Gerber Spork Is The Only Piece Of Cutlery You Need For Adventures

The Gerber Spork is without doubt an extremely underrated piece of equipment for your next adventure. Yes, that’s right, I’ve written this short article, about a freaking spork. But hear me out, and I can tell you why its worth splashing out on this little fella.

Whether you’ve picked up a camper shower, or treated yourself to a handful of campervan gifts, it’s now time to pimp your cutlery drawer with Gerber’s all-in-one fork, spoon, knife… thing? If you’re new to Gerber, Gerber are an outdoor travel brand that create some of the best, most affordable outdoor accessories for travellers, and the Gerber spork fits that motto perfectly.gerber sporkThe Gerber Spork was announced just a few weeks ago at Outdoor Retailer 2018 in Denver, Colorado, just before its official release in 2019. They’ll be launching it for just $14.99 and it comes in a wide range of different colours, so you can keep the look and feel of your camper when you combo the Gerber Spork with your adventure bus.

Gerber stated “The goal was to create a multi-tool that addressed the entire eating process while in the backcountry: preparing food, eating, and cleaning up after,” says Eric Moore, Product Manager at Gerber. “Gerber presents two complimentary solutions to multi-task around the campfire or on the trail. The Devour is a minimalist tool at less than 1 ounce, with a removable solid state tool that mounts to the back and kickstands the tool to keep it off dirty surfaces and out of your cooking pot. The ComplEAT focuses on the organization of dedicated tools, working independently as well as configuring to a tong to bring the convenience of a home kitchen to the wild. Don’t go hungry with two solutions to keep your adventures nourished and Unstoppable.”gerber spork cookingAt under an ounce, the Devour Multi-Fork is ideal for those who demand a lightweight, easy-to-use tool on the trail. Designed to handle mealtime from start to finish, the upgrade spork, also known as the Devour has 9 tools on hand for prep, eating, and cleaning. gerber spork 3The refreshed fork design doesn’t compromise function, and the detachable solid state tool offers 6 functions while keeping your multi-fork out of the dirt or pot with a unique kickstand design. The Devour retails for $24.99.

But again, the smaller Gerber Spork is still the perfect van life accessory, as it’s super durable, easy to eat with and comes with a tiny multi tool to help do a few things around the van and it can attach to the side of pots and pans which is such an underrated perk, as we all hate getting soup all over our work tops! And if you’re thinking of upgrading to the large Gerber Spork, one of it’s main features it that it can transform into a multi-cutlery tool, for example a spatula or prongs! Superb design Gerber! You can learn more about the Gerber Spork here.





Whether you’re talking pocket knives or multi-tools, Gerber consistently produces some of the best and most affordable EDC pieces out there. The stalwart brand wants to help you tackle eating on the go with the new Devour Multi-Fork that was recently unveiled at Outdoor Retailer 2018 ahead of an early 2019 launch. According to Eric Moore, a Product Manager at Gerber, “The goal was to create a multi-tool that addressed the entire eating process while in the backcountry: preparing food, eating, and cleaning up after.” Devour has nine different tools built into it, including a detachable solid state tool with a unique kickstand design that prevents your food delivery device from hitting the dirt or falling into the pot while you’re cooking. It’s an impressive, utilitarian tool that’s going to change the way you eat in the backcountry, and you’re hardly going to know you’re carrying it because it weighs less than an ounce.

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