10 Best Teardrop Campers For The Trailer Addict

I spend countless hours searching the web for the best teardrop campers every week. You might be thinking that is a bit of a weird thing to do, especially considering that I am living the van life full time instead of cruising through the world in an off grid trailer. The truth is, I love the idea of trailer life; it’s the road not yet travelled for me, but I would love to take a teardrop camper on a long adventure to find out just how big a space needs to be for me to live in it full time.

You may have read my previous article on the best teardrop trailers under $25’000, a guide for anyone who wants to start living off grid on a budget. But what if money were no option? Would the best teardrop campers still be the ones that cost the least, or are there some behemoth off road brands out there that will make your brain melt with their awesomeness? As I’m a bit of a nerd on the subject, I’ve made a list of 10 of my favourite and the best teardrop campers that I’ve come across while doing ‘research’ on the internet.

1. TerraDrop – $16,000

Best teardrop campers - the TerraDrop complete with roof tent and awning in a forest setting

Don’t think for a second that there is anything ‘terra-ble’ about the first trailer on our best teardrop campers list (I’ll apologise now for that joke). The TerraDrop from Oregon Trailer is a one-stop-shop for all of your off grid living needs. It’s an extremely rugged off-grid camper that could withstand a horde of angry badgers attacking it, and even though it’s built like a miniature Fort Knox, it still manages to maintain the classic teardrop shape and style that we (I) love so much.

So let’s look at the whole package. The TerraDrop can sleep four people thanks to the added roof tent on the top of the trailer (I would say five at a push). The vehicle itself is 5 ft wide, 4 ft tall, and 8 ft long, so there won’t be any worries about having to stick your legs out of a window when going to sleep. Souped-up models with all of the additional specs included will come in at around 1500lbs, and the price for the base model starts at just $16,000.

There’s plenty of room for storage including a roof rack and handbuilt wooden cupboards on the inside. The kitchens in the rear, and you can always cook outside thanks to the handy awning! Check out our dedicated article on the TerraDrop Trailer for more information!

2. Little Guy Max – $33,000

Best teardrop campers - The Little Guy Max being towed by an SUV down a dry, dusty road.

You should never underestimate the little guy, as the next trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers proves. The Little Guy Max, which coincidentally is anything but little, is an absolute powerhouse. Forget towing around a horrible-looking caravan when you head out on your next off grid adventure because the Little Guy Max has it all. At 6′ 7″ tall there’s plenty of headroom for most vandwellers (or trailer dwellers in this case) to stand up straight inside, and when you do fancy sitting down for a bite to eat, you can kick back in the 76″ x 32″ dinette area.

The interior doesn’t look like it should be able to fit inside a trailer, in fact, it looks more like a luxury studio apartment than a camper! The vehicle itself is a little on the heavy side compared to the other trailers you’ll see in our list of the best teardrop campers, but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it once you find out what comes with it. 100% hardwood cabinetry, a 24″ TV, a queen-sized master bed; the list goes on and on. Not to mention the interior and exterior speakers, 3,500 BTU Roof Mounted Air Conditioning, and a fully kitted out wet-bath area. Head over to the Little Guy Trailers website for more info on this fantastic little (big) camper.

3. TVAN MK5 – $52,990

If you’ve watched ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ at the cinema, then you’ll know that Luke Skywalker didn’t hide his X-Wing in the river while in exile. He was, in fact, starting a brand new range of teardrop trailers as this picture above clearly shows. Rebranding himself as Track Trailer, the Jedi Master began building the best teardrop campers to come out of Australia, and you better believe that the force is strong with this one.

Off road trailer - kitchen

Each Jedi endorsed TVAN trailer comes with an industry-leading hot-dipped galvanised chassis purpose-made for off-road driving, complete with genuine military-grade MC2 Suspension®, a rear fold-down deck, off-road electric brakes, and an ejector seat (ok, that last one might not be completely true). The MK5 has a 120W solar panel, a 300W Pure Sine wave inverter, 180L of water storage and a slide-out kitchen that Gordon Ramsey would be proud of. Head over to our article on this futuristic off road trailer to find out more about what it can do!

4. Hütte Hut – $63,900

Best teardrop campers - the all wooden Hütte Hut with its doors wide open, showing a rich wooden interior with interesting cross beams.

The next trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers is, quite frankly, incredible. Just look at the craftsmanship that has gone into this custom made-to-order build. There are no screws in this all-wood cabin made from baltic birch and marine-grade ply, with the company using plant-based epoxy resin to create those seamless curves and stunning interior patterns. I think I may have found a new favourite teardrop trailer and a new addition to our top eco campers at the same time!

outdoor 4.jpg

The overall dimensions of this rolling tiny house are 168″ long, 80″ wide, and 72″ high. You’ll have 44sq feet of surface area inside and an overall floor length of 92″. The chassis is made from a Proprietary Aluminum Space Frame which sounds like something Buzz Lightyear would endorse, and standard features include a natural water repellent cotton canvas canopy, a shower outlet, and a convertible multi-posture cushion. The best thing about this 860lb build is that you can keep it as simple as you like or you can deck it out with more gadgets than James Bond’s latest ride. If you’re after enlightenment and a relaxing way of living, then head over to the Hütte Hut website to find out more.

5. Earth Traveller Trailer – $10,000

If relaxing in eco-friendly affordable tiny homes is your bag, then the next trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers is one that you can buy without breaking the bank. The Earth Traveller Trailer is not only the most relaxing and zen tiny travel trailer on the market, but it’s also the lightest too. At just 300lbs (yes, I did say 300), this camper can probably be carried out of a ditch instead of having to be towed out. The large windows and retractable roof bring the outside in (my most used saying of all time when it comes to the best teardrop campers), and insulation comes in the form of a composite material made from chicken feathers! This could be the greenest tiny eco house on the planet!

Very relaxing interior and a great view!

The Earth Traveller was designed to be pulled by smaller vehicles such as a Fiat 500, the kind of car that normal people who live in small houses or cabins might drive. The inside is minimalist, but I love the feeling of calm and tranquillity that you get from relaxing cross-legged on the floor. It’s the perfect place to meditate and truly experience what it’s like to live life in the slow lane. The Earth Traveller comes with a little kitchenette, some storage cupboards, and a place to make a nice cup of coffee while staring out at the wilderness. Head over to our full-length article on the best lightweight trailer camper on the market to find out more.

6. inTech RV Luna Rover – $18,000

Best teardrop campers - the exterior of the Luna Rover showing a black roof rack and a large panoramic windshield.

This next trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers might not be made for lunar expeditions, but it certainly provides a camping experience that is out of this world. (I’m pretty pleased with that line). The Luna Rover has one of the nicest panoramic windshields that I’ve seen on a teardrop camper. It lets in tonnes of light while giving you a privacy filter to stop bears and peeping toms from seeing what you’re up to inside. Made from an all-aluminium, all-tube, fully welded cage frame, this trailer can not only withstand all the elements and any amount of off-grid driving that you might be thinking of carrying out, but it can also withstand the test of time. Deep, right?

The inside of the Luna Rover feels light and spacious, and there’s actually a lot of floor room considering how compact this camper is. There’s space for four to sit and chat, and the main sofa transforms into a cosy looking bed that you won’t feel cramped in. The trailer comes complete with a gas-effect fire, air conditioning, a TV, and soft LED lighting to illuminate the storage cupboards above. InTech RV has managed to combine cosy elements with a fresh-looking, modern camper that will appeal to trailer lovers of all ages. Head over to the inTech RV website to find out more about the Luna range of trailers!

7. Vintage Overland Trailer – $15,000

Best teardrop campers - The all-metal Vintage Overland Trailer complete with Swiss flag graphic and aluminium kick plate.

With a tag line of ‘Go Nowhere. Seriously’, these Danish-inspired, hand-built trailers are the perfect solution for full time living or your weekend warrior travel plans. The Great Escape trailer from Vintage Overland measures 8 ft long by 4 ft wide and has a total height of 6 ft. The aluminium kickplate adds to the rugged design and gives you confidence when scrambling down rocky trails (just like on this Project M truck camper), and those off-road tyres are more than capable of dealing with mud, snow, wet grass, and probably sinking sand (don’t quote me on that last one). The trailer only weighs 750lbs too, so towing it shouldn’t guzzle all of your precious gas.

Can you see why I love this trailer? The LED lighting almost looks like stars, and that smooth overhead curve complements the free-flowing life that you’ll have while living in this camper. A kitchenette area can be found in the back of the camper which can also be accessed from the main living compartment. It comes with a memory foam mattress as standard as well as a Goal Zero generator for charging on the go. I’m not going to give too much more away; head over to our dedicated article on this off road teardrop camper to find out more.

8. Winnebago Minnie Drop – $20,644

Best teardrop campers - The Minnie Drop from Winnebago with a vibrant orange side panel and company logo graphic on the curve.

You might normally associate Winnebago with the large-scale RVs that you see cruising up and down American highways, so the next compact trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers might just surprise you. The Minnie Drop has all of the comforts of home in a towable house on wheels, and it comes in a range of vibrant colours that will help you to stand out in the crowd. With 6′ 5″ of headroom there’s no need to worry about feeling cramped, and the 31-gallon water tank will keep you off-grid and away from campsites or fill up stations for longer. This trailer has a dry weight of 2,760lbs and even comes complete with a 7 ft awning to keep the sun and rain at bay for seasonal use.

The Minnie Drop comes with exterior speakers, a porch light, and an outdoor shower, so you can have a boogie in the dark while scrubbing the day’s dirt away. Inside, you’ll find an 18,000 (BTU) furnace, USB ports, a microwave, 2-hob burner, a fridge, storage cupboards, a cable-tv hookup point, and much more. The easy-clean surfaces are great if you have smaller campers who like throwing their food around, and the bed alcove looks like the perfect place to catch some well-earned z’s after a long day of adventuring. Head over to the Minnie Drop product page to find out more.

9. The Polydrop Trailer – $13,000

Best teardrop campers - The Polydrop Trailer being pulled by a standard saloon car. Its Delorian style doors are open, and this camper utilises lots of straight lines and geometric design elements

With all the hype of the new Tesla Truck Camper clogging up the van life and truck life airwaves, it might be easy to forget that another vehicle did the whole ‘no-curves’ approach first. The next trailer on our list of the best teardrop campers is somewhat of a design marvel and is light enough to be pulled by a sports car. It throws new light on the classic teardrop camper shape but still encompasses everything that we know and love about this tried and tested design.

Weighing in at 760 dry pounds, the 12-foot 4-inch long Polydrop trailer combines an aluminium chassis with a wood structure, making this the third lightest trailer in our list of the best teardrop campers. The trailer’s battery system is powered by a 100w solar panel and the 8.7″ insulation makes this a true four-season camper. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to play Vivaldi every time you drive, but it will keep you toasty in the middle of winter. Head over to the Polydrops website to find out more.

10. Mink Camper – $17,000

The last towable tiny home on our list of the best teardrop campers is by far the smallest, but it still packs a pretty big punch. With a gross weight of over 1,600lbs, this tiny camper can be towed by pretty much any vehicle and comes with all of the necessary accessories for a comfortable stint in the wilderness. You can kick back on the therapeutic ‘Bodyprint’ mattress and crank the heat up with your Webasto heater on those cold winter nights, or you can throw open the hobbit-hole doors and gaze out at your surroundings with a cup of hot coffee.

The interior comes fully kitted out with LED lighting and 2 USB charging points, as well as built-in WiFi for the Digital Nomad who likes to keep on top of business while living off the grid. Keep the party going with the camper’s BOSE sound system that pumps out tunes in both the living and outdoor kitchen areas, or just gaze up at the night sky through that awesome star gazing window. With space to transport your favourite travel bikes and extra storage for your top cooking accessories, the Mink Camper should definitely be high up on your wish list. Head over to our dedicated article on this Tiny Trailer for more details!

Final Thoughts…

So there you have it folks, a list of my favourite and arguably the best teardrop campers on the roads today. In answer to my earlier question of ‘what trailer would you buy if money were no option?’, over half of the teardrop campers in this list come under $20’000. It seems that a bigger price tag doesn’t equal better quality when it comes to the tiny trailer camper world, which can only be a good thing for newbies to the movement.

When it comes to the best teardrop campers, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, so do your research and don’t just go for the most expensive. For me, a cosy wooden interior and a nice viewing window go a long way, and I’m quite keen on a minimalist, spacious interior. Luckily for me, those tend to be the cheaper models!

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