5 Best Camper Van Roof Vents For Your Conversion

If you’re looking at how to build a campervan and wondering what the best products are for your conversion then this is an article for you, as today we’re going to be discovering the best camper van roof vent for you camper conversion.

While these van life essentials, and roof vents, may not be a very glamorous or exciting part of living the van life, they are really important when living in such a small space. 

Where do I start?

Having a camper van roof vent in your tiny house is important as it helps to circulate air around the space, keeping it fresh.

This is especially true if you plan to convert a compact camper van or plan to cook inside your van, which most people do.

Having a roof vent helps keep cooking smells from lingering, which can get annoying if you are living in a van for long periods.

A roof vent above the kitchen area also allows steam to escape outside, minimising a build-up of condensation which can lead to mould problems. 

Another great bonus of having a camper van roof vent is that it can help to regulate the interior temperature of your home. Being able to have fresh air coming into your van at all times of day, and night is such a blessing in warmer climates. If your roof vent has a fan in it, this keeps the air moving, stopping it from getting too hot and stuffy inside.

When you are travelling in a van, you may park in areas where it doesn’t feel suitable to leave a side window open; this is where a roof vent is convenient as they are safer to leave open all night. It’s time to look at our options and find out the top five roof vents for all types of campervan conversions

1. Fiamma Turbo Vent 

Camper van roof vent - Fiamma Turbo Vent open with fan

First up on our list to find the best camper van roof vent we have the Fiamma Turbo Vent. The Fiamma Turbo Vent is a great all-round option for van life travel.

This roof vent has an external measurement of 46x46cm, so is a good size even for small campers. With a 12v fan motorised fan, the Fiamma Turbo vent will keep your camper cool and fresh without draining your batteries or using too much power.

The fan rotates in both directions, meaning you have better control over the temperature of your van as you can choose to draw air out when cooking for example or allow fresh air into the camper. These settings can be easily changed using the controls on the vent. The vent also allows some light in as the opening hood is transparent. 

This sort of vent is an excellent option for anyone planning to travel in a van for long periods and into warmer climates. Having a fan as well as a vent provides extra control when it comes to regulating the temperature of your camper. The one downside to the fan is that they can be a little on the noisy side, which can be annoying.

The Fiamma Turbo Vent comes in at £205. 

2. Dometic Seitz Heki 2

Camper van roof vent - Dometic vent open

The next camper van roof vent on our list is the Dometic Seitz Heki 2, a great option if you want to allow some extra light into your off grid home and bring the outside in. This large skylight measures 78x53cm so is much larger than your standard roof vent.

The Dometic Seitz Heki 2 opens using a metal bar handle, and the pane is held open by pneumatic stays. This large opening provides plenty of space for air to filter into your van and keep the area ventilated. During heavy rain, the widow can lock into the bad weather setting, ensuring no water will enter your vehicle. 

The Dometic Seitz Heki 2 is double glazed for extra insulation, keeping your van cooler in warm climates and warmer in the cold. An integrated fly net and blind ensure no bugs make their way into your home and keep the sun out for a good nights sleep.

We have seen this sort of skylight placed above the bed in Mercedes Sprinter conversions and think this would be a fantastic place to stargaze from at night. The Dometic Seitz Heki 2 is a little on the pricey side at just under £400 but would make a great feature in your camper. 

3. MPK Roof Skylight 

Camper van roof vent - MPK skylight

Up next on our list to find the best camper van roof vent we have one for you if you are working to a tight budget but have a roof vent on your list of van life essentials, the MPK Roof Skylight.

The MPK Roof Skylight does not have a transparent hood, so only lets light into your van when open. However, it does provide fresh air to fill your van and proper ventilation when opened. This skylight pushes open a couple of inches to let air in through all four sides of the roof vent, perfect if positioned above your kitchen.

While this roof vent isn’t particularly attractive, it does the job and is a good option if you’re looking for something affordable, coming in at just £44. 

4. MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe

MaxxAir vent

The next camper van roof vent on our list is the most powerful fan so would be suitable for anyone planning to take their off grid adventure to hotter climates, the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe.

The 12v fan in the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe can be changed to ten different speeds to enable you to have more control over the temperature inside your camper. Again, this fan can either draw air out of your van or pull fresh air in, depending on what is more suitable at any given time. One great bonus of this air vent is that it is controlled by a remote control which is brilliant if your camper has a high ceiling that is difficult to reach.

However, if, like me, you manage to lose everything despite travelling in such a small space, you can control the vent manually on the fan itself.

While the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe is powerful, it is still very quiet, something which can be hard to find in a cheaper camper van roof vent. As it is smooth to run, you are more likely to use the fan function often, keeping you cool, the van fresh and this investment worthwhile. The roof vent comes in three colour options, white, smoke or clear to allow light as well as air into your camper. The MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe is one of the more expensive roof vents on our list, coming in at £370. 

5. Fiamma Vent Roof Hatch

Fiamma Vent without fan

Last but not least, on our mission to find the best camper van roof vent, we are going back to basics with the Fiamma Vent Roof Hatch. This simple vent is a good option if you are looking for something simple that doesn’t require any wiring but will still allow air into your vans and look good while doing it.

The transparent roof vent also allows light through so will brighten up your tiny home. Furthermore, the vent is slightly tinted to provide some protection from the suns rays and to ensure you do not have a greenhouse effect when your vent is closed.

The Fiamma Vent Roof Hatch also comes with a fly net to ensure no bugs make their way in through the window. This roof vent is an affordable option, coming in at £87, including screws and sealant!

Final Thoughts…

One other thing worth mentioning in line with roof vents is sealant. Drips and leaks can ruin your road trip and cause real damage to the interior and insulation of your campervan. Make sure you choose a good quality product when sealing your roof vent; something that is designed for outdoor use and can withstand heavy rain.

It is important to remember that sealant does sometimes need replacing, try to check the exterior of your roof vent approximately every six months, it’s better to be over cautious than to have to deal with a leak on your next trip. 

Having a camper van roof vent is so important, we didn’t install one in our tiny home when completing our build and I really wish we had. They are a great addition to any small space and having one in the kitchen area in particular is a huge bonus, allowing steam and smells to escape. All of the vents on this list are good options for a van conversion.

Choosing the one that is right for you will depend on what is most important to you and how much you can afford to spend. Many of the vents are also the same standard size so can be replaced with a newer or better model if you are looking to upgrade your home on wheels.

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