The Terradrop Is The Perfect Partner For Your Off-Road Camper

So you have your perfect camper but you need some extra space, either for your gear, yourself or family members that you wish to bring along on your adventures. You can’t sale your camper because you’re attached to it, almost like a loved one, but what you can do with that loved one is buy it a new best friend, and that best friend is the TerradropTerradropOregon Trailer who created this monstrosity wanted to provide it’s customers with an all new, all terrain trailer that can not only take a beating and look bad ass, but also give lots of extra space to it’s fellow adventure addicts.

They’ve taken the design very much from a small space ship pod, with it’s metallic silver paint job, tiny pod doors which look incredible and huge off-road wheels that look like they could of came from Mars. Terradrop TrailerThe Terradrop comes in at 1200lbs which is slightly lighter than trailers at that same size. Up to 15% of its weight is distributed to the tongue of the trailer giving you complete control when rolling down those rocky routes. To give you a sense of scale, it comes in at 5 ft wide, 4 ft tall, 8 ft long, it’s not too big, but enough to give you everything you need in a compact, modern package.

Terradrop Interior

Interior wise it’s pretty basic. You have a double bed, some nice storage compartments, an electric fan for when things get steamy in the wild and large blacked out windows. Towards the back you have tonnes of space for your outdoors equipment, a mini kitchenette, or a mini bar, remember your adventure trailer your rules.

The Terradrop will knock you back $15,000 for the basic version, but the company will happily customise it your needs if needed. What do you think? Are you liking the build? Be sure to send your comment over to us @vanclans on Twitter!

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