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Part of the reason we love living the van life so much is the fact that we have the ability to get out into the open at a moments notice. You don’t have to put a lot of thought and effort into planning to head out on an off grid adventure to a lake or mountain when you’re already parked up there from the night before, and with the whole world as your back garden, the possibilities for pursuing new hobbies and keeping fit at the same time are practically endless. Travelling in a van goes hand-in-hand with an outdoorsy lifestyle, especially if you enjoy wild camping and parking up in some of the best van life travel spots that the world has to offer. So if you want to stand out when it comes to epic van life accessories that you can use from the lakes to the ocean, you need to take a look at StandOut Sport.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your SUP needs, then you’ve found the right place.

StandOut Sport know what it means to live an adventurous lifestyle. Their business revolves around the ever-popular sport of stand up paddle boarding, which goes together with the van life movement like biscuits do with tea. If you’re new to British analogies, that means they go hand in hand. With over 25 years of paddle boarding experience under their belts, StandOut Sport concentrate on everything from making the perfect inflatable paddle boards for both consumers and racing professionals right through to comfortable, functional and fashionable clothing that complements life on the open water. Today, we’re going to take a look at their product range and check out what they have to offer!

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Paddle Board In Style With StandOut Sport SUP Wear!

Stand Up Paddle Board 11'6

What’s the use in parking next to beautiful lakes if you can’t get out on them? Your camper van can only take you so far, but a paddle board can give you a completely different view of your surroundings. They’re strong enough to do yoga and fishing out on the water, and they fold down small enough to fit underneath your bed or behind your front seat!

The first product we’re going to take a look at is this 11″6 Stand Up Paddle Board, perfect for everyone from first-time paddlers and families through to hardcore adventures who live for exploring the unknown. Now you might be thinking, ‘what makes this board so special?’ Well, a lot of thought has gone into this board behind the scenes to make it one of the most versatile products on the market, and you’ll be surprised just how much technology can fit into one inflatable paddle board!

Let’s start off with the overall shape. This StandOut Sport 11’6″ board has been built in a way that maximises stability and manoeuvrability. In short, it’s designed to keep you on top of the water rather than in it, which is something that you’re going to be glad of when the wind picks up and the water starts getting a little choppy. It’s streamline, which means that it’s going to go quick if you get some power behind it, but it’s just as stable as wider beginner boards, which makes this a great purchase if you’re serious about giving paddle boarding a try in the long term.

The board features a two-tone kick board with a high kick pad which has been specifically designed to give you maximum grip while standing upright and powering through those waves. This is a real nice touch that helps to create friction between your board and your feet even when wet, so there are no chances of slipping and sliding around uncontrollably even if you are a little soggy from cooling off in the water during a paddle. The kick pad is there to make quick and sharp turns, but I’d save that for after you’ve had a bit of practice.

I’ve been paddle boarding for a while now, and two positive things instantly stand out to me when I look at this board. One is the wide tail at the back of the board, a conscious design choose made by StandOut Sport that allows you to turn your board around easily while moving. The second is the overall build of the board itself. It’s made using something called MSL Fusion technology which makes for one of the lightest yet stiffest boards that you can buy.

Let me break down why this is so important. If you’re a surfer, then you want a strong and sturdy board to be able to jump up onto while you’re out catching waves. Now, surfboards are solid and not inflatable, so there’s no chance of them bending when you put your weight on them. You want your SUP to follow the same principle; the sturdier your board, the more time you’ll actually spend on it. The rock solid construction of this StandOut Sport paddle board allows for two adults to be on one paddle board at the same time without any dipping or bending what-so-ever. It can carry people up to 100KG, all while being 2kg lighter than regular double layer boards. In short, this is one kick-ass bit of gear.

What Else Do These Boards Come With?

StandOut Paddle Boards come with everything that you need to get out on the water straight away, all packaged neatly into a carry case that is small enough to fit on an aeroplane as hold luggage and comes with wheels for moving around. Now you can take your favourite SUP with you and avoid high rental prices at the world’s top resorts!

Each SUP comes with a three-piece aluminium paddle, a ‘toolless’ fin that slots in and out without any removable parts, and a pump that houses a pressure gauge so that you can hit that inflatable sweet spot. You’ll also get a valve repair kit and extra patches for the side of your SUP should you get any nicks or tears, a safety leash to strap you to your board, and a shoulder strap for carrying your board hands free when you’re heading down to the water. Pretty neat, right!

What Other Paddle Boards Do StandOut Sport Sell?

While the 11.6 board that we picked above is the best all-round board, StandOut Sport cover everyone from complete beginners to professionals that treat paddle boarding as a way of life and not just a summer sport. The 10’6″ Paddle Board (left) is perfect for family use, kids who want to learn, or for beginners who just want to have a leisurely stroll down a calm river once in a while. The 12’6″ Paddle Board (right) is custom-built for professionals who have a need for speed and live for life on the waves. It’s narrow, it’s strong, and it’s faster than a speeding bullet, which makes it perfect for races, training, and touring.

StandOut Sport Make The Coolest SUP Wear On The Planet!

Stand Up Paddle Board 12'6

Getting the right board is only the start of the adventure, and if you’re serious about SUP, then you need to get the right gear to go with it. Unlike other paddle board companies, StandOut Sport make durable clothing to go with their boards. They understand that paddle boarding isn’t just something for the summer months and that you can get enjoyment out of your board all year round. We’ve been taking a look at their range of Airprene and Dry Suit products and finding out which ones would best suit vanlifers living in a van full time.

AIR Long John – Mens

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that will dry quickly in your camper without the aid of external heating sources or a roaring coal fire, then this AIR Long John will do the trick. It’s armless, giving you complete freedom to move your arms when paddling, and the 1.5mm Airprene will allow air to get to your torso and stop you from overheating. Neoprene bellow the knees will keep your legs warm as you walk into the water, and a small pocket in the mid-riff is perfect for keeping your keys safe while out on the water.

AIR Long Shirt – Unisex

If you’re looking for full protection from the elements while still staying cool on the water, then the AIR Long Shirt will do the trick. Extra-stretchy lycra provides flexibility while moving your paddle, making this the perfect bit of gear for cooler summers or autumnal paddles. The Air Long Shirt goes hand in hand with either the AIR Long Pants or the AIR Long Shorts, both of which come in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

UV Shirt – Womens

StandOut Sport make a range of UV shirts for Women designed to keep you protected from the sun while out on the water. With a UV protection of 30+ and an anti-bacterial lining to prevent odour build-ups on the hottest of days. These come in white/dark ‘wave’ and ‘flower’ patterns! Check out the full range here.

SUP Dry Suit Race II

If you’re thinking about heading to much colder climates with your StandOut Sport SUP, then the chances are you’re going to need a Dry Suit to go over your warm winter gear. Apart from looking cool and funky fresh, this Dry Suit is made from breathable and windproof three-layer material that will keep the most adventurous paddleboards warm and dry in adverse conditions. It’s 100% waterproof thanks to the welded seams, a neoprene collar, and cuffs on the arms and legs.

You can attach a hood to this suit for extra protection to your head while out in the ocean, and the position of the zipper around the hips means that the wearer’s movement is not hindered in any way. The whole thing weighs less than a kilogram and packs down small enough to fit into your bulkhead or under your bed. The vibrant colours will attract the attention of any rescue parties, and there’s a space for your Resttube built into the suit itself in case you need to be pulled out of the water swiftly.

StandUp Warm Feet Boots

With these 7mm Neoprene shoes on your feet, there really is no excuse not to get out on the water even if it’s snowing outside. The quick-drying thermal lining ensures your feet stay warm and dry even when wet. Water drains to the inner lining and away from your feet, and the reinforced toe sections protect your little-digits from any unwanted bumps or scrapes from rocks.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your SUP needs, then you’ve found the right place. StandOut Sport have everything to get you kitted out and ready for the water all under one roof, with affordable products no matter what your level of skill or expertise in paddle boarding. It’s rare to find a company that cover both boards and gear on the same site, but the team know what it takes to be successful on the water and have put their heart and soul into this company. We love the range of products that they have on sale, and will be testing some out over the coming months. Stay tuned for more StandOut Sport content, but for now, head over to their website for more details!

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