Overland Expo Campers – Every Camper From Overland Expo West 2019!

What do you get if you cross a patch of land in Arizona and hundreds of camper enthusiasts from across the globe? The answer is Overland Expo West! The Expo might have finished for 2019, but we are pretty adamant about still keeping the vibe of the event alive until next year. We’re a little bit like those people who celebrate Christmas every day, except we give each other campervan gifts instead of presents. This year’s Overland Expo Campers were second to none, with so many amazing vehicles on show. For those of you that couldn’t make it, we have a special surprise for you.

This article is sponsored byย Four Wheel Campers. They were kind enough to invite us to Overland Expo which gave us the chance to produce this article for the Van Clan community. Check them out if youโ€™re interested in the best pop up truck campers around.

Arizona is a long way to travel to, especially if you live in Blighty or on the coast of New Zealand. Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of all of the Overland Expo Campers at this year’s event so that you can feel like you were right there with us. Put on some crowd sounds and grab your favourite beer; we’re about to take a walk around Overland Expo West!

Take A Look At All Of The Overland Expo Campers From This Year’s Event!

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Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers kindly invited us along to the show as our sponsors, and we couldn’t have asked for more kind and generous hosts. As one of the main organisers of the event, their pop-top Overland Expo Campers were one of the main attractions that brought fans of off road trucks from all across the country in their droves. Specialising in affordable, comfortable, and functional truck campers, Four Wheel Campers have a vast range of custom designs and products available. We especially like the Fleet model pictured above, which we have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in over the past couple of years!

ADF Sprinters

Automotive Design & Fabrication (otherwise known as ADF) make some of the most luxurious campers on the planet. They specialise in Mercedes Sprinter Conversions and know a thing or two about how to build one hell of a Sprinter Camper Van. From executive offices to mobile barber shops, these Overland Expo Campers taught us a lot about what you can fit inside this classic camper conversion vehicle. ADF Sprinters have multiple workshops in California, so if you live in Cali or are just passing through, make sure to drop in and check them out!

Adventure Built Vans

If you’re in the market for a gnarly adventure bus that is built for living off grid, then Adventure Built Vans should be your first port of call. ABV make campers that are built to get you out into nature where you belong, making van life memories that will stay with you forever. With bulletproof materials and an off grid set up that would impress Captain Fantastic, ABV are certainly the ones to watch in 2019. They are currently working on their website, so, for now, you’ll have to take our word when we say that these campers are truly awesome!

Adventure Imports

If you live and breathe adventure, then Adventure Imports could be the company to soup up your very own Overland Expo Campers. Specialising in off-road 4×4 gear that could turn even the quietest camper into a pumped-up off-road god, Adventure Imports have a strong reputation for providing the worlds best gear at great prices. If you can’t find adventure, then you might as well import it!

Agile Off Road

It’s not often that you would call a converted Sprinter van ‘Agile’, but the Overland Expo Campers that Agile Off Road brought to this year’s event were exactly that! These off-grid campers are designed to tackle everything that nature throws their way, with added accessories and modifications that make them not only stand out from the crowd but turn some heads too. Agile Off Road specialise in converting Sprinters and Ford Campers, so if you’re in the market then head on over to their website!

Alaskan Campers

Truck life was in full swing at this year’s event, with many people flocking around Overland Expo Campers that really knew how to ‘raise the roof’. I’m talking. of course, about the telescopic truck campers from Alaskan Campers. Their tried and tested design was first drawn up in 1953, and since then these truck campers have continued to provide shelter and comfort to adventure seekers across America. Easy to install and removable if you need your truck for work, these pop up campers are a great bet for any weekend warriors out there.

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Benchmark Vehicles

Benchmark Vehicles don’t just build your escape, they give you a bad-ass monster camper to go with it! We’ve been itching to check out Benchmark’s camper conversions for some time now, and they didn’t disappoint. Specialising in Mercedes Sprinter’s that looks tough enough to withstand an attack from a herd of wildebeest, these conversions are specifically desigined with off grid living in mind. Whether you’re looking for a towable tiny home or an off-road gear haulier, Benchmark Vehicles will be able to set you on the right path.


There were a number of Overland Expo Campers that made our jaws hit the floor, and it’s safe to say that this Blissmobil truck was one of them. They joined us at the Expo with this 15′ Foot unit on the back of the goliath Acela Monterra 4×4 truck. This is truly one of those off-grid vehicles that you have to see to believe, so make sure that you spend some time on their website after reading this article. With a full Arctic package, indoor and outdoor kitchen facilities, and state of the art off-grid living technology including a 360-degree camera on board, Blissmobil can rest easy knowing that this off road bus definitely did them proud.


Raise your hand if you like a no-nonsense approach to camping. The next company on our Overland Expo Campers list lives by this philosophy, creating products that are simple to install and easy to use once on the road. We got the chance to chat to BunduTec and learnt about their three main products; truck campers, the BunduTop roof tent, and the bat-wing BunduAwn awning. If you have a Jeep Camper Conversion that you want to use for some desert dune diving, then click the header above the image and visit the BunduTec website!


These Overland Expo Campers have instilled a new love of truck campers in us that we know won’t be going away any time soon, and the Earthcruiser is partly to blame! We were lucky enough to have a guided tour around the Earthcruiser EXD and could not believe how much room there was inside! From the electrically operated roof to the microwave oven clevery stored in a recess in the ceiling, everything about this build has been thought out in the best possible way. Don’t just take our word for it though; check out the video above!


If you haven’t heard about the mighty EarthRoamer Camper, then you must have been living under a rock for most of your life! This $500’000 off road monster was perhaps the most viewed of all of our Overland Expo Campers, making it a celebrity at this year’s event. Rugged on the outside and built like a 5-star hotel on the inside, the Ford Earthroamer is everything that you need to live like a King or Queen on your next off grid adventure. Check out the video above for more info!


Esplori Sprinter Campervan Conversions certainly surpass the level of “functional comfort” that they set out to achieve in each of their builds. These comfortable campers have everything that you could possibly need for a comfortable off-road trip, all packed into a light and airy space that you could easily live in for a long weekend or more. Complete with roof racks, awnings, modified parts and more, Esplori Conversions are a great choice for the off-grid family who prefer exploring rather than crowding around a TV.

More Overland Expo Campers Are Just Around The Corner!

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Free Spirit Recreation

The best rooftop tents are the ones that you can put up with minimal effort in a couple of minutes. Free Spirit Recreation have halved that time, creating a rooftop camper that can be up and running in under a minute. We spent some time learning about these unique Overland Expo Campers, as well as checking out their range of small travel trailers too! FSR make campers and equipment that are built to be used 365 days a year; who’s up for Christmas in the mountains this year?

Global Expedition Vehicles

If there’s one thing that the attendees at Overland Expo West love, it’s an Adventure Truck, and the Adventure Truck from Global Expedition Vehicles certainly blew them away! Built straight onto a Ram or Ford 5500 chassis, this off road minotaur boasts AEV custom parts, the most insane off-gird solar system that we’ve ever seen, and a luxury interior that would put some of the flats that we’ve lived in to shame. Check out the tour of the GXV Adventure Truck above!

Go Fast Campers

The next company on our EPIC Overland Expo Campers list are bringing us back to the world of the pop up truck camper. Go Fast Campers do exactly what their name might suggest, and they also make truck campers that erect in a jiffy too. Whether you’re a Digital Nomad who likes to work on the road or a Weekend Warrior who lives for getting off the grid, GFC truck campers have something for everyone. From open living quarters that blend into the wilderness to cosy pop-top cabins that you can hide in during a storm, GFC know how to compliment every adventure.

Hallmark RV

If you are kicking yourself because you missed all of the amazing truck Overland Expo Campers, then prepare to feel another massive pang of envy. We spent some time checking out Hallmark Campers and their impressive range of pop-top camping modules. Different from some of the other companies at the Expo, Hallmark utilise overhead storage in their conversions, as well as including a toilet and a double seating booth for sit-down meals with the family. If you’re in the market for an off road camper that can cater for you and the 2.5 kids then take a look at the Hallmark website by clicking the header above!

Hower Overland

Hower Overland carry on the truck camper vibe with their incredible tiny eco house range. That’s right; all of our top eco campers will be glad to know that these campers use wood in their construction rather than aluminium. Renewable, recyclable, strong, and with great insulating properties, Hower Overland recognise the benefit of using materials sourced from nature in their build. And you know what, it works! We enjoyed checking out these incredible pop-top truck campers, and you might even learn a thing or two by visiting their website!

Hunter RMV

When Hunter RMV use the tagline ‘Go Anywhere’, they literally mean it. These military grade vehicles are built to endure harsh climates, extreme terrain, and any type of insane adventures that you might concoct during the working week. It doesn’t matter whether the campground is on the other side of a ravine or at the top of a canyon, these beastly motors will get you there without even breaking a sweat. I would be here all day if I were to tell you everything that we learnt from Hunter RMV, so you’d probably be best to check out their website and save yourself some time!

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Iglhaut Allred USA

There were so many amazing Mercedes Sprinter Conversions at this year’s Overland Expo West that we felt a little bit like a kid in a candy store! Another company that we had the chance of discovering for the first time was Iglhaut Allrad, and boy were we impressed with what we saw. Their Sprinter conversions are the business, and although they don’t currently have much written information on their website to back up my praise, I am sure that the pictures in their gallery will be able to convince you of their supreme off-grid prowess!


We’ve been following iKamper for some time now, and their roof tents never fail to amaze us. They somehow manage to encapsulate that feeling that we all had as a child on our first camping trip, snuggling into a home-made den and looking up at the stars. As well as being a fun way to get off the grid, these roof tents are super practical too. This hardshell pop-up tent sleeps four and takes 60 seconds to erect. The handy ladder makes climbing up to bed a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlies nibbling on your toes!

James Baroud Roof Tents

Another rooftop tent company that we had the pleasure of checking out for the first time was James Baroud Roof Tents. Spcialising in hardshell pop-ups, these aluminium sleeping lofts open via gas charged struts and provide a 360-degree view of your surroundings. They can be easily attached to any vehicle and make getting away from it all seem so incredibly easy. Click the header above the image for more details!


I think it’s safe to say that Jeep don’t need a formal introduction. They have been the basis of many of the Overland Expo Campers at this year’s event and are tried and tested off-roading vehicles that are loved by many. If the Mercedes Sprinter is the go-to vehicle for living the van life, then the Jeep could well snap up the gold medal for the most reliable off-grid vehicle ever.

Lonestar Sherp

Ok, so the Sherp might not be a conventional camper, but if you stuck a solar panel and a rooftop tent up on the top, then you could have the most insane motorhome that the world has ever seen! With a max speed of 25 MPH you wouldn’t get anywhere very fast, but when you can climb over obstacles a metre high and float on water does it really matter how long it takes to get to your destination? The answer is no, because you’ll be having way too much fun. We loved learning about the Sherp and would love one as our mobile office!

Mercedes Benz

Another company that needs no introduction, and one that dominates the van life world. If you’ve spent time living in a van or travelling in a van, then the chances are you either know someone who has a Sprinter or you have one yourself. They remain one of the most commonly used vehicles for conversions because of their worldwide renown and the ability to get spare parts in pretty much every country on the planet. We’re sure that there will be more Sprinters popping up in our Overland Expo Campers list very shortly!

Nomad Vanz

Nomad Vanz - Feature

See, we told you there would be another Sprinter coming up soon, and here it is! We spent an afternoon hanging out with Nomad Vanz and checking out some of their amazing builds, including the mobile beach house ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’. Nomad Vanz campers are always spacious, light, and airy inside, and have all of the necessary van life essentials for life on the road. From custom light bars to indoor rain closets, these guys think of absolutely everything. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge campervan that stands out from the crowd, then Nomad Vanz should be right up your street!

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Outside Van

If you look up the word ‘adventure’ in the dictionary, you’ll find that the definition has been replaced by a picture of this Ford Transit Camper from Outside Van. Each one of their conversions is built with extreme sports and gear hauling in mind. Whether you own a dirtbike or a snowmobile, a BMX or a surfboard, or even all four, Outside Van Campers have the perfect van for you. Check out the video tour that we filmed above for more information!


The people wanted pop-top Overland Expo Campers, and they weren’t disappointed! OVRLND make simple but functional truck camper pods that have endless modification possibilities. They’re more than happy to consider custom design elements, and certainly know a thing or three about how to make a sturdy off-road rig. We enjoyed learning more about their pop-top range, and you can too by clicking the link in the header above!

Owl Vans

Owl Vans make custom parts for your beloved Mercedes Sprinter camper that instantly up its cool rating by 300%. If you’re looking for custom tyre carriers, roof racks, or additional storage solutions, then Owl Vans are the guys for you. We’ve never seen an off-road tyre that big on the back of a sprinter before!

Red River Rigs

Red River Rigs take Jeep overloading to a whole new level. As well as including a pop-up roof tent on all of their models, they also manage to fit a full wet-bath area inside as well as a kitchen, cabinets and more! With builds that can sleep 1-4 people there’s definitely a design to suit you. I think we would have to have two of these for the next Van Clan outing; I can’t stand Brandon’s snoring whenever we camp together.


It seems a while since we first covered Sportsmobile custom campervans here at Van Clan, so it was great to reconnect with these amazing conversions and learn a few things about some of Sportsmobile’s other builds too. These 4×4 Ford Campers are and always will be a force to be reckoned with, and it was all that we could do to stop ourselves from driving one away while no one was looking!

Don’t Give Up Now; There’s Only a Few Overland Expo Campers Left!

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Storyteller Overland

The only story that was on peoples minds after visiting the Storyteller Overland stall was how amazing these vans are! Apart from being rugged, off-grid machines, these Sprinter Conversions also feature one of the best hidden showers that I have ever seen in any conversion, complete with a fold out shower curtain too. Check out the video above to see the official tour of this Storyteller Overland conversion.

Sync Vans

Sync Vans brought their custom off-grid Mercedes Sprinter to wow the spectators at this year’s Overland Expo West, and the crowds loved what they saw. Sync Vans make campers that have hidden surprises everywhere, with everyday necessities like toilets, fridges and storage for your top cooking accessories just blending into the background and not drawing attention to themselves. We did a tour of this insane off grid conversion, complete with meaty tyres, custom roof rack, cow-nudging bumper and bike storage on the back. UNLEASH THE ADVENTURE BEAST INSIDE YOU…(apologies, I got a little carried away there).


Featuring one of the greatest motorised tables on the market, this TouRig Sprinter Conversion feels like a luxury tiny house. Lightweight storage solutions and comfortable massage chairs are just some of the amazing features inside this camper, and the size of the fridge will leave you wondering how on earth you could ever fill it! We had a blast with the TouRig crew and made sure that we filmed a full tour of their custom camper so that you could get in on the action too!

Ursa Minor Vehicles

Ursa Minor vehicles specialise in converting Honda, Ford, and Jeep 4×4 vehicles into kick-ass off-grid campers, The pop-top systems they install only add 6″ to the overall height of the vehicle, and we were amazed at how roomy they felt once opened out. The carbon fibre structures are lightweight and easy to install, and most importantly they’re very affordable! Click the header above to find out more.

Van DO It

VanDOIt easily take the prize for the most customisable Overland Expo Campers, with a modular T-Track system that allows you to swap and change elements of your build whenever and wherever you feel like it. Remove chairs, add in a kitchen, change where your bikes go, move the beds around; if you can think it then you can DO it. The DO range of vans are designed to fit as much outdoor gear in as possible while providing a comfortable off-grid ride for you and your passengers. Check the video tour above for more information!

Two More Overland Expo Campers Left. You Can Do It!


When people say ‘Winnebago’ they usually think about the big RV’s that you see in movies, but the Winnebago Revel is a much different style of motorhome. This 4×4 off-grid motor is a thing of beauty and purpose-built for camping in the wild, far away from the flat asphalt lots at the local campground. We love this Sprinter Conversion, and would very much like to come out and take one for a spin some time (are you reading this, Winnebago?)

XP Camper

Last but by no means least, we have the all-singing-all-dancing range of Overland Expo Campers from XP Camper. We checked out their stand and learnt all about their Full Size and Compact truck camper models, as well as their cube ‘shipping container on wheels’ camper that would be perfect for any off-grid tiny home enthusiast who doesn’t want to stay in one place for too long. Click the header above to check out each of the models in turn and to find out more information!

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