The Ultimate Off Road Teardrop Camper Trailer Of Your Dreams

We’ve love a good off road camper trailer here at Van Clan, as we feel that they don’t get as much kudos as they duly deserve. We’ve looked at this Classic Teardrop Trailer, the Retro Airstream, and more modern builds like the Mantis Adventure Trailer. But none are as gnarly or as eye waveringly amazing as this Vintage Overland Trailer, built for the 4×4 off road teardrop camper lifestyle.

off road teardrop camper

Firstly, check out those wheels! Those tyres are going to make mincemeat of any obstacle, so if you’re the kind of person that likes parking up in those spots where no one else can physically or even mentally get to, then the Vintage Overland Trailer is the ultimate off road teardrop camper for you. off road teardrop camper 2

The rest of the outside is quite simple, but thats not a bad thing. The Vintage Overland Trailer looks incredibly streamline, so you’re not going to get loads of drag when you’re pulling it behind you. The silver metalwork looks nice and sleek, and the custom decal adds a bit of extra colour and style to the overall build.

Inside The Vintage Overland Trailer

Vintage Overland Trailer - Inside

Cosy right, but in a good way. This isn’t for the person that likes to bring everything including the kitchen sink with them on there travels. It’s got limited storage, but that makes for an incredibly calming space.

The Vintage Overland Trailer cabin is 4’x8’m, and the total height is 6’.Vintage Overland Trailer - Hatch

All Vintage Overland Trailer caravan’s include a Hand Built Oversized Door, Hardwood Interior, Lights and Solar Panels, Vintage Style Tail Lights, Baby Moon Hubcaps, Vent and Fan, Tinted Window with Screen, Memory Foam Mattress (winner) and Diamond Plate Reinforcement

Each caravan is made individually by hand and features an anodized-aluminum outer skin to prevent corrosion, while the interior is built using Baltic Birch, multi-layer plywood and water-resistant clear coat.

Vintage Overland Trailer - Open doors

Final Thoughts…

The Vintage Overland Trailer is light enough to be towed by any vehicle, and it’s strong enough to conquer the toughest terrain. I love it’s simplicity; it is what it is, and what it is is a finely crafted handmade camper that will last the test of time.

The model above comes in at $15k (just over £11’200) which is good value for a hand crafted adventure-mobile. Head over to Vintage Overland’s website for more detail on this incredible off road teardrop  camper trailer.

Vintage Overland Trailer - Feature Image

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife

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