10 Best RV Accessories Every Vanlifer Needs

If you are planning on going on one of the world’s top road trips or are busy planning your own route, then you might be wondering what the best RV accessories are to make living in a compact camper van a little bit easier.

Well, today we are going to be looking at ten items, some of which I think are van life essentials, that ever vanlifer needs. These items would also be useful for anyone living in a tiny house or those looking for campervan gifts for your nearest and dearest who are living an alternative lifestyle.

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What are the best RV accessories?

1. Omnia Oven

Best RV Accessories - Omnia Oven

First up on our list of the ten best RV Accessories, we have the Omnia Oven. The product has considerably improved our cooking; it’s incredible to be able to bake again after two years of living in a van. This excellent piece of kit is a complete game-changer in any campervan kitchen that doesn’t have an oven.

The doughnut-shaped mini oven that can be used to bake fresh bread, cakes and pies all on your stovetop. It works as heat is drawn up the centre hole of the oven providing heat at the top and bottom, giving an even bake.

At just £39.99, you really can’t go wrong with the Omnia Oven

2. Solar Panels 

Best RV accessories - Solar Panel back and front

At number two on our list of the best RV accessories that every vanlifer needs we have something else that we couldn’t live without in our van: solar panels.

Solar panels are a fantastic way to generate your electricity; they are environmentally friendly, efficient and relatively cheap. But best of all, solar panels allow you to be even more self-sufficient when travelling in a van as you do not need to depend on finding a campsite to plug into the grid to be able to charge your gadgets. This means you can head off into the wilderness for as long as you like, or as long are your food and water lasts…

Our pick: Try these solar panels from Renogy.  

3. Lifestraw Water Filter

best RV accessories - Lifestraw water filter water bottle

Vanlife often goes hand in hand with adventure. Sometimes when you’re busy adventuring, you forget to check the basics like how much water you have left and where your next drinking water source is. This is why it’s a good idea to always carry a water filtration system, like Lifestraw, with you when you’re on the road.

The Lifestraw is also small enough to stick in your bag on your next backpacking trip or long hike so you will never be at risk of dehydration on the trail, even if you underestimate how much water you need to carry. This smart mini filter can create safe drinking water from most freshwater sources, filtering out bacteria, parasites, microplastics as well as some chemicals.

This handy Lifestraw is compatible with most water bottles, simply switch out the lid to the Lifestraw lid, and you’re ready to go. 

4. Joseph Joseph Extend

Joseph and josaeph draining board

Often in campervans, there is no draining board to use when washing up, this can be a real pain and turns doing the dishes into an even more tedious task.

In comes the Joseph Joseph extendable drying rack, perfect for washing up on the go. The Extend measures 32×36.5cm when closed, small enough to store away in a cupboard and almost double this when open. It has a pot for holding cutlery and utensils as well as a rack for holding plates vertically to dry.

The Joseph Joseph Extend is a little on the pricey side, but is a handy piece of kit for full-time vandwellers. 

5. Maca Hammock

Best RV Accessories - Maca Hammock

While vanlife may be about getting back to basics, this doesn’t mean you can’t pack a few non-essential items for your next road trip, so up next in our list of the best RV accessories we have the Macca Hammock. A hammock is a great way to kick back and relax. There is nothing more idyllic than softly swinging in the breeze on a warm summers day, a good book in hand.

The hammocks from Maca are super portable and pack down into a small bag, perfect for limited camper storage. They are also straightforward to put up, with two straps that around your chosen trees and tie onto the hammock, so your comfortable chilling space is ready in no time. With every Maca purchase, $5 goes to a non-profit organisation that improves the lives of the Yucatan community, the very people who make these beautiful hammocks. 

6. TomTom GO Camper

TomTom GO Camper

Having a good Sat Nav is key to a smooth journey which is why the TomTom GO Camper is the next item on our best RV accessories list. If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you will know how easy it is to take a wrong turn and how disastrous this can be, especially when you are travelling in a large camper van.

With the TomTom GO Camper you can input the dimensions of your vehicle to ensure you will not get yourself in any sticky situations. It is also easy to avoid those pesky toll roads, choose the scenic route and enjoy the views as you drive. Sure, you could, use the maps on your phone but this SatNav is designed especially for those travelling in a camper.

We’ve been using it for over a year, and it has never let us down.  

7. PPT Powerpack

Best RV accessories - PPT Power Pack

Up next on our list of the top ten RV accessories we have something for you if you require a bit of extra power, the PPT Powerpack.

This compact powerpack can be used to charge phones, laptops and cameras. I’ve even run my jigsaw from it. This portable power back is a great back up to have on standby, and as a complement to your camper’s electricity system.

If like us, you run off of solar you may find your batteries struggle after a few grey days and minimal driving; this battery pack is an excellent back up to keep laptops and phones fully charged.

The battery pack can be charged from any plug socket, as well as from a 12v car charger and solar panel. This lithium-ion power pack and comes in at £500. 

8. Feuerhand Oil Lamp

Best RV accessories- Feuerhand Lantern

There is nothing like warm summer evenings when you’re living the van life, relaxing outside with new friends long into the night. The next item on our list of the best RV accessories will keep you illuminated even when the sun sets, a Feuerhand oil lantern.

The Feuerhand oil lantern has been in production since the 1890s, and it hasn’t changed a whole lot since. The lamp retains its original design giving it a vintage, timeless look making this a statement piece for any vanlifer. The oil lamp burns brightly, giving off a warm glow, perfect for those late outdoor nights. The Feuerhand Baby Special comes in eight funky colours.   

9. Kindle E-Reader

Best RV Accessories - Kindle

At number nine on our list of the best RV accessories, we have a tremendous space-saving essential, a kindle.

Having an e-reader on board is a great way to ensure that you will never run out of a good book when you are on your road trip. They are also super small, lightweight and retain their battery for long periods.

Long battery life means that you won’t need to think about charging it every day and draining your camper’s batteries. Books may look pretty, but when you travel in a van, they are not the most practical option, especially if you are going through countries whose language you cannot speak, and therefore cannot replace books easily.

Kindles are also pretty affordable, coming in at just £69.99.

10. Bialetti Espresso Maker

Best RV accessories - Bialetti espresso maker

At number ten, we have an item that is essential to any life (in my opinion) not just camper life, a good coffee maker. While most campervans don’t have the space for a fancy coffee machine, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the best energy-boosting beverage around.

A Bialetti stovetop espresso maker is the perfect vanlife solution for coffee. These espresso makers are compact, so won’t take up too much storage space but make an espresso good enough to please any enthusiast.

So, if like me you need a strong coffee to get going in a morning you can pick one of these up for under £20.

Final Thoughts

I use these products if not daily, then at least every week, and I genuinely love them all, they have each made living in a van a little bit easier and more luxurious.

Most of these items prove that the best RV accessories to make life on the road run smoother do not have to cost the earth, although some things are worth investing in.

What are your go-to van life essentials? Let us know by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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