The Ford Camper Conversion That We’ve All Been Waiting For

We love adventures, but we love the campers that can handle adventures even more. Living off the grid is a lifestyle choice that many people crave, but without the proper van life essentials and the right vehicle you’re going to fall behind the other vandwellers as they race to Wanderlust glory. Luckily for you Outside Van just keep knocking out incredible campers that you can use to create your own van life stories, and their latest Ford Camper Conversion is no exception.

Meet The Cascade – The Only Ford Camper Conversion For Your Wanderlust Adventures.

Ford Camper Conversion - Cascade

Finally, a ford camper conversion that is ready made for the hard core adventurer. Whilst your retro volkswagen bus might be the perfect tiny home for UK Van Life, the Cascade is purpose built for those thrill seekers who seek out thrills rather than waiting for adventure to turn up on their doorstep. We’ve looked at previous examples of the Ford Transit Camper Conversion before that have been self built and more homely, but the Cascade is a Ford Camper Conversion with moxie and a vehicle that has all kinds of hidden surprises.

On the roof of the Cascade you’ll find an Air Top hard shell roof tent, so if you have guests coming over or you fancy a night looking at the stars then Outside Van have got you covered (literally). There’s a sturdy ladder, an aluminium bumper and tubular roof rack all attached to the body of the van, and with the super awesome light bar you won’t have to spend any more time messing around in the dark! This Ford Camper Conversion also comes with a great solar package to keep your batteries topped up on the go, and an awning if you enjoy a little bit of shade whilst sipping on a frosty beverage.

What’s Inside The Cascade?

Ford Camper Conversion - Kitchen

What do you need to be comfortable whilst taking on some serious off grid living? Somewhere to keep your food cold, somewhere to cook using those top cooking accessories you know we love talking about (seriously you should check them out – number 5 is a lifesaver!), and somewhere to sleep. The Cascade ticks all of those boxes and more, and it does it whilst making the best use of the available space.

Theres a two hob stove built into the worktop, a spacious sink, a stainless steel fridge and a gas powered heating system all in the small block that you can see in the picture above – thats most of the gear that you might find in your kitchen at home all slotted into one space like a tidy Tetris party.

Ford Camper Conversion - The Adventure Begins
The adventure might have just begun for that little coffee cup, but yours will start as soon as you drive your Cascade off the forecourt.

Ford Camper Conversion - Bed

The interior in this Ford Camper Conversion is simple and serviceable, which is exactly what you want if you’re going to be cramming it full of gear and coming in wet and muddy from a days hiking in the hills. The custom benches and mattress are all super comfy too and ready for you to curl up and catch some z’s whenever you feel a snooze coming on.

Can I Charge Up My Gadgets?

Outside Van know the appeal that their products have on the digital nomad, so all of their adventure vehicles come with a gnarly power centre that can handle all of your charging needs. Their power inverters turn 12V power into the 110V power that you use in your own home, meaning that you can charge up your laptop, phone, camera and power banks without using any special adapters. The Inverter in this Ford Camper Conversion can provide up to a whopping 2000 watts of power, which is more than enough juice to power up a 700-1000w microwave for those night time snacks. You can upgrade your vans power with extra packages and also utilise the on board solar package to keep charged on the go.

Ford Camper Conversion - Bike storage

The bed in the Cascade is built at a height that allows bikes to be stored underneath. You can comfortably fit two next to each other with room to place other essentials around them, and there’s no chance of them slipping and sliding around once they’re slotted into the frame mounts. And is that an outside shower that we spy in the bottom left of the picture? Yes it is; Outside Van want you to spend as much time outside your van as you do inside it, so now you can get as muddy as you want and clean off before tea.

Final Thoughts…

There’s no doubting that this is one gnarly Ford Camper Conversion. It might not be the most homely Ford Transit Camper that we’ve covered, but it’s powerful and made for the open road. It’s got the right amount of comfort and more than enough space for you to live like an off grid king.

If you like luxury vehicles that pander to your every need like the EarthRoamer or some of our other Tiny Homes then the Cascade might not be for you. But if your first thoughts when buying a vehicle are ‘how many bikes or snowboards can I fit in here?’ then the Cascade is the only Ford Camper Conversion for you.

Check out the Outside Van website for more awesome camper conversions and to find out more about the Cascade!

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