31 Of The Best Campervan Gifts For Your Next Adventure

Got a birthday coming up or planning your Christmas gifts? Looking for presents for the Digital Nomads in your life? Don’t be one of those people that raids the petrol station shelves the night before the big day.

Keep the mountain-shaped air freshener where it belongs and check out these fantastic campervan gifts that will blow the socks off your friends, family and loved ones.

Best Campervan Gifts to Make

1. Viva Maca Hammock

Campervan Gifts - Maca Hammocks

Camping and van life are all about lazy days and relaxation, which is why these awesome handmade one-of-a-kind hammocks from Maca are the ultimate gift for the person in your life that likes a good snooze in the sun. Their fair trade certified hammock supplier works with over 900 different weavers to make each hammock by hand.

Maca provides the materials at no upfront cost to the weavers, and they work at home and at their own pace, fitting in work with their existing lives. An additional 5 dollars of your purchase goes to a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of the weavers and their communities.

Maca has combined traditional weaving techniques with heaps of love and care, and the result will leave you feeling like a cloud is cuddling you as you trundle down snoozeville avenue. It’s incredibly portable and easy to attach in any scenario – Maca Hammocks are ready and waiting whenever the Z’s hit you. The package only weighs 2.5lb’s, so it’s not cumbersome, and each one comes with a waterproof bag to keep it nice and dry.

Campervan Gifts - Hammocks

If you’re looking for campervan gifts that are sustainable, honest, and that give back to the community, then you won’t go far wrong with Maca Hammocks.

2. RidgeMonkey Sandwich Toaster

Campervan Gifts - Ridgemonkey XL

Often referred to as the Culinary Lifesaver in my van, the Ridgemonkey XL is possibly the most essential bit of kit that you should have in your camper. It took the number one slot in our top cooking accessories article, and it’s back again in our ultimate campervan gifts article. If you haven’t ever heard of this fantastic cooking utensil then let me sum it up in a few words – it allows you to cook pizza in your van.

Do I need to say any more?

The cooking space in a campervan is usually limited to how many hobs you have to use at one time, and if you’ve got enough space for an over. The RidgeMonkey is a hob top oven that can toast, bake, fry and cook just about anything! I’ve cooked fish, pizzas and new potatoes in this thing, and as long as you remember to flip every now and again to cook evenly on both sides, you won’t go wrong.

RidgeMonkey has since brought out a new update to the XL that features a detachable hinge, letting you use the device as two separate pans as well as a gas top oven. If you like cooking and don’t enjoy the idea of trail mix and soup every day, then you need a RidgeMonkey in your life.

Check out our full review of the XL RidgeMonkey here, and then snap up your own by clicking the button below!

3. Geyser Camper Shower

Campervan Gifts - Geyser Camper Shower

Keeping clean in the wilderness is tough. You spend all day adventuring, and then someone sniffs you and tells you that you smell like a bear’s behind (and that’s being polite!). If you don’t have an onboard shower in your camper but want to stay funky fresh, then the Geyser Camper Shower could be one of the best campervan gifts that you buy yourself or a loved one.

Campervan Gifts - Camper Shower - Geyser

The Geyser camper shower uses your campers 12V DC power supply and has a heating element that warms up the water. Just add one US gallon (that’s 3.8l for us Europeans) of water into the camper shower, and you’re good to go! Once the heating element is in gear, it will only take around 15 to 35 minutes to get to an optimum temperature of 35ºC (95 ºF), which is just the right temperature for a warm and soothing shower.

This Camper shower is lightweight, portable and easy to use. Check out our full-length article on this Van Life Shower and click below to buy your own!

4. Scrubba Bag

Campervan gifts - Scrubba Washbag

Do you hate dragging around a tonne of clean clothes with you 24/7? It sounds like you need the Scrubba Wash Bag in your life! This impressive little bit of kit from Scrubba products is a mini washing machine that you can hold in your hands – now you can have clean clothes wherever you go, for free!

The wash bag weighs less than 145g, making the Scrubba the lightest and most compact “washing machine” for travel and one of the most practical items in our campervan gifts list.  Just add water from a tap or a clean stream, then add your favourite detergent and scrub away! It’s so much more effective than hand washing and way more hygienic than using a hostel sink! Click the button below to bag your own Scrubba Washbag!

Campervan gifts - Buy the scrubba

5. Go Pro Hero 8

Regular cameras and video recorders are only good for taking pictures of things like birds,  trees, and people. If you want to get up close and personal with underwater wildlife or need a device that can keep up with your extreme lifestyle then the Go Pro Hero 8 should be right up your street.

This small black box might look simple, but this Go Pro is a waterproof digital action camera with 4K HD Video and a touchscreen! It takes photos with its 12MP camera and also has live streaming stabilisation!

With the Hero 8 you can get steady-cam style footage without the steady-cam – it predicts your moves and stabilises your recordings in real time to create super smooth footage that Spielberg would be proud of. Add voice control, slo-mo and Super Photo settings, and you’ve got a film studio in your pocket! This is definitely on our own campervan gifts wishlist (are you listening Go Pro?). Click below to grab yours from Amazon!

Campervan gifts - Buy The TomTom Go Camper

6. TomTom Go Camper

Campervan gifts - TomTom Go Camper

We took a TomTom Go Camper on our latest road trip, and believe us when we say that this is one of the best campervan gifts that you could ever hope to open. With more hidden features and changeable parameters than the Death Star controls, it really is a vandwellers best friend.

The TomTom Go Camper doesn’t just get you from A to B; it’s purposely designed to put you on the smoothest and best-sized roads for your vehicle, and on routes that have lots of exciting features and points of interest that you might have otherwise missed if you stuck to the major motorways.

Campervan gifts - TomTom Go Camper - petrol

The sat nav itself is smooth to the touch and ergonomically designed to easily fit in one hand while you use your other digits to map out epic routs. It’s a tiny portable mainframe with lots of detailed information that’s super clear and easy to understand. It’s super useful if you’re travelling along those European roads or finding sneaky turn-offs, and thanks to the petrol stations and car park finders you’ll never have to spend hours searching for fuel or a stop off point ever again!

With its built-in WiFi, you don’t need to hook it up to a computer to update the device. Just find a bit of free WiFi outside a takeaway or tether from your phone, and you’re good to go! With more maps to download and some fantastic voices (Brian Blessed is our favourite!), you can really customise your travelling experience. Make routes on your phone and sync to your device, or share the roads that your friends have driven and follow in their footsteps (or tyre tracks…you get the idea).

Click below to start making your very own dream routes!

Campervan gifts - Buy The TomTom Go Camper

7. Nintendo Switch Bundle

If there’s one gadget that I turn to the most in my campervan, it’s my Nintendo Switch. I love this thing, and it’s safe to say that it’s the best Nintendo Console that I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had every one of them!). Play with your friends in tabletop mode, hook up to your 12v TV and see Zelda in all its glory, or kick back with your feet up and play a bit of Mario Kart under the awning. Whatever your gaming preference, the Nintendo Switch caters for it!

Contrary to popular belief, Van Life isn’t always about posing in amazing places or swimming naked through blue oceans. Sometimes it royally chucks it down, and you’re stuck inside not wanting to go out into the world. That’s when the rolling hills of Hyrule or the jungles in Crash Bandicoot can take over and fill your wanderlust itch. Just charge the switch up from your 12v batteries or a power pack, and you’re good to go!

The bundle above has possibly the most excellent game of all time in it – Zelda Breath Of The Wild. My girlfriend and I both completed this game in our van, and we loved every minute of it. This is my favourite item on our campervan gifts list, but as a Nintendoid I’m very biased. Click below to grab yourself a bundle bargain!

Campervan gifts - Buy The TomTom Go Camper

8. SafetyWing Van Life Insurance

Campervan gifts - Van Life Insurance - Travel

Give the gift of peace of mind and buy a subscription to SafetyWing Van Life Insurance. Where once you might have had to ‘wing it’ and go travelling without the proper policies in place, now there are dedicated travel and travel medical services for Van Lifers around the globe, and it’s very reasonably priced too!

Lloyds London underwrites SafetyWing policies and claims are handled by Tokyo Maine; two reputable companies that we all know and trust. They offer 24/7 support when a person is in need or when you need advice, so you can explore the world with the knowledge that someone always has your back.

Campervan gifts - Travel and work

For just $37 a month, you get worldwide travel and travel medical coverage for all of your off grid living needs. You can set off on your adventures knowing that SafetyWing is there with you, leaving you to concentrate on working and exploring the world and not worrying about ‘what if’ scenarios.

If you break it down it’s only $9 a week (£7 for us Brits) you get peace of mind that you’re in the clear if you have to pay out for any medical bills or lost luggage while you’re freelancing on the go. Click the button below and buy a policy to keep you’re loved ones safe on the road – it’s a no-brainer!

Campervan gifts - Buy Van LifeInsurance

9. Tile Mate

Do you know someone that’s always losing things? They will think that the Tile Mate is one of the greatest campervan gifts on earth, and to be fair, they wouldn’t be wrong! I have one of these attached to my keys, and it’s an absolute lifesaver. You might think that it would be hard to lose your keys living in 80 square feet, but you’d be wrong!

The Tile Mate is a little square tile that you can put onto your keys, your camera, your games console or anything that you can hook it onto. With the tile attached, you can use your Bluetooth to ring your device and follow the sound until you find it. If you have your tile but don’t have your phone, you can double tap the tile to reverse the process!

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re slimline enough to slip inside your wallet or even your favourite pair of shoes (shoes are expensive these days!). There’s also a tile network that you can inform if you lose your devices, and they can notify you if they find it. Track last known location from your smartphone or tablet, and keep your devices with you where they belong!

Campervan gifts - Buy Tile

10. How To Build A Camper e-Book

Campervan gifts - How To Build A Camper E-Book

A little while ago I wrote a book about how to build your very own campervan. I converted my very own home on wheels in 2017, spending six months of evenings and weekends creating a tiny house in the back of a Vauxhall Movano Maxi Roof Van, and then jotted down what I did and how I did it along the way.

This E-Book is one of the cheapest campervan gifts on our list, but it’s also the most informative too! With over 170 pages of guidance, inspiration, and tips on how you can convert your van in a matter of weeks, this guide will take you on a step by step journey through all of the stages necessary to turn a panel van into a camper that you can live in comfortably.

Here are a few of the topics that the book covers:

  • How To Spot A Good Starter Van
  • What Equipment You Will Need
  • Installing The Electrics
  • Creating A Bed
  • Installing Solar Panels
  • Building Your Kitchen
  • Fitting a wood burning stove
  • And lots more…

At £9.99 it’s the perfect electronic stocking filler. It’s light-hearted and humorous as well as educational, and I’ve tried to simplify the process as much as possible to make complicated topics easy to understand (less time thinking and more time eating cake).

Campervan gifts - buy the ebook

11. Pico Smartphone Projector

Campervan gifts - projector

Wouldnt it be great if you could have an onboard projector to show off the latest films and your holiday snaps to your friends, people that you meet, bears, racoons, and pretty much anyone else that will stay still enough to watch.

Well, now you can! This Pico Smartphone Projector hooks up to your phone or tablet and can be powered by a battery pack, so you won’t need to drain your batteries to see yourself on the big screen. Campervan gifts just got a whole lot cooler!

This projector only weighs 0.28kg, making it a very lightweight and portable TV in your pocket. It measures 12.5×8.6×4.7 cm which is insanely small, so it won’t feel bulky or cumbersome in a jacket and won’t take up too much room in your’stuff drawer’.

You don’t just have to use a smartphone with this projector though; you can hook up a laptop, a games console or a DVD player (I’m getting one for my Nintendo Switch) and only needs 3.8m throw distance to make a 1.5m screen!

Campervan gifts - buy the owl car cam

12. Cello 22″ 12V TV

Don’t fancy a projector? Get yourself a low voltage TV instead! If you don’t own an inverter or prefer to save your batteries for when you really need them off the grid, then this 12V T.V will be the answer to all of your prayers. Another gadget for those rainy days in, this 22″ TV comes with a built-in DVD player and Full HD capability (none of this HD Ready business!)

This 12v T.V has a satellite receiver for all Freeview HD channels, and you can also use a USB to record digital TV and play media files. Have your favourite films on your laptop? Hook it up via HDMI and watch on the big screen!

Campervan gifts - buy the 12v TV

13. Solar Scroll Charger

Campervan gifts - Solar Scroll charger

We’ve all been in a situation where our power banks have run out of juice. Maybe you’ve been on a long walk and lost access to your digital maps, or perhaps you’ve set off on a long off-grid holiday and forgotten to charge them up altogether. Now you can fill up a power bank for free using the suns rays, and it’s small enough to fit inside your pocket!

This portable solar charger only weighs 10.5 ounces, (that’s 21.87 spoons of sugar) yet it uses a military grade rollable solar panel with an integrated battery – that’s a lot of power for such a light bit of kit! The technology that’s gone into this charger is mindblowing!

Campervan gifts - Portable Solar Charger - Overview

Charge the power bank from the back of your bag, the top of your van or beside you on the ground – the choice is yours. The Solar Scroll can top up a mobile phone 1 to 2 times, a go pro 4-5 times, or a Nintendo Switch 1.5 times. It can even get your MacBook 1/3 of the way to being full, which is super useful if you’re blogging on the go.

It’s the ultimate back up for freelancers on the road and a neat little gadget that will get you out of sticky situations when you really need access to your tech.

14. Hydroflask

Campervan gifts - Hydroflask

The Hydro Flask is no ordinary flask. Say hello to a double vacuumed and insulated adventure mug that can keep your beverages hot and/or cold for hours on end without even breaking a sweat. No one wants a cold coffee on a winter morning or a warm soda on a hot day!

That’s why you should buy a Hyrdroflask for everyone that you know, and you should do it right now – it’s the item that all campervan gifts want to be!

The Hydroflask can be used not only for drinks but food too, giving it a vast number of purposes. Our favourite use is for cold beers and cider (we know how to party after a long day writing articles!) Add some ice to your drinks, and this thing will keep it cold for a whopping 24 hours! Also, Hydroflask donates 5% of all profits to charities, a nice touch indeed.

Campervan gifts - Buy the Hyrdoflask

15. The Campervan Bible

What do you get the person that lives, eats and sleeps Campervans? The Camper Van Bible of course! This book is the ultimate coffee table or glove-box companion for anyone who lives in a van or loves the van life. Expect stories of what van life is really like (the faint of heart should step away now!)

Some of the topics that the book covers are:

– Living with a campervan (LIVE)
– Cooking and eating in your rolling home (EAT)
– Sleeping in your tiny house (SLEEP)
– Keeping you and your van on the road (REPEAT)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dreamer or a doer, a weekend warrior or a full-time vandweller, the photos and information in this book will leave you with itchy feet and a serious case of wanderlust. From classic van owners to self-conversion enthusiasts, The Camper Van Bible appeals to all.

Read the words and then live the lifestyle!

Campervan gifts - Buy the Hyrdoflask

16. Slughaus

Campervan gifts - Slughaus

This is possibly the smallest of our campervan gifts, but it could be the most useful! This thing is a lifesaver when you’re fumbling around in the dark or trying to find stuff in the boot of your van before an early morning drive. We backed Slughaus when they launched a couple of years ago, and we still use our mini flashlight to this very day.

It’s tiny, but it sure packs a punch and can light up an entire room no problem. This mini flashlight is designed to fit onto your keys, so it’s with you everywhere you go and ready for any scenario. It saved our lives when we broke down one day without a flashlight, and we’ve never left the house with it since. The best part is that it only costs £11. That makes this pretty much a no-brainer!

Campervan gifts - Buy the slughaus

17. Van Clan T-Shirt

Campervan gifts - Van Clan Shirt

A must-have for any campervan lover or van lifer…in fact anyone who is anyone should be wearing one of these tees! Featuring a classic VW T3 in its natural habitat of the open road, this Van Clan t-shirt boasts an original design that will turn you from a part-time camper in training to a fully fledged weekend warrior with attitude!

Every Van Lifer needs clean t-shirts (we can’t get enough of them), but this tee is also good for fooling people into thinking that you’re way more clued up about vans than you are. With one of our Van Clan designs emblazoned on your chest, you transcend from an ordinary human into an electrical wiring and chassis part number identifying god, and they’ve been known to up your cool factor and attraction to other humans by 68.9%. Say goodbye to Tinder and say hello to a queue outside your front door!

Click the link below to bag yourself a Van Clan tee and other apparel from our online store – the home of the best campervan gifts.

Campervan gifts - buy a van clan tee

18. Casio Mudman G-Shock Watch

Campervan gifts - Mudman

As ultimate adventure watches go, the Casio Mudman is one of the cheapest on the market. Don’t let the low price fool you though; this Casio watch is well up there with the high flying all singing all dancing designer pieces, but this one’s made for all of the ups and downs that come with living in a van.

While the Mudman might sound like the arch nemesis of one of the Power Rangers or Tin Tin’s evil uncle, it’s actually a solid little watch that can outdo the features of some of the top price models. With a 50mm diameter face its plenty big enough and very easy to read. What’s more, with a water resistant depth of 200m, you can jump into pools and go freediving without the worry that you’ll be late for dinner when you get back to the surface.

The Mudman has a tough and sturdy steel and resin case which is purposely designed to be mud resistant, as well as the usual G-Shock durability that we all know and trust. It also boasts an electronic compass and thermometer and can be recharged by natural and artificial light. Throw in a perpetual calendar, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, as well as world time function and you’ve suddenly got yourself one seriously badass timepiece.

Campervan gifts - buy the mudman

19. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

Campervan gifts - Thermacell

We’ve road tripped around a large number of countries in our time, and we’ve yet to discover anything worse than mosquitos. They have a habit of swooping in and annoying us just as we’re about to kick back with a beer or sit down for a campfire cookout. This Thermacell Backpack Repeller attaches on to a butane canister and slowly gives off heat to repel mosquitos and bugs in a 15ft radius from your destination, keeping you and your campmates safe n’ sound!

It might not be the most exciting item on our campervan gifts list, but whoever receives it will be thanking you when they wake up with unbitted unmentionables after a raucous night (what happens in the campground stays in the campground folks!)

Campervan gifts - buy the Thermacell

20. Tracker Packaway Jacket

Campervan gifts - Tracker

If you’re looking for Van Life clothing, then Passenger is the answer. From small roll-up Turkish towels to epic backpacks and camping mugs, Passenger caters for the off-grid hero who knows no bounds. We recently received the Tracker Packaway Jacket and took it on our latest epic road trip, and it was indispensable.

The pack up coat comes in two different colours, teal and navy, and is lightweight enough to wear all year round. I wore it up in the mountains where the cloud drifts made the air pretty cold, and I was nice and toasty throughout the entire trip. The jacket packs away into a bag that’s integrated into one of the pockets and is small enough to fit into a rucksack, satchel, or the secret storage hole in your campervan.

Campervan gifts - Tracker Packway Jacket

The Tracker Packaway jacket is 100% Nylon and showerproof. It’s stylish, comfortable and easy to stow away when you’re not using it. Look out for a full-length article coming soon, but for now, you should take our word for it and invest in one the ultimate van life coat for your next present-giving occasion.

Campervan gifts - buy the tracker

21. Sand Free Towel

campervan gifts - sand free towel

If you or someone that you know naturally gravitates towards beaches without realising it, then they’re going to love this Sand Free Beach Towel. These towels come in vibrant colours that will quickly separate you from the rest of the boring beach dwellers, but the real magic lies in the intelligent technology that’s gone into making them – yes, towels can be techy!

These sand free beach towels are made from ultra-light oxford nylon, fabric that allows sand to pass through the towel and not stick to the surface. They’re incredibly lightweight and roll up to fit nicely in your beach bag or backpack and with three different sizes available there’s a towel for everyone. They might look thin in the pictures but don’t be fooled; each towel can dry in half the time of a regular towel – how cool is that! Plus they stay sand-free even when wet.

It doesn’t matter whether you use them in the shower or down at the beach, these towels are a must have if you’re planning to go off grid and visit some nice tranquil places. They can even double up as a blanket or a scarf if you’re feeling a bit of a chill – just make sure they’re dry first though!

Campervan gifts - Buy a sand free towel

22. Wacaco Espresso Machine

Campervan gifts - Wacaco Espresso machine

Ever feel like you need a shot of caffeine on the road? Do you find yourself wishing for an Italian Coffee Bar when you reach the summit of every peak? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘Si”, then you or a friend might like the Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine; the most addictive item in our campervan gifts list.

The Wacaco portable espresso machine is tiny enough to fit inside your rucksack or jacket pocket and gives you delicious tasting coffee no matter where you are! It holds 80 ml of water which is enough for you to make a cup or two at a time. It’s simple to use and protected by the detachable cup. Bellissimo!

Click below to find out more about the Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine and to tick it off your own campervan gifts list.

Campervan gifts - Wacaco button

23. Tentsile Stingray

Campervan Gifts - Stingray

Make the ultimate base camp in the middle of the forest with this Tentsile tree tent. The hammock has just had a serious upgrade, adding a mosquito net and all-around element proof outer skin. If you’re the kind of camper that doesn’t like laying around on the ground while the snails and spiders plot how best to eat you alive, then this could be the best solution!

The Stingray is Tentsile’s flagship tree tent and boasts headroom than any other style product with a stable triple-hammock floor that can comfortably house three adults, or two adults and two children, or one bear and two dogs, and all of the gear and equipment that you don’t want to leave down on the ground.

The hammock flooring lets you hang naturally and makes all of your worries drop away – say goodbye to annoying stones and tree roots under your back! With a setup time of 15 minutes and the ability to pack it down into an easy to carry pouch, it’s a must-have for the campervan lover that likes to get away from everything and be at one with nature. I’m putting this on our campervan gifts list ASAP!

Campervan gifts - Buy a tent hammock

24. VW Bus Mug Set

Campervan gifts - VW mugs

For the person who lives and breathes everything to do with the Volkswagen Bus Camper. You might not be able to drive these mugs, but they’ll drive everyone who doesn’t own them crazy with envy! Now every sip of tea or slurp of coffee can feel like you are sat in a forest, or covered in oil after working on the engine to make your beloved bus run.

These four mug set comes in all different colours, letting you choose which one your family members can never drink out of. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a mug of your favourite bus. It’s one of the safest campervan gifts on our list – everyone needs to drink, how can they not like them!

Campervan gifts - buy VW mugs

25. BioLite CampStove

Campervan gifts - BioLite CampStove

If you like cooking outdoors and being at one with the bears, then the BioLite CampStove is definitely the gadget for you. What’s more, you can now turn fire into gadget power that can charge your tech while you boil your kettle, making this one of the Top Cooking Accessories around and one excellent idea for campervan gifts for the outdoor adventurer or extreme chef in your life.

Forget scouting around for bits of dry wood to burn on the campfire; you can pretty much burn anything that you can get your hands on inside this Camping Stove.  It’s an instant hit for the hungry family who just wants to eat tea and go to bed after a terrible drive where you INSISTED on taking pictures of
every tree that you passed…..

The BioLite CampStove has LED indicators that inform you of your devices fan speed, heat and charging status, and there’s a whole heap of additional compatible extras from BioLite that you can use to pimp out your cooking set up!

We love the BioLite CampStove so much that we’ve written about it many times before, and now you can click below to purchase your very piece of culinary technology!

Campervan gifts - BioLite CampStove Button

26. Bellestyle Camping Mess Kit

You might already have pot and pans that you use inside your rolling home, but if you fancy a walk up into the hills for some propper wild cooking, then you’re going to need a pan set that can pack up small and isn’t a pain to carry. This ten piece camping set has everything that you need to whip up some nettle soup or a goat hoof curry in a jiffy (no idea where those meals came from).

This fantastic addition to our campervan gifts list includes 1x Aluminum Nonstick Pot, 1xPot Cover, 1xNonstick Pan, 2 BPA Free Bowls, 1xWooden Spoon Spatula, 1xCleaning Sponge, and 1xNylon Travel Bag Drawstring Pouch (High-temperature resistant). That’s more than enough utensils for cooking for the whole party when the Deliveroo rider can’t make it up the mountain.

Easy to use, safe and durable pans that will make any campervan journey that little bit tastier. Click below to grab yourself a set!

Campervan gifts - pan set Button

27. VW USB Stick

Campervan gifts - USB

If you’re a weekend warrior that lives and breathes VW Campers but has to work a boring 9-5, then this little VW USB stick will inject some much-needed camping excitement into your everyday life. Now you can save your files in a super cool stick that puts the ‘flash’ in flash drive, plus its a cheap addition to any other campervan gifts that you might have already bought.

This baby can hold way more pictures and songs than you could fit in a regular VW Bus and it’s only as big as the key that you’d use to turn on the engine! Open the trunk, and you’ve got yourself an 8GB USB 2.0 connector – now that’s what I call some serious storage!

Campervan gifts - buy the VW bus usb

28. Lume Cube

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around for your torch when you’re in bed, and it’s dark outside. You end up stepping on the dog’s foot or falling off the bed in a heap of blankets. If you’ve been in this scenario, then the Lume Cube could be one of the most life-changing campervan gifts on this list! Fully waterproof to 100m and with an adjustable lumen of 0-1500 it’s a serious bit of kit in a seriously small package!

The best bit about this torch is that it’s Bluetooth controlled via the Lume Cube smartphone app, available for both Andriod and IOS. With one touch of a button, you can light up your home and live without the fear of breaking an ankle or stubbing your toe on the corner of the toilet cupboard.

There’s also another practical application for the Lume Cube too; lighting up night time shots for your camera or video recorder. If you’re a videographer or part-time YouTuber then this cube could be essential for your set up. Now you don’t have to stop filming when the sun goes down – nice one Lume Cube!

Campervan gifts - lume cube

29. DJI Spark Drone

Without doubt this is the best drone on the market for travellers and adventure seekers. The DJI Spark is a professional, well crafted drone that can shoot incredible photos and aerial videography with ease. Plus with its built in stabilizer every shot is going to be silky smoothe!

It’s coming in at around £300/$400 mark, but we advise picking up a second hand one as they’re just as good and you’ll most likely be crashing it a couple of times, so paying the premium for a new one is not advised.

On the front is has a 18MP camera that’s capable of shooting 1080p video footage, with build in technology that can auto fly and take off, plus it can track you while you drive down the road in your camper, allowing you to give your passenger the controls and you can take it low and slow.

But the best bit is the fact that this can fold down and fit into your pocket. That’s right… Your pocket. We’ll admit it needs to be a large pocket but this thing is super small, and very lightweight, allowing you to chuck it in your bag on the go and keep it packed away nicely in the van for those longhaul road trips!

Campervan gifts - buy a C-Me Drone

30. Replica VW Bus Tent

Campervan gifts - VW BUS TENT

This tent was made for festival lovers and large-scale camping events, but you can also take it on a camping trip and fit four adults in it comfortably (just make sure the campground host doesn’t make you buy am RV space!). The van is split into two areas for sleeping and cooking/living, giving you just about the same amount of room as an actual VW Bus!

This VW Bus Tent is easy to set up and super sturdy, so you can still hit the hills if the elements turn against you. Check out the link below to grab yourself the coolest tent in history!

Campervan gifts - Buy a VW tet

31. Folding Kitchen Tongs

This is one of the most useful, and cheapest product of the bunch. Tongs… Yep, these things are the perfect gift because not only are they rubberised tongs that are super durable and look somewhat funky, they actually fold up too!

We have a large number of oversized utensils in our van, most of them metal, they weight a lot and worst of all, they make so much noise when they are rattling around while we’re on the go. So the rubber actually makes it lighter and super silent when you’re on bumpy roads. Plus it can be folded away to save even more space!

These fellas only cost about $10 too! We’d thought these would be from a company that overprices funky designs, but no, GSI Outdoors have priced these perfectly for us van life folk! We’ll be chucking these in our friends vans throughout the year as they make cheap, useful gifts.

And there you have it! We’ve finally come to the end of our mammoth campervan gifts list, and we hope that you enjoyed scrolling through it as much as we enjoyed writing it! Hopefully, you will have picked up some good inspiration and gift ideas for the next time that you have to buy a present, or maybe you might fancy treating your self to all twenty-five items (who could blame you, we won’t judge!).

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