The Best Renault Trafic Camper Has Its Own Cinema

The Renault Trafic Camper may not be the name you first think of when somebody says “camper van”, but the latest pimped van by a German conversion company called Kompanja, may change your mind. The van life movement is forever growing, and so are adventurers budgets. They want luxury details, leather seats and… an outdoor projector?

One of the surprising perks about this Renault Trafic Camper is that it can transform from a six man people carrier to an empty cargo van for stocking up on your van life essentials or (our favourite) a four-berth camper van, in the space of minutes! The pop top provides that all important standing space for when you’re cooking, cleaning, or washing inside the camper, and turns what would otherwise be a small space into a roomy mobile paradise.ย renault trafic camperThere’s a good reason the Renault Trafic Camper is used by these guys, and it’s not only because it looks stunning in grey, it’s because the starting price already has great add-ons like a 125BHP diesel engine, rear parking aid and two sliding windows at the back allowing you to see all of the incredible views when parked up. It’s the perfect starter vehicle to create a campervan conversion from and, as a well-known brand throughout Europe, you’re sure to be able to pick up suitable parts either from main dealers or aftermarket parts from sites such as eBay and Euro Car Parts.

Camper with fairy lights The Renault Trafic is naturally a very boxy van, and with this brings tonnes of space for storage, and extra space for conversion companies to play with. For example, the pop up camper roof is 20cm wider than your classic VW Camper, which for some could say is a large selling point, especially if you normally sleep two up top. The overal shape allows companies to maximise every nook and cranny, giving you more bang for your buck and a neat little camper that has more hidey holes than Doctor Who’s tardis.


So let’s take a look at the exterior. We instantly fell in love with the grey and black stealth camper van look, even the small extras are sticking to the colour scheme. We’ve already mentioned the sliding windows, but it also features a pop top, an awning (that’s also black), a freaking outdoor projector for outdoor movie nights, and an extendable storage system at the back which allows you to get to your stuff more efficiently. I like a camper van that makes accessing stored items easy for the user, and Kompanja have ticked all of the boxes with this conversion. And while the projector isn’t an essential part of off grid living, it is a mightily useful tool if you have little vandwellers along for the ride with you. What’s better than a night under the stars watching your favourite family movie after a long day on the trail?

Watching a film in the camper

Storage in the rear of the camper - slide out boxesNow let’s take a peak at the interior. One of the biggest selling points about this Renault Trafic Camper is that it’s completely customisable. One day you can be using it as a camper, the next a complete panel van ready to transport things for work. It’s incredibly crafted, but our favourite ‘mode’ has to be the camper setup. Each section has slide-outs which provide even more space for your top cooking accessories. If you’re into climbing or paddle boarding with your favourite StandOut Sport gear, then threse slide-out crates are perfect for quickly grabbing your kit before heading out on your adventures.

Renault Trafic InteriorAnother dope part about this camper is the seating area arrangement. Boring I know, but hear me out. It’s the place that you retreat to when it rains, when you’re in traffic (that’s cars on the motorway and not the Renault Traffic Camper…although I suppose that’s the same thing if you’re driving one in a traffic jam…), and when eating in the evening. The front two seats can flip around to create a seating area, to the side there’s storage and a removable dining table that can be extended when need to do your digital nomad work. Kompanja recognise the importance of living in nature, and while this camper has all of the neccessary ameneties to be able to live comfortably indoors, it certainly does a good job of promoting life in the great outdoors.

Interior shot - leather seats and a communal areaEverything just fits, and everything can extend, fold, transform into something useful, and then be stored away efficiently when not in use. Take the Renault Trafic Camper’s kitchen for example; it’s in the door. Why? Because who wants to cook inside? Since you can’t choose the weather it’s good to have a choice whether or not you cook in or out. And again, the kitchen slides out from the cabinet increasing cooking surface and it reveals the stove. Plus, when you’re cooking outside, the awning will protect you from the elements! Also, check out that cheeky book storage in the picture above – this thing a hoarders greatest friend.

Renault Trafic Exterior 2

In the same cooking area you also have a 35L refrigerator, allowing direct access to those cold beers when you’re outside and you have your water there too, allowing you to clean your dishes, your surf board or even your travel pet! If you’re thinking of travelling with a furry vanlifer on board, then check out our feature on van life with a dogย to get a feel of what it’s like.

Overall Kompanja have done a cracking job, and we’ve never seen a Renault Trafic Camper look so good. It’s a true family camper with plenty of space for four to live comfortably and lots of storage for all of your childrens toys and games inside. They’ve truly made this vehicle flexible for an every day person to use, be it using it for transporting large items to camping out with your friends at the weekend. This is a van for making lifelong memories in; it’s impressive, and we want one.

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