Top Eco Campers That Are Making Vanlife Greener

Here at Van Clan we’re conscious about the environment. We recycle, we don’t use tonnes of plastic, and we certainly keep a ‘leave no trace’ policy when we’re out and about on our travels. Being green is something that comes natural to Vandwellers, but what if you want to go that step further and make your vehicle green too? We’ve made a list of 10 Top Eco Campers that will keep Mother Nature happy until the cows come home.

Top Eco Campers That Are Making Vanlife Greener.

1. Dalbury E Electric

Top Eco Campers - Dalbury E Electric

Some of you might think that the worlds first all electric campervan might be a bit rough around the edges (or a little bit square). We’re here to tell you that you’d be wrong. The Dalbury E Electric is stylish and comfortable beyond belief, and it’s greener than your Granny’s cabbage patch.

Top Eco Campers - Dalbury Inside

What makes this vehicle one of our Top Eco Campers is the stats that come with it – you can get an 80% quick charge in only 30 minutes, and the projected running cost of the Dalbury E Electric is just 2 pence per mile! British Gas will install a charging unit for no extra cost, there’s no tax to pay on electric vehicles, and it’s so quiet that you won’t get a headache on long journeys!

Prices for this amazing vehicle start at just under £30’000. Check out our extensive article to find out more about the Dalbury E Electric Campervan.


Top Eco Campers - VW ID Buzz

Welcome to the future of VW – the VW ID BUZZ. Billed as VW’s answer to greener living, the ID Buzz makes our list of  Top Eco Campers because of its modern take on the iconic look, and because it’s less like a van and more like an eco friendly spaceship!

Top Eco Campers - Inside The VW ID Buzz

Clean, fresh, light and spacious, the VW ID Buzz is truly a work of art. It’s so different to  the Retro Volkswagen Bus Camper that we all know and love. With on board extra such as a touch screen retractable steering wheel, four different seat set ups, and an interactive iPad display. Beam us up Scotty, where can we sign up for one?

Check out more about the VW Buzz in our full length article!

But if you really don’t like the new futuristic look and want the real deal then you could always get a…

3. 1975 VW Microbus

Top Eco Campers - VW MICROBUS

Pick your jaws up off the floor, because this is 100% real! Yes, you’re seeing a 1975 Microbus in our list of Top Eco Campers! We’ve found a company that completely strip the old diesel systems out of VW Vans and replace them with electric systems. How cool is that!

Top Eco Campers - VW BUS INSIDE

Complete with original fixtures and fittings, these VW Electric Microbus are the ‘VW purists’ answer to an eco friendly classic. For more information on these electric retro powerhouses, visit Brazilian Kampers. 

4. The Tribrid

Top Eco Campers - The Tribrid

For those who think that a hybrid simply isn’t enough, the good people over at Eco Campers have just the thing for you. Their ‘World-beating eco-hero’ Tribrid Electric Campervan is an über-green machine, and one of the most eco conscious vehicles in our list of Top Eco Campers.

As well as looking stylish and pretty funky fresh, The Tribrid also harnesses the benefits of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), which you and I might refer to as Autogas. It makes a super efficient and safe natural gas power that works hand in hand with the petrol and electric options in the vehicle. Autogas will halve your petrol bills, and you can go for about 1000 miles without having to refuel!

Top Eco Campers - Inside the Tribrid
Eco Campers claim that “You won’t find a cleaner or cheaper campervan to run than the Tribrid Eco Camper.” They’re pretty confident in their mean-green machine, and why wouldn’t they be! If you can lower carbon emissions, be kind to the planet and drive a tasty looking camper at the same time then you’re gonna be pretty happy all year round. Check out the Eco Campers website for more information on their different models.

5. Dethleffs Solar Assisted Electric Motorhome

Top Eco Campers - Solar Motorhome

Ever wondered what the motorhomes of the future might look like? This one could be a pretty good guess, especially if the sun moves a fraction of an inch closer and turns the UK into the Bahamas. This concept idea from Dethleffs shows a solar assisted electric motorhome, and it looks as though it’s come straight out of a Star Wars movie.

The battery is said to be able to last for around 155K miles before it needs replacing, and the solar panels can provide an extra 3 kilowatts of juice for your every day needs!

Top Eco Campers - Inside The solar motorhome

While the outside looks like a Tie Fighter Conversion, the inside is pretty luxurious and looks like a swanky boardroom. Infrared heating panels help to heat the walls and floor as a source of heating, and phase-change materials will absorb and release heat depending on the temperature, helping you to stay comfortable on the road. It’s glamping on electric steroids, and we think it’s brilliant!

6. Prius Camper Conversion

Top Eco Campers - Prius Camper Ok, so this camper may be a little bit out there, but stick with us – campers don’t have to be large and luxurious to make our Top Eco Campers list after all! Prius are known for their super quiet electric hybrid cars, and Japanese giants Toyota haven’t disappointed with this futuristic looking car-home combo. If you have $50k to spare and love your Prius more than your children then this is the vehicle for you!Top Eco Campers - Prius Camper reverse Top Eco Campers - Inside the prius camper

So it doesn’t have all of the mod-cons that the other engine powers campers have had in this list so far, but if you’re looking for a place to sleep when you’re on the go and aren’t bothered about cooking and showering off grid then this Prius Conversion is perfect for you. It’s got a microwave and little kitchenette, so its perfect if you like soup and mini pizzas. Maybe you’re heading to a meeting in the city and don’t want to pay for a hotel, or perhaps you just cook on a bbq and shower in the lake. With two double sized beds you can rock up at anytime, anywhere, and show the old school travellers what minimalistic living really is!

Top Eco Campers Don’t Always Need An Engine!

Campers don’t always need an engine to be a mobile home. If you have a green car or van that you can take out on the road then a trailer can be the perfect companion for your eco friendly lifestyle.  Check out these incredible green options to the conventional camper below!

7. The Ecocapsule

Top Eco Campers - The Ecocapsule

Could the home of the future look like a slip proof egg? It’s no surprise that the aptly named Ecocapsule has made our list of Top Eco Campers, and once you know more about it you’ll be racing to get your own. Lightweight enough to fit on a trailer and with all of the mod cons that you need for your digital lifestyle, the Ecocapsule is a green machine that really packs a punch.

Top Eco Campers - Ecocapsule field

The Ecocapsule gets its power from a built in wind turbine and solar cells that are fixed to the roof. It also has a big battery bank that stores up energy, meaning you can still cook and charge in cloudy conditions.

Top Eco Campers - Inside the ecocapsule

The inside is pretty bland and looks a little bit like the cell that Priness Leia is kept in in A New Hope, but with a few home touches you could make it your own. It has a kitchenette, more storage than you could shake a suitcase at, and a bathroom with flushing toilet and hot shower. Plus it also collects rain water and from the roof and filters it so that you can reuse it – you can’t get more eco than that!

8. Taxa Mantis Trailer

Top Eco Campers - Taxa Mantis

Top Eco Campers come in all shapes and sizes, and the Taxa Mantis Trailer certainly ticks all of the boxes for a quirky, sharp looking and spacious mobile home. It’s light (under 2,300 pounds), and is a whopping 18 feet long. Plus with room to sleep up to four people and one awesome looking dog it really can be an eco friendly home-from-home.

Mantis Trailer - Inside the Taxa Mantis

The mantis has a kitchen area with hob, washroom and toilet area, and a queen size bed + two adult fold down beds. It’s roomy, practical and eco friendly! You can red more about the Taxa Mantis Trailer in our full length article.

9. Airstream TrailerTop Eco Campers - Airstream

If VW’s are the most iconic looking camper van of all time then the Airstream takes the prize for most iconic trailer. With over 6 metres of length, a bathroom with separate shower, L shaped seating area and spacious kitchen, the Airstream 604 is a luxury home on wheels, and one that we wouldn’t mind getting lost in for a couple of months.

Top Eco Campers - Inside the airstream

There’s no engine, so it’s already more eco friendly than a diesel camper, and with big open windows on all sides you’ll have no need to waste electricity by putting the TV on. With room for three people the Airstream 604 is definitely a family friendly camper that really makes you feel like an off grid pro. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full time nomad, an Airstream Trailer won’t let you down.

10. Air Opus Pop Up Camper

Top Eco Campers - Air opus

If you’re looking for a portable pop up camper for you next off grid adventure then the Air Opus should be high up, if not at the top of your list. We’ve previously done a whole article on pop up campers, but the Air Opus makes our list of Top Eco Campers because of how lightweight, portable and down right gnarly it is.

Top Eco Campers - Inside the air opus

See this picture? That’s what come out of the trailer above! The Air Opus use Air Pole technology to self inflate, so you don’t need to faff around with poles and hammers at midnight when its raining and your kids are having Xbox Withdrawal. It’s a great option for people who don’t have much space at home, and its as eco as the car that pulls it! Check out more about the Air Opus on the OPUS website.

And finally, (because lists of ten are yesterdays news…)

11. Black Finn Camper Box

Top Eco Campers - Box camper

If you have an eco car and don’t want to drag anything behind you on the road then a camper box could be the solution. Last but not least in our list of Top Eco Campers is the Black Finn Camper Box, a pop up tent for the roof of your car that attaches easily and can be put up in seconds.

Top Eco Campers - box camper up

This all-weather rooftop camper can extend to a whopping three feet high and only takes 5 seconds to pop up once the clasps are released. It’s 50 inches wide and 83 inches long and can comfortably sleep two people. When it’s packed down it measured at just over 11 inches tall, making it compact and streaming on your eco car’s roof.

Thanks for checking out our list of Top Eco Campers. Hopefully it’s given you some inspiration into buying your own mobile home and living a greener lifestyle. We only get one planet, so if we want to keep travelling we’ve got to look after it!

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife

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