Outdoorsy Is The Air BNB Of RVs and Campervans

What drives vandwellers and off grid adventure lovers to head out into the unknown and explore? Is it the thrill of travelling in a van, heading down dusty highways and ticking off some of life’s top road trips; or perhaps living the van life has become the new American Dream? Whatever the case, Van Life is here to stay, and for all of our Van Lifers and Weekend Warriors out there, we’ve found an excellent way for you to make a little bit of extra cash when your tiny home is not in use. Say hello to Outdoorsy, the AIRBNB of the camper conversion world. 

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Why Outdoorsy Is The Best Place To Rent Out Your RV or Campervan

“Wait; why would I want to rent out my camper?” I hear you ask. Well, I could give you 30’000 reasons why, but first, I’ll start by telling you a little bit more about our friends over at Outdoorsy and throw some interesting facts your way. If you’re one of our American readers then you might already know that over 10 million of your friends, neighbours and co-workers own a recreational vehicle; that’s a lot of tiny homes travelling up and down the country! There is no better feeling than taking your prized motorhome out into the world and living your life off the beaten track, but sometimes circumstances prevent you from holidaying as often as you might like. 

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Not everyone lives the life of a digital nomad, and too often we see campervan conversions and Luxury RV’s parked up on driveways dreaming about feeling the wind on their bonnets. If you own a camper then you already know the thrill of the journey and what tiny house life is all about; wouldn’t it be nice if you could share those feelings with somebody else. Well, you can with Outdoorsy. 

Outdoorsy is to the van life world what Air BNB is to the city-break world. If you’re interested in living off the grid or just want a cheaper way of exploring a country, then you can choose from a wide range of campers in cities near you or rent from an owner in the country that you are travelling to. If you own a camper, then you can put your beloved RV or camper conversion out to the Outdoorsy community and let people from all over the country experience your handiwork and keep your van from slowly slipping into what we like to call the ‘driveway doldrums’. If you’re interested in renting out your camper, there is more info here.

What Are The Benefits For Me As An Owner?

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Remember I told you that I had 30’000 reasons why Outdoorsy was the best place to rent out your RV or Campervan? Well, your free listing can earn you up to $30K a year depending on how many rentals you get; we had your curiosity, but now we have your attention (If you haven’t got the Tarantino quotes by now then there’s no hope for either of us, so let’s continue).

Yes, you can earn up to $30K a year from renting out your home-on-wheels to alternative living enthusiasts around the globe, and Outdoorsy provide you with a platform with complete control to chose who takes your vehicle out on the road. Renters have to sign up and are vetted by both Outdoorsy and yourself, and ultimately you have the final say as to whether you take a booking or not. It’s completely safe and secure, and money is wired straight into your bank via direct debit 24 hours after your RV has been rented. Now you don’t have to worry about cheques bouncing or the whole ‘I left my wallet at home’ scenario. With Outdoorsy, you set the rates and when your vehicle is available for rental, giving you plenty of time to set aside for your own holidays and outbound living experiences. 

Would I Be Insured, And How Do I Know That I Can Trust The Outdoorsy Renters?

It’s a valid question considering you’re letting a complete stranger take your pride and joy away with you (we’re talking about your camper, not your partner…although in some cases they might be the same thing. Anyway, I digress). Well, the good news is that Outdoorsy have Van Life Insurance covered, and provide $1 Million Liability and $250,000 Comprehensive and Collision Insurance for all owners for free! If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, then I don’t know what will! 

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Outdoorsy work with some of the biggest accident insurers on the planet and their coverage stretches all over the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Add that to the fact that they have an award-winning response time and a call centre that’s open 24/7 and you’ve got yourself a winning formula!

You might have vetted your renters, checked them over for any hidden driving license points, taken them through a 10 part safety quiz and made them re-read the highway code, but you still can’t prepare for every eventuality once your RV leaves the parking spot. Luckily Outdoorsy can, and they cover for the following; Power Surge, Stolen RV (let hope you don’t have to claim on this one!), Backup Accidents, Vandalism, Fires, Fallen Trees, Hailstorms, Animal Impact, Earthquakes and Windstorms. 

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Driver Checklist

Outdoorsy doesn’t just let any Tom, Dick, or Harry rent out vehicles you know (who do you think they are!). All drivers have to go through a DMV check before they are allowed to rent vehicles. It only takes a couple of seconds, but behind the scenes, your details are being checked to make sure that you have a squeaky-clean and valid driving license. The bad news for any younger camping enthusiasts is that you have to be 25 to rent out an RV, so if you’re reading this and happen to be under 25 then go out and do a bit of backpacking and come back in a few years. 

Is Outdoorsy Only Available In America?

No, it’s not. In fact, you can pretty much rent and/or rent out vehicles anywhere in the world. We had a little look at random places in England and throughout Europe and everyone is getting a piece of the Outdoorsy action. You can choose whether to look at rental prices in Pounds; US Dollars; Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian Dollars; and Euros.

If you’re applying with an international driving license, then applications can take up to 24 hours to complete, but it’s a small time to wait to be let into the exclusive Outdoorsy club of worldwide camper rentals. 

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What about Renters; What’s In It For Us?

Well, apart from being able to see parts of the world for much cheaper and not having to be confined to one space, you get to experience the freedom of the open road without having to go through the rigmarole of buying or building your own camper. You might be a seasoned van life expert, or perhaps you wouldn’t have a clue what the best van to live in would be when faced with a whole website that’s basically the holy bible of the modified camper world.

As well as being wholly insured for any accidents on the road and having access to the 24/7 helpline should you get stuck or need some advice on the go, you also get to pick from a pool of vehicles that are as quirky and as individual as you are. Have you always wanted to get a classic VW and drive towards a sunset, or maybe rent out a luxury RV with a shower and en-suite bathroom to boot? Outdoorsy has all of this and more, and the best bit is you don’t have to your end location; you can fly to the country or state that you’re planning on visiting and then meet the owner there. Then it’s just a case of picking which parts of the world that you want to see and putting the pedal down!

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But I Don’t Know The First Thing About Looking After A Motorhome. What Happens If I Break Down?

Outdoorsy has you covered here too! Breakdowns are a royal pain in the behind, especially when it’s raining and blowing a gale. Luckily breaking down in a camper still means you’ve got a house to chill out in and make a cup of tea, but no one want’s to spend a holiday at the side of the motorway covered in grease. Outdoorsy has you and your vehicle covered, providing Roadside Assistance 24/7 for an extra $15 a day. This cost might seem steep if you’re mechanically minded and know your way around an engine, but it’s a small price to pay when you’re looking after somebody else vehicle and driving a camper that’s unfamiliar. 

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Final Thoughts…

It all seems pretty foolproof to me, and I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t give Outdoorsy a try. Make money when you’re not using your camper; why wouldn’t you? It’s a perfect way to earn a bit of extra cash through a safe and secure system, and the amount of control that you get over who takes your vehicle is very reassuring. Inexperienced drivers have a safety blanket of 24/7 assistance, and you’re covered for just about every occurrence imaginable if something goes wrong. 

It’s also a solid platform to rent a van from too, and a great way to test out a few different styles of van if you’re thinking about living in a van full time; it’s kind of like a try before you buy thing, and a chance to see if you can cope with tiny living. The website is easy to navigate, and it all just works. If you read my articles regularly, then you’ll know that I don’t often give that accolade to many products or services, but Outdoorsy has me convinced. (Now all we need to do is take one of these vehicles out for a spin and live the experience first hand.)

If you want to give Outdoorsy a try (and I suggest that you do) then you can check them out by visiting their website; what have you got to lose!

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