This Harry Potter House House Was Made For Die-Hard Potter Fans

If you’re a certified Potter-head, then you’re going to love this tiny Harry Potter House.

It may be a tiny home, but it’s not made for house elves; it’s a fully functional home that can sleep up to five muggles — two in the Ravenclaw loft, one opposite in the smaller Slytherin loft, and two on the sofa bed in the Gryffindor house common room.

So step aboard The Hogwarts Inn Express and check out this magical Harry Potter House!

The Magical Harry Potter House

Harry Potter House - Outside

The Harry Potter House follows a strong Potter theme, with every inch of the certified RV trailer lending itself to the Harry Potter series.

But don’t worry, this tiny home isn’t just for Gryffindor’s. No matter what house the sorting hat put you in, there is sure to be something for you in this Harry Potter House — be it the Gryffindor common room or the Slytherin dormitory.

Harry Potter House - Slytherin

The Harry Potter House starts where all Potter stories begin — the Hogwarts express.

The outside of the house is painted to look just like the Hogwarts Express and the famous Platform 9 3/4’s. It’s painted in red and black to perfectly match the train, giving off a strong Potter theme from the start.

Framing the front door is a station plaque and a classic lantern — I can almost picture Hagrid coming to collect the first years!

Harry Potter House - Outside

Step inside and prepare to be stunned (pun intended). The Harry Potter House boasts over 100 licensed Harry Potter products, as well as many beautiful hand-made features.

It is a far cry from the cupboard under the stairs where Harry Potter started his life, but if you feel like reminiscing scenes from the first book then this Harry Potter House does, of course, include a cupboard under the stairs for storage or as a tiny reading nook.

Harry Potter House - Understairs Cupboard

The Gryffindor common room in the Harry Potter house has a strong burgundy and gold theme, but it’s not overpowering as it’s set against a cool blue wall.

Relax, and you could be there with Harry, Ron and Hermione in front of the common room fireplace (I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!).

The faux fireplace is used as storage and provides a place to hold even more Harry Potter memorabilia! Sit and gaze at the included Gryffindor Quidditch banner, Gryffindor scarf, and photographs of the Quidditch pitch and the elusive golden snitch.

Perhaps my favourite feature of this room is the marauder’s map blanket slung over the sofa, the perfect companion for thinking up future mischievousness while living off the grid.

Harry Potter House - Gryffindor


When it’s time to retire from the common room and head up to the dormitories for sleep, you can choose from either the double bed in the Ravenclaw dormitory or the single in the Slytherin dormitory.

That’s right; this Harry Potter house boasts two sleeping quarters, enough to sleep the whole family. Each loft is themed on a particular house, with either Ravenclaw or Slytherin bedding and blankets.

On the walls in the Slytherin dormitory in this Harry Potter House, you’ll find a Slytherin banner, lantern and an ‘undesirable number one’ wanted poster — the perfect setting to dream dark dreams of world domination.

In the Ravenclaw dormitory, you can sleep (on a double bed!) under a star-spangled enchanted ceiling. The bedding reflects the blue and silver colours of House Ravenclaw, and on the walls, you’ll find more Ravenclaw memorabilia and books to fuel your intelligent mind.

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

Harry Potter House - Ravenclaw

Living room

So, we’ve got a Gryffindor living room, Ravenclaw and Slytherin sleeping lofts, but what about the Hufflepuffs?!

Well, the kitchen and dining area follow a strong Hufflepuff theme, with a yellow ‘H’ for Hufflepuff standing proudly in the kitchen and a full Hufflepuff dining set.

This must be enough to please any loyal Hufflepuffs out there. Perhaps my favourite feature in the kitchen is the hourglasses filled with jelly beans to measure each House’s house points.

So imaginative and not to mention tasty!

Harry Potter House - Kitchen


The bathroom in this miniature Harry Potter House is as generous as the prefect’s bathroom (complete with Moaning Myrtle!).

There is a full sized shower, adorned with a shower curtain displaying the Hogwarts crest, as well as a vanity with a sink reminiscent of Dumbledore’s pensieve. After all, the bathroom is as good a place as any to gather your thoughts.Harry Potter House - Bathroom

Our Final Thoughts

We LOVE this Harry Potter house, and if you love it too, it’s available to buy for 99.000 Galleons (or USD for any muggles out there).

It’s a little pricey if you’re just looking for a tiny house, but if you’re mad about all things Potter and have a vault as big as Harry’s at Gringotts then this Harry Potter House surely has no rivals.

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