Top 10 Best Camper Trailers Of 2023

Camper trailers are an increasingly popular way to get rolling with the van life. After all, they’re a great way to get a tonne of space where you can rest, eat, and wash–without splashing the cash for an expensive campervan conversion.

So we’ve put together a list of our top 10 camper trailers of 2020. Our goal is to help you see what’s out there, and hopefully make an easier decision over which best matches your lifestyle and budget.

The Top Camper Trailers to Kickstart Your Life on the Road

This list goes in no particular order, nor does it stick to any kind of budget or size. Just the same, we made sure to chuck in a number of affordable small travel trailers in here too!

Without further ado, we present to you the ten best camper trailers as of 2020:

1. Escapod Teardrop Trailer

camper trailers

Escapod is a company based in Utah, USA with a reputation for creating high end, modern looking teardrop trailers. The one we are looking at today is their Topo series, weighing in at $17,000 and 750kg.

It comes with a tonne of goodies such as insulated walls, solar panels, queen size bed, and any other van life essentials. The roof racks also let you mount stuff like Rinsekit showers and rooftop tents for even more utility.

escapod camper trailer door

While it is a smaller trailer, the Escapod can still fit two people comfortably when living off the grid. On the inside, you have some storage, internal lighting and places to charge your outdoor tech.

The external design of this camper trailer is superb, and you can customise the colours to your liking. (They have a black and green version which we particularly love.)

Whichever you chose, your Escapod comes with off-road tyres, a hot water system and a large cooking area towards the back. This is perfect to cook vanlife recipes easily with your travel buddy!

escapod exterior camper trailers

Without a doubt, this is one of the best camper trailers in this price range. And with a weight of 750kg it’s not all that heavy–most vehicles can tow it easily.

The only downfall for us is that the cooking area looks a little plain. But with a bit of TLC and a touch of creativity, this place will be jazzy in no time.

2. Bruder EXP 6 Camper

camper trailers bruder

The Australians know how to make a trailer! This is the Bruder 4X4 Expedition camper trailer, built going off grid in style. The EXP 6 is a $70,000 monster trailer, weighing almost 2,000kg with a total length of 6.2 metres. 

It can sleep 6 people, features a working shower, a pop top roof, an outdoor and indoor cooking area. Plus, did I mention it looks like something out of Star Wars?

camper trailers bruder interior

But who is this camper trailer built for? Firstly, someone with a very big vehicle and secondly someone who wants to go off the beaten track with a private jet like trailer. It keeps your wine chilled, your feet warm, and your butts clean.

It features air con, a TV, built in wi-fi, a pretty big fridge, a queen sized bed and a better cooking area than I currently have in my own flat. (To be fair, that’s not hard to beat.) But the kitchen can fold out into the outdoors, allowing you to cook burgers outside too!

bruder camper trailers

This space ship-looking camper trailer is also 4X4 capable. With off-road tyres and suspension built by Optimus Prime himself. This thing can go anywhere your vehicle can. And that’s not exaggerating, the Bruder team has put this to the test, which you can see for yourself in the video at the top of this article.

3. Sherpa Camper

sherpa camper trailer

Here we have another Australian trailer by BRS Offroad, and this one is called the Sherpa Trailer, another crazy looking trailer with a bunch of features.

The Sherpa comes in at $66,000, and weighs 1600kg. One of the best things about this trailer is that you can fully set up in 2 minutes, because it’s one of those fancy pop up campers. The rooftop tent just pops up, the bat-wing awning swings around and the shower can just fold out, ready for to clean on the go!

camper trailers sherpa open

The camper trailers from Sherpa not only have mosquito-proof netting and resilient outlining. There’s also 3 windows, one with a rain stopper, allowing you to open it up, and feel the full force of all elements when you please.

It can sleep a whole family, meaning it’s the perfect addition to the pack if you’re looking for a high budget camper trailer. With all of its fancy add-ons, you can truly experience the outdoors with comfortability and relaxation.

camper trailers sherpa exterior

Again, this is another off-grid trailer, one that can tackle anything you can throw at it. With a high lift allowing to slide over rocks and off road tyres for extra traction through the mud. We love the bat wing awning, it-s space craft-looking design and high tech cooking area.

But, the price tag is a hefty one, we’ll give it that!

4. Timberleaf Pika

camper trailers timberleaf pika

Timberleaf caught our eye with the Pika, a minimalist’s dream trailer. Built with the basics but on top of a high end, durable frame. We really dig their black one, but it also comes in a number of different colours.

It’s compact, affordable coming in at just $11,000 and it weighs just 450KG making it towable by most vehicles. Stylish and simple–we dig it.

camper trailers timberleaf

Similar to the Escapod Trailer, it’s a smart pick for those of you who want something light. It comes with a roof rack, allowing you to add extras should you want them.

But Timberleaf has a reason for keeping it shy of accessories. They wanted to keep it under $15,000 which they have done.

Nevertheless, this camper trailer has still kept some of your digital nomad must-haves. For example, it comes with a decent power centre, allowing you to manage your 110V and 12V electronics.

camper trailers pika

At the back you have the chill-and-cooking zone. This is quite nice though a bit simple just like the Escapod; but we can deal seeing as the price tag is $5,000 less.

Storage also comes in the form of some galley cabinets. With sliding doors, allowing access to your top cooking accessories and there’s also a 35L fridge for you to store food or beer (depending on which you prefer to carry in a survival situation). There’s also a hatch with gas props so that you can access the inside with extra storage and an outdoor cooking space.

5. Pioneer Campers

pioneer camper trailers

The Mitchell Trailer from Pioneer Campers is yet another modern-looking trailer. It’s priced at $50,000 and weighs 1300kg.

What we like about this is that everything slides out. Your kitchen, your storage, everything; it all comes together to allow a true experience of the outdoors. And, it comes with a built in tent and a shower so you can go off grid with the whole family. 

mitchell camper trailers

The Mitchell camper trailers comes equipped with a stainless steel rollout kitchen, with a large flat bench, a sink, swing-away two-burner stove, cutlery drawer as well as a slide out bench/drawer as standard. Clean water is pumped from the huge 120 litre water tank, and there’s a standard pantry and large 600 litre fridge storage box right next to the kitchen ready to be filled with beers and burgers.

Open the pop up roof for more head room, and relax on the queen-sized inner sprung mattress with your partner and/or pets if you’re doing van life with a dog! All your necessities are at hand in a large dual compartment bed head storage, and is now accessible from the outside for convenient pre trip packing.

camper trailers mitchell

Pioneer Campers have really done their maths with their camper trailers. Everything is precise, and every inch is used to the Mitchell’s advantage. If you remember playing with Lego as a kid, this is like the adult version in trailer form. 

6. Airstream Basecamp

camper trailer basecamp

If the last few trailers have been a bit over the top, then the Airstream Basecamp trailer might be for you. The Airstream is a classic, one that you know will last for years; one that’s built with reliability in mind.

The Basecamp is modern, has an incredible exterior and comes with the latest gadgets and gizmos. It doesn’t come cheap, as expected (around $38,000) and weighs 1100kg. But, you are getting the latest Airstream on the block for your investment, so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

The Airstream camper trailers have bathrooms with a toilet. A shower with a pull off head and a clothes line to dry your washing. It’s also got blackout curtains in the bedroom and galley allowing you to “work” in private. As well as a two-burner hob in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats.

It’s a small trailer, not one that fits the whole family, but one that can fit a couple and their pets perfectly. One of the best bits is that it has over 126 inches of storage space, making it great for surfboards, skateboards, or camera gear for you Instagrammers out there.

(Insert shameless plug to go follow us on Instagram for the best van life feed around.)

The main reason you’d look at picking up one of these Basecamp trailers is for their durability. These things last forever, and are built by leading experts in the industry who know what they are doing. The interior looks like an expensive apartment, and you get to rock that cool new Airstream smell.

Just make sure your vehicle can tow this weight, as it’s quite heavy. Though, it’s not one of the biggest camper trailers despite the weight. So we advise doing a little more research if you want more space for your buck!

7. Blackseries HQ17 & 19 Trailer

camper trailers black series

The Blackseries HQ19 has to be one of the craziest camper trailers we’ve seen in a while. Of course, it’s made by the Ozzies again, but you have to see it for yourself. This is what I call a land yacht, it has the interior of a private jet and the exterior of an X-Wing.

With an external kitchen, a full sized toilet and shower, a king-sized bed and leather seating you really do feel like you’re in a 5 star hotel. It has a $50,000 price tag and weighs a whopping 2,700kg.

You read that correctly yes: 2,700kg of premium trailer. It’s technically an apartment on wheels. Black Series have gone all in with this, and it’s something either a celebrity or a wealthy person would buy.

Attached to this land yacht is some high end over-landing equipment, helping you tackle any terrain you chuck at these camper trailers. It comes with high-grade suspension and off road tyres, meaning if you like to do some rock crawling, you might as well bring your home with you. Just make sure to put away the glassware first.

We should also mention this is one of the first camper trailers we’ve seen that features a washing machine. Meaning the days of washing your clothes in the sink on the go is over. Now you can simply chuck them in, press a button and boom, clean!

Black Series are really pushing the boundaries of what camper trailers can do. Just make sure you have a vehicle that can tow a small tank.

8. Oregon Camper Do Drop

oregon camper trailers exterior side

Finally an affordable one. This is the DoDrop a $6,200 trailer that’s simple, lightweight and has a clean minimal design. If you don’t have a large tow vehicle then this little fella is perfect as it can fit on the back of most vehicles. It only weighs 250kg, making it one of the lightest camper trailers on this list!

It comes with a double bed, off road tyres and some storage, but no external cooking area. Our favourite part is the well designed windows which turn into a table.

The Oregon Trailer team built this with the budget explorer in mind. And although it comes with minimal facilities, we really, really like it. It looks mean, has a roof rack for adding portable showers, extra storage and more. Plus, there’s a comfortable bed and storage area that is perfect for getting comfy.

You don’t need to spend big bucks to get off the grid with these camper trailers. And, being under $10,000 is a great way to test the lifestyle and see if it’s what you are after. There’s no need to jump in the deep end.

If you want to shower, attach a portable Rinsekit or Helio Shower Bag to the top. If you want to eat, bring a camping stove and chuck it on the outside table when you need to cook. It’s a very simple setup, and one that we’re quite fond of.

Apparently, the less you have, the happier you’ll be, so maybe the Oregon camper trailers fits that motto perfectly.

9. Conqueror UEV

camper trailers conqueror

The Conqueror UEV 490 is an off grid safari trailer built in North America. Appropriately for its imperialistic namesake, it has been imported all around the world, tearing up the terrain in Africa, Australia and South America.

The 490 is built for living off the grid in comfort, with great views, outdoor cooking and cleaning areas plus space to sleep four people. It’s heavy coming in at 1,500kg, and the $55,000 price tag might hurt your bank account too.

The Conqueror camper trailers really go into the small details; everything has a reason to be there. There’s an attachment for whatever you want, and it all screams Outback. Bits fold out, bits zip up, things attach to each other in order to make a certain job easier. The team have really planned this one out.

It’s one extremely durable camper trailer. Most of it is made out of metal, as you can probably tell by the weight. But this makes going off grid that little bit safer. Nobody wants a rhino coming through their wooden trailer, and thats what the Conqueror has probably taken into consideration.

It might not have the strongest suspension out of our list but these camper trailers can take a lot of hits. Even with its small lift, it looks great, performs great and it’s aimed at someone that likes to live in their trailer for a long period of time.

The Conqueror is no ordinary weekend trailer, this is an over-landing monster for the mad.

10. American Dream Trailer

Have you ever seen a trailer that uses its roof as a boat? Well, now you have! Meet the American Dream Trailer a $12,000 trailer that holds a boat, a cinema and a queen sized bed. This has to be the cutest trailer around, as it has that unique retro look to it, complete with cheesy fenders!

It can be towed by most vehicles as it only weighs 300kg. And it comes with a few neat features like a boat, an internal projector plus a custom design should you ask for it. Just imagine this behind a vintage VW bus, perfection!

These camper trailers isn’t for everyone; we’ll admit that it’s targeted at a very niche audience. But nonetheless, it’s an incredible trailer that we couldn’t not feature. Its retro design comes partnered with an adorable paddle boat that simply unclips, and slides off the roof.

They fail to mention that it’s probably a two-man job, but we’ll let that slide… It also lacks windows and any kind of real outdoor features, but when you get inside it’s awfully cute.

The team have kept their adorable, retro look with the interior too, adding some storage space, a boot at the back that opens up to a view, and a mattress that can fold into a little sofa, ready for those movie nights.

And yes, as mentioned in the intro to this camper trailer, it comes with a small projector inside. You prop up the included white backboard, and stream movies directly off your laptop onto a 50″ screen. Now that sounds like a cute date night!

Ah… the open road, then movies, boating and snacks. Sign us up!


So there you have it, there’s our top 10 camper trailers of 2020, starting from as little as $6,000 all the way up to a mighty $70,000. If you have any questions feel free to message us on twitter and be sure to check out our top 10 campervans video below!
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