This Vanlife Camper Shower Is The Perfect Off Grid Companion

It’s the age old question – to shower, or not to shower. Most van dwellers plump for the second option, which can result in locals or shop owners chasing you out of establishments with a broom or in some cases a large pointy fork (we’ve all been there). Living off the grid can be tough if you’re used to washing twice a day, but thanks to the camper shower from Geyser all of your smelly problems are about to go away for good!

Geyser Camper Shower – Vanlife Just Got A Whole Lot Cleaner

Camper Shower - Geyser

When we think of Geysers we get images of natural water sources and fresh clean living (not a couple of blokes down the pub setting the world to right – thats geezers!). We also think about warm water that you can use to wash all of your cares away, and thats exactly what this camper shower can do for you after a long day stomping around the wilderness or getting sandy at the beach.

Most of the van life showers that we see used in our favourite campervan conversions such as the ever popular Mercedes Sprinter conversions and your other four wheeled tiny homes either rely on the sun to heat them up (which doesn’t work if you’re spending the winter on a UK Van Life adventure) or a filling them up with hot water from a kettle which is pretty time consuming, That’s where this camper shower blows the competition out of the water.

How Does This Camper Shower Work?

The Geyser camper shower is equipped with a built-in heating element that takes its power from your campers 12V DC power supply – now you don’t have to test out the theory of ‘a watched kettle never boils’ ever again.
Camper Shower - Geyser Sponge

To get this camper shower up and running you start by adding one US gallon (that’s 3.8l for us Brits) of water to the Geyser. Then it’s as simple as plugging the camper shower into your campers 12V outlet and cranking up the heating element. Geyser claim that it will take around 15 to 35 minutes to get to an optimum temperature of 35ºC (95 ºF), and the hotter the water is to begin with the less time you’ll have to wait.

The Geyser Camper Shower uses three onboard thermostats to regulate the water temperature so that you can be sure that the reading is accurate, and they also let you know when the water has fully reached optimum temperature. You don’t have to worry about it ‘boiling dry’ either; the Geyser has a sensor that cuts the heating element out when you run out of water, and it also doesn’t start unless the lid is properly closed – safety first!

Just Tell Me How To Get Clean!

Now comes the bit that you’ve all been waiting for. When you’ve finally lathered up and grabbed hold of your lucky rubber duck, all you need to do is switch the Geyser camper shower to ‘Pump Mode’ (why does that sound like it should be in a 90’s rave club?). Hot water then pumps up through the hose at a rate of 0.6 to 1 gallon a minute depending on your settings and out into a handy little sponge.

Wait…A Sponge?

YES! Getting rid of dirt and grime is hard enough as it is with just water, but now you can really scrub yourself clean and work up a lather without wasting tonnes of water out of a conventional shower head. Then when you’re done, simply clean the sponge off and it’s good to go again. It’s probably not too hygienic to wash your dishes and your body with the same sponge, but if you’re going to do it anyway then we won’t judge – needs must!

Camper Shower - Geyser Washing

Final Thoughts…

We really like this camper shower, and Geyser have done a great job of simplifying a process that many can’t be bothered to complete when they get back to their tiny house after a long day of off grid living. We should probably mention that you need to keep the Geyser plugged into a power source whilst its operating, so it will either need it’s own deep cycle battery or have to stay plugged in your car whilst the engine is on; shower quickly and save energy!

The Geyser camper shower is currently working it’s way up the Kickstarter ranks. $195 of your precious Earth dollars (around £148) will get you a Geyser camper shower and a replacement sponge sometime early next year (January 2019 fingers crossed). The retail price will be $100 dollars more than that when they officially come out so buy a bargain while you can!

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