10 Best Camping Flasks For Adventurers

When I first completed my camper conversion, I wanted every item that I put into my tiny house to be just as beautiful as the off grid home I had built. My compact camper van is a small space, so I didn’t want anything ugly on display all of the time. One thing that I soon realised I used all the time when living the van life (and so left out on the side all the time) was my old plastic water bottle. Not only was it ugly, but the water would be warm within a couple of hours on a hot day, I needed to upgrade my flask game. Today I’m going to share with you the top ten best camping flasks perfect for anyone living in a van or travelling in a van

Vandwellers are also tough people to shop for so this list of the best camping flasks is excellent if you’re looking for campervan gifts that are actually useful. A flask is one of the best vanlife essentials to have when you travel in a van and here is why:

  • Flasks are great to have in small campers as they mean you don’t need to pack separate mugs or glasses, saving precious space in any tiny home
  • As flasks always have a lid, disastrous spillages can be easily avoided if accidentally left out when driving (I mean, who hasn’t done that?!). 
  • Flasks can be taken with you when you head out on the trail or into the city, perfect for any outdoorsy adventurer.
  •  By always having a flask handy, you are reducing the amount of bottled water you purchase when out and about, reducing your vanlife costs.
  • Having a flask is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away, meaning you are doing your bit for the environment. 

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1. Stanley Flask

Best Camping Flasks- green stanley flask

At number one on our list of the best camping flasks, we have a classic: The Stanley Flask. The Stanley Flask has been around for over one hundred years, so it’s no surprise that it’s a favourite.

The Classic Vaccum bottle guarantees that the contents of your bottle stays hot or cold or 24hrs, this is great news for anyone who likes to put in long hours exploring and adventuring before heading back to their camper to sleep.

The Stanley bottle has a cup covering the lid, meaning you do not need to drink directly from the flask if you don’t want to. The added cup also makes sharing easier; one person can drink from the cup, the other from the flask. One of the best things about The Stanley Flask is that it comes with a lifetime warranty- you’ll never need to buy another flask again. Not bad for £33.

2. Yeti Rambler 30oz Tumbler

Best Camping Flasks - blue yeti rambler being used on a boat

At number two on our list of the best camping flasks is the Yeti Rambler 30oz Tumbler. This flask is great for those long driving days, where it’s important to stay hydrated.

Unscrewing the lid of a flask can be tricky while you’re at the wheel, which is why this tumbler is perfect for driving. The easy-slide magnetic lid is easy to open on the go and perfect to drink from, without spilling when driving. This flask is also great if you plan on stopping to grab a coffee on your drive, as it’s a similar size and shape to a takeaway coffee cup meaning it will fit perfectly in your vehicles cup holder.

Hand over your Yeti Rambler to the barista for a coffee that stays hot all day. The Yeti Rambler 30oz Tumbler comes in at $34.99.

3. S’Well Teakwood Traveller

Best camping flasks - wood effect s’well bottle

Next up on our list of the best camping flasks is this beautiful S’Well Teakwood Traveller. This bottle is available in three sizes, 12oz, 16oz and 20z and ranges in price from $30-$40.

We love the design and shape of the bottle, the wide lid is practical and ensures it’s easy to fill with a teabag and hot water for your morning cuppa. The beautiful exterior will be the envy of everyone you meet on the road and is also functional, providing a sweat-free grip.

This flask insulates your drinks, keeping them hot for 12hours and cold for 24hours, perfect for vanlife. We love the look of this bottle, but we love the female-run company behind it even more. By supporting S’Well you’re also supporting the fantastic work of charities such as UNICEF, Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Lonely Whale. 

4. Hydro Flask

Best camping flasks - red hydro flask with diagram on how it works

Up next on our list of the best camping flasks we have the Hydro Flask.

Today we are looking at the Hydro Flask 18oz Standard Mouth Flask, but Hydro Flask has a vast range of products available to suit different needs. The Hydro Flask uses double-wall vacuum insulation called tempshield to keep drinks hot for 6hours and cold for 24hours, so you can stay refreshed wherever you are.

We love the range of colours available with the Hydro Flask; this model currently has eleven different colour options, so there is something for everyone. These flasks are reliable and durable, plus, if your lid somehow gets lost or broken, you can buy a new one without needing to replace the whole bottle. The Hydro Flask 18oz Standard Mouth is £29.95.  

5. Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask

Best camping flasks - red and gold thermos flask

We’re halfway through our list of the best camping flasks and up next we have another classic, Thermos. The original Thermos was invented in 1892 and has been in production for commercial use since 1904 so, with such a long history, you can be sure that any Thermos product will keep your drinks hot, or cold.

The Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask that we are looking at today has kept a retro-looking design that stands out from the crowd. This flask can hold 1.2litres of liquid and is cool to the touch when filled with a hot drink and sweatproof when holding a cold drink. This flask is functional and aesthetically pleasing but even better is the price at just £26.95 which is pretty good for a flask this large.

6. WAKEcup Bamboo Flask

Bamboo WAKEcup held outside

Next up on our list of best camping flasks, we have the WAKEcup. WAKEcup is a U.K. based company aiming to help people go plastic-free. Their bamboo WAKEcup flask is a place to start your low waste journey and would be perfect for the environmentally-minded vanlifer.

The WAKEcup bottle is sustainably sourced and made from organic bamboo designed to last for years to come and will keep cold drinks cool for eight hours and hot drinks hot for four hours.

Although the Wakecup doesn’t regulate the temperature of beverages for as long as some other flasks we love this brand’s ethos. The bottle costs £20, and 10% of all purchases go towards The Marine Conservation Society.

7. VSSL Flask

VSSL Flask with cups out on rocks by a river

At number seven on our list of best camping flasks, we have the VSSL Flask. This extended barrel torch with a 200 lumens LED light on the end can also hold 225ml of your favourite spirit, ready to warm you up after a day on the trail.

Although this flask does not maintain the temperature of your drinks, it is probably the most durable flask out there, so if you’re looking for something that will survive extreme sports and harsh environments, then the VSSL is for you. As well as having a floodlight torch, that can burn for 40hours and has four settings including an SOS light; this flask also has a compass, bottle opener and two collapsible shot glasses stored inside. This flask may have some cool gadgets, but it does come in at £73.


8. Chilly’s Flask

Three bright retro patterened Chilly flasks

Next on our list of the best camping flasks, we have the ultra-trendy Chilly’s flask. The Chilly’s flask is designed to be a water bottle, offering a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic water bottle to urban adventurers.

As it is intended for water, the Chilly’s flask won’t keep your drinks hot for as long as some of the other flasks on this list but it will keep your drinks cool all day. We love the smooth design of the Chilly’s bottle, and there are so many different eye-catching colours and designs to choose between. You can even make up your own bottle on the Chilly’s website, selecting the colour of the main bottle, lid and carabiner separately for a unique design.

Despite being super cool, these flasks come in at just £25.

9. Klean Kanteen

Pouring a drink from a Klean Kanteen by fireside

Next, up on our list of best camping flasks, we have the Klean Kanteen Insulated TKPro 32oz (1000ml) flask. This flask is the highest performing flask on our list today and can keep your drinks cold for a whopping 100hours, and hot for 38hours!

With the Klean Kanteen, you could make a cup of morning tea and not drink it until the following lunchtime, and it would still be hot.

This flask would be perfect for vanlifers who like to go on multi-day hikes as you can have a hot coffee in the morning without needing to set up a stove. The flask holds 1litre of liquid so could last makes several cups of coffee and last for a couple of days on the trail. This flask also comes with a cup that sits over the lid. The Klean Kanteen comes in at £44.95. 

10. High Camp Flask

Pouring a dink into tumblers from the High Camp Flask

Last, but not least, on our list of best camping flasks we have the High Camp Flask, this camp is designed for those who fancy a boozy adventure and want to cheers in style when they reach the summit. This classy and stylish flask will keep your liquid hot or cold for up to 24hours so whether you want to celebrate with hot mulled wine or a chilled cocktail, the High Camp Flask has you covered. The flask holds 750ml of liquids- perfectly designed to fit an entire fifth of your favourite spirit or a whole bottle of wine. The flask comes with two elegant tumblers; double-walled to be suitable for hot and cold drinks, that snap on to either end of the flask using magnets. This flask would be the perfect companion to any adventure! The High Camp Flask comes in at $125. 

Final Thoughts… 

We hope this comprehensive list of the best camping flasks for vanlifers has helped you find your perfect fit. An adventure can be a smoother journey with a good flask on board, so it’s worth finding the right one for you. Let us know what you think of these flasks by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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