Happier Camper Traveller Is The Most Adaptive Trailer Of 2023

When it comes to exploring the world in a tiny trailer, nothing beats hitting the open road in the Happier Camper Traveller. We’ve covered so many trailers here at Van Clan over the years (we could probably start ‘Trailer Tribe’ with all of the info that we have stored away!) and few have impressed us as much as the small travel trailers that the ingenious minds over at Happier Camper create. They take everything that is wrong with the common-old-garden caravan and throw it into the nearest river, opting instead to make super-sleek towable tiny homes that more than withstand the test of time. 

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You might have seen the cosy HC1 camper on our list of the best small campers, a lightweight tiny house that looks like the lovechild of a Volkswagen Bus Camper and a vintage camper trailer. The Happier Camper Traveller has all of the same cool curves and quirky features as its younger sister but on a much bigger scale. From the porthole window to the custom exterior decals, this things is just as at home in the middle of the wilderness is at is on the finely-crafted feed of your Van Life Instagram account. Heads will turn and mouths will drop as you cruise along with the Traveller behind you, but don’t just take my word for it. Let’s check out what this little beast can do and find out what why it’s making such a buzz on the trailer life scene!

The Happier Camper Traveller  – Luxury Redefined

Happier Camper Traveller - camper being pulled by a white SUV

Here it is in all its glory, folks; the Happier Camper Traveller. First impressions always count for a lot, and the Traveller certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s large enough to fit a couple or a small family in comfortably while living off grid, it has all of the key van life essentials that you might need for life on the road, and it has been designed with flexibility and the ever-changing needs of its customers in mind. 

Let’s talk stats. The Happier Camper Traveller weighs in at under 2,500lbs fully loaded. That means that you should be able to pull this travel trailer with a mid-sized family car or SUV, and that you won’t need to own an off road bus or monster camper to take it to some of the best travel spots around the world. This trailer is insulated for use the entire year round too, so you won’t have to keep checking the weather forecast to make sure that there’s a hot spell coming up before deciding to plan an off grid adventure

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If you’re not used to boiling up a kettle for hot water to wash your pots and top cooking accessories with, then you will be pleased to know that this off grid trailer comes with hot water and a heater as standard. That’s two of your home comforts ticked off the list already, and we haven’t even started on the interior yet! 

Let’s get back to the exterior before we get too carried away. The overall length of the camper (hook up bar included) is 17’, with a shell length of 14’ (that’s the living area part). The Trailer is 8’ tall, so even though I’ve been calling it a tiny home, it’s actually high enough for even the tallest vandwellers (or trailer dwellers if we’re going to be specific) to hang out in without feeling cramped. The bed width stands at 6.5’, and with 5 panoramic windows, you certainly aren’t going to get cabin fever any time soon. 

What Else Is On The Outside?

Happier Camper Traveller - couple sitting on the removable seating cubes

One of the features that we like the most about the Happier Camper Traveller is the cabin galley style door that you use to enter the living space, especially with the porthole window in the upper half. There’s an awning to create shade in the summer or keep off the rain in the autumn (or spring, summer, and winter if you live in the U.K), and the trailer itself has all of the usual lights that you would expect to find on off road trailer. The trailer hook up bar is where you’ll find space to store your gas canister, freeing up room inside the living area and giving you peace of mind that it’s away from your sleeping quarters should a leak occur. 

The main body of the Happier Camper Traveller is built from a fibreglass double hull shell, and all of the components that you will find inside are hand made to the highest specification. Unlike other DIY camper conversions that use wood or metal, the fibreglass in each and every Traveller trailer won’t expand or contract in extreme temperature changes, making it a sure investment for anyone who’s looking for a camper that can take the strain of their hi-octane, adventurous lifestyle. 

Happier Camper Traveller in a meadow

Every Traveller is solar-ready, so if you’re planning on a long stint of off grid living and want to stay away from overcrowded campsites for as long as possible, then you can include a solar panel in your set up and become 100% self-sufficient. And because the Happier Camper Traveller is so lightweight, it’s not going to guzzle up all of your car’s fuel before you get to your final destination. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! If you do prefer bedding down in your local National Park for a long weekend, then all of the usual power outlets can be found on the outer shell too. 

What’s Inside The Happier Camper Traveller?

The inside of the Happier Camper Traveller has the same level of style that we have come to expect from other models in the range. The kitchenette has plenty of storage as well as a dual burner/sink combo and provides access to all of the battery monitoring systems and heater controls. They say the kitchen is the central hub of the household, and that’s definitely true in this trailer.

You can kick back on the sofa/bed area with a good book and take advantage of the in-laid mood lighting on the underside of the wrap-around shelving, another great place to store all of your camping paraphernalia, drones, games, and more. The optional air-conditioning unit can keep you nice and cool in hotter climates, and all of the panoramic windows can be opened to let the breath of the wild into your travelling home (shout out to all of the Nintendo Switch fans out there). 

Happier Camper Traveller - looking out of the galley door at the scenery

Does The Happier Camper Traveller Have Any Tricks Hidden Up Its Sleeves?

What an odd question, but I’m glad that you asked (otherwise I wouldn’t have had a link to this next section). The Traveller, along with other models in the Happier Camper range, boasts something called an Adaptiv™ Floorplan. Let’s explain what this means in greater detail.

The floor plan of the Happier Camper Traveller is designed to be changeable at a moments notice. You don’t need a degree in carpentry or a bucket full of spanners to do it either; it’s simple, and can be done in minutes rather than hours. This allows you to turn your cosy travelling trailer into an office space or a dining area on the go, and the super-strong but lightweight honeycomb floor grid can accommodate a whole host of layouts no matter where you are.

All of the pieces of furniture in the Happier Camper Traveller can be moved and rearranged. You can even take them out and use them in the great outdoors too. Now you won’t have to mess around trying to find the picnic blanket; just unhook a couple of seating cubes and carry them out into the sun. Sorted!

Happier Camper Traveller - montage of kitchen photos showing the interior

Final Thoughts…

It’s no secret that we’re not massive fans of ‘the caravan’, but this is as far from the type of thing that you might see rotting on your grandparent’s drive than you can possibly get. Everything about the Happier Camper Traveller is built for our kind of lifestyle; fast-paced, uncertain, and constantly on the go. Sometimes we might need a mobile video editing suite, and the next day we might need a comfortable place to entertain clients. The Traveller is perfect for any digital nomad types like us who need multiple setups under one roof, and the ease and functionality that it provides make it a top contender for the coveted Van Clan ‘Trailer Of The Year Award’ (though you’ll have to wait until December 2020 to find out who takes the top spot!). 

We’re big fans of the vintage trailer vibe that surrounds the Traveller trailer and really dig that porthole window. The fibreglass construction also makes it incredibly easy to modify should you wish to later down the line; why not cut a hole in the roof and add a wood-burning stove into the equation? The Adaptiv™ Floorplan is a very nice touch and takes this camper way past the ‘occasional use’ category and on into ‘long term travel’ terrain. We can imagine living out of one of these full time; it’s about as big as our Vauxhall Movano on the inside, and a heck of a lot more adaptable!

Prices will change depending on what features and optional extras you would like to include in your build, so head on over to the Happier Camper website to get a quote on your very own custom Traveller!

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