This Pop Up Truck Camper Will Take You Anywhere Your Heart Desires

The pop up truck camper is becoming drastically more popular in the world of off grid living, not only are they suitable for driving around the city to get your groceries, they can also be modified to care for weekend adventures in the mountains with your pals.

If you’re new to EarthCruiser, these guys create some incredible off road vehicles that are near perfect in every way, if you’re willing to spend a bit of money on joining the van life culture that is. Their newest and smallest addition to the pack is this, the Earthcruiser GZL Pop Up Truck Camper. It’s a fully loaded expedition vehicle on the back of a stunning truck, built for micro adventures this thing looks like something that could compete with the mighty Overland Nissan Titan XD!pop up truck camper 3The main selling point about this pop up truck camper is not the fact it’s stunning and the interior looks like something out of a posh villa, but the fact that the actual camper on the back is removable and replaceable. That’s right, the great thing with trucks is that the back is completely customisable. For example, if you buy the GZL camper on the back, and want to sell the truck, you can do just that, and then (if you have medium to light truck beds) you can slide the camper onto a brand new truck! Magic!pop up truck camper 2Now lets take a peak at the exterior and interior. On the outside of this pop up truck camper you can see it features a pop up roof which allows space for you to stand, allowing 7ft of head space. It also features solar panels to power all of your van life essentials, a side awning that protects you from the elements and a couple of windows to peak into the wild.pop up truck camper interiorThe inside is where things get good. It’s created perfectly for everything to have a purpose, and each section can be folded and tucked away to maximise space in this beauty of a  pop up truck camper. Our favourite part? The queen sized bed, that’s right, a spacious bed for you to lay under the stars with your partner, and your adventure pup. It also has a en-suite shower, a portable toilet, a fully kitted out kitchen, fresh water tanks, a 6L water heater and a standard electrical system. This thing has everything.

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