This Tent Hammock Is Revolutionising The Camping World

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that we love campers and trailers here at Van Clan, but it’s not what we’d call an exclusive relationship. In fact, whenever we get chance we like to get out into the wilderness and do some old school camping, making fires from twigs and whipping up tasty meals with some top cooking accessories. With that in mind, we want to share a new amazing tent hammock that we’ve found whilst trawling the internet. Meet the flying tent® – a four in one camping legend.

Rule The Campground With The Flying Tent

Tent Hammock - Flying Tent

So a few of you might be wondering what a tent hammock is. Well, for those of you that don’t like sleeping on tree roots or the thought of creepy crawlies scarring up your trouser legs, a tent hammock could revolutionise your camping experience. It hangs from two trees, leaving you to slump back into the comfortable fabric and let the stress and tension fall out of your muscles and mind.

Tent Hammock - Hammock

You can take the flying tent® on a short weekend trip to a friends house or on a long jungle adventure whilst living off the grid. The best thing about this tent hammock is that it’s actually 4 products in one (no I’m serious it really is!) You can use it as a hammock that hangs over the ground, but it can also be used as a bivi tent on the ground too. Now you can pitch your tent hammock in any terrain that you find; from forest glades to babbling brooks, if you can get next to or over it then you’ve got a safe and dry camp spot for any time of day. This should definitely be on your list of top van life essentials!

Tent Hammock - River

But That’s Only Two Things…What Else Can This Tent Hammock Do?

You can also use the tent hammock as a standard hammock, and the best bit is that the whole thing can be worn as a rain poncho too, which will definitely come in handy for UK Van Life. Now you can literally take your bed with you everywhere you go! (Now all you need is some cosy vanlife socks to go with it!) An integrated mesh net keeps mosquitos, flying beasties and midges away from, leaving you to eat in peace and not be eaten!

Tent Hammock - 4 in 1

The flying tent tent is lightweight, durable and easy to pack away, making it the best companion that a traveller or adventurer could ever need. It can easily attach onto or fit into a back pack without dragging you down, and can be held in place by stones on the ground or sturdy trees if you want to get up high.

Tent Hammock - Poncho

What Is The Flying Tent Made Of?

The flying tent® uses Duraflex® hooks and clippers, so you know that the connections that you make will be strong and adventure proof. The tent hammock itself is fused with DWR silicone finish to make the flying tent® totally waterproof, and double taped seams mean that you won’t get any leaks coming on whilst you’re on the ground either. The hammock also has a windshield that’s made up from windproof and tear proof fabric to protect you whilst you’re chilling and reading van life stories.

Tent Hammock - Relaxing

Where Can I Get My Own Tent Hammock?

We love this bit of ingenious kit, and we can totally see it changing the way that people camp forever. Not only does it cut down the amount of gear that you need to take on the road, it also makes you think about different camp spots and opens up new off grid living possibilities for your next adventure. Visit flying tent® by clicking on the buy link below to get your own tent hammock!


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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife


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