Meet The All Terrain Camper Van That Can Take You Anywhere

Some people like to tootle down to the campsite with a cool box full of sausages and the Friends DVD boxset for a weekend living off the grid, using their top cooking accessories and being an all round tiny house hero. Others, however, like to strap their van life essentials to their bodies and hit the open road like a bat out of hell, searching the globe for new and exciting wonders that they can conquer and take pictures of to show their dog. If you’re one of those type of people then this all terrain camper van will definitely make your eyes water!

Meet The Lexani Motors EXTV –   The Ultimate All Terrain Camper Vanall terrain camper van exterior

If you haven’t come across Lexani Motors before they you’re in for a treat! They produce some amazing mercedes sprinter conversions, and the EXTV Kalahari is no exception. With camo wrap as standard, all terrain tyres and a rugged roof rack that can carry all of the adventure gear that you need, you’ll be had pushed to find a better vehicle for your next off grid adventure.

Give Me Some Facts!

All Terrain Camper Van - KalahariEasy, we’re getting there! Ok, so this all terrain camper van has a heck of a lot of tricks up its sleeve. For starters, the EXTV Kalahari comes complete with functional kitchenette, plenty of storage cabinets, convertible beds & tables so that you can save space in the living area, and storage for adventure gear such as bikes, snowboards and skis. The real excitement, however, lies in the all terrain modifications. The 20 inch rims will make mincemeat of anything that stands in your way, and the numerous LED’s around the van will light you up like a firework on the fourth of July.All Terrain Camper Van - tyres All Terrain Camper Van - bumper

Lexani are well known for armouring up SUV’s, so you know that their luxury sprinters are going to be easy to handle and hard to beat. Complete with a ladder on the rear of the vehicle to access the roof storage and any solar panels, this vehicle is fully kitted out for living off the grid.

All Terrain Camper Van - rearWhat’s Inside This All Terrain Camper Van?

The interior of the EXTV Kalahari is pretty dark and moody, a little bit like a goths bedroom, but you could also argue that it’s stylish and ‘James Bond esque’. Either way, it’s functional, spacious, and it also looks pretty damn comfy too.All Terrain Camper Van - interiorThe tables and beds/seats are all adjustable if you need to fit large gear inside, and the roof lights give the feel of a private cinema. The all terrain camper van comes complete with a 12v fridge and microwave, so you’ll never be hungry during stints of off grid living.All Terrain Camper Van - seatsThe passenger seats are pretty suave too, with luxury leather and cushioned head and arm rests to boot! If we owned the EXTV Kalahari then we’d prefer not to be in the driving seat – there’s to much fun to be had in the back!

Final Thoughts…

A luxury Mercedes Sprinter built for all terrain driving by a company who specialise in armoured vehicles…what’s not to love! With great power comes great responsibility, and also a great price to pay. We haven’t dared ask for the price of this all terrain camper van just yet, so if you’re interested in owning your very own EXTV Kalahari then give Lexani Motors a call.

All Terrain Camper Van - Front end

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