it makes it incredibly easy to use whenever you please. It also comes with an attachment to connect to a water outlet, meaning you can top it up at home or at campsites. The Road Shower costs approximately $299.

5. Advanced Elements Solar Shower

advanced elements shower

This is one of the most affordable and best bang for your buck products on our best portable showers list. This is the Advanced Elements Solar Shower, a hi-tech bag that you add water too and then it uses its built in solar charger to head the internal liquid.

You get a large handle on top of the 5 Gallon back that allows you to carry it around, but most importantly it allows you to attach it to a tree, a campervan or somewhere high so you can use the included small shower head.

And that’s really its only downfall, it has a very small head, meaning you’ll be taking some time to get the whole of you clean, but again, it can be used for other things, pets, dishes, gear etc. This starts at approximately $30.

6. Ivation Outdoor Shower

ivation outdoor shower

The Ivation outdoor shower is a nifty addition to our best portable showers list because it uses a built in battery to pressurise ANY water outlet. Its perfect for vanlifers and road explorers because it can be charged via USB (2200mah) and it can plug straight into your 12V car charger allowing you to charge on the go or use it when its out of battery.

You can either attach it to a tap or you can chuck the end into water source or a simple bucket of water. The internal battery which is waterproofed will suck the water through the hose creating pressure and using the shower head you can shower anywhere your heart desires!

It comes with a couple of accessories too but our favourite is the suction cup holder allowing to you attach it to your van, a window or you can attach it safely to a tree to have a handsfree shower. The Ivation Outdoor Shower costs approximately $35.

7. KingCamp Solar Shower

kingcamp shower

The KingCamp Portable Shower is another “black bag” shower (actually it comes in whatever colors you want) that can be used for a wide number of things. But its biggest advantage over its competitors is its price tag, coming in at just $13. That’s right, we’ve seen more expensive bags at our local supermarket, and we all know they break after you chuck in a couple of Tic Tacs!

The KingCamp just had to be in our best portable showers lists simply because of its price, but it also holds 20L of water and can be heated by chucking it on your van roof for 30 minutes or so.

And it can be folded it up after use and put away without worrying about it taking up too much space. Portable, affordable and somewhat durable. A must buy if you’re on a budget.

8. Geyser System Shower

geyser shower

We had the privilege of meeting the Geyser team at this year’s Overland Expo and we were blown away by the quality of this product, so we had to add it to this best portable showers list.

The Geysey System is one of the best hot portable showers on the market, but its biggest perk is having the ability to have a 7 minute long shower using just ONE gallon of water.

The CEO told us about his time in outback Australia when he was camping but had a date in the evening, but only had a one gallon bottle of water to use. While showering from a bottle he soon realised that the water wasted was not good and had to to something about it. And so the Geyser System was born.

Simply hook it up to your car charger, add your water, wait a few minutes and bang, you’re ready to shower for 7 minutes using very hot water. We were amazed about how quickly it warmed up, from a cold bottle of water to a steaming hot shower in minutes was incredible.

The only downfall at this moment in time, and why it’s at number 8 is because it’s only available on IndieGoGo so our European friends will struggle to get one delivered. And it has a hefty price tag, so it’s certainly aimed at those looking to invest in a portable shower.

9. Zodi Outback Shower

zodi outback shower

The Zodi Outback Shower is one of the newest products on our best portable showers list, and to be honest is one of the simplest.

It’s quite simply an 18L container made from stainless steel that you simply put on top of a stove, or next to a campfire which then heats the water inside. It comes with a handle that twists into a hand pump on to allowing you to create pressure. Then attached is a 6ft shower hose that lets you shower yourself in hot water.

Without doubt this is a very sturdy, very reliable product that will last you years, the only downfalls are it’s portability, it takes up some space and it’s quite heavy too so it’s not the best to chuck into the back of your van, for “quick” showers. But still a very reliable hot shower option.

10. Reliance Flow Pro

reliance flow pro shower

And finally number 10 on our best portable showers list is the Reliance Flow Pro, a superb shower for surfers, van lifers and those off grid.

It can hold up to 8 litres of water, has a trigger action shower head, features a 6ft king resistant hose, a pressure release valve, a washable neoprene sleeve with storage slots and a hand pump to create pressure.

It’s incredibly portable as it only holds 8L which is still enough for a good shower might we add. It’s what you’d take down to the beach when you’re surfing, or out of the van when you’re cleaning your mountain bike.

Its small design is what gives it the advantage compared to some portable showers out there, and it’s affordable at $29.99.

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