Sherpa Trailer Is Half Off Road Camper Half Transformer

If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know that we love a good off road camper, and the Sherpa Trailer here is just that, but with more pow! Designed in Australia by the legends BRS Offroad this camper trailer is built to tackle any off road course, and 3 meal course you can think of. It’s filled with all of the van life essentials needed to make your next trip to the beach just that little more relaxing.

What makes the Sherpa Trailer unique, is that fact that it looks like an orange transformer! There’s no getting around it, this is one of the craziest camper trailers we’ve seen in a long time, crazier than the bear teardrop trailers, yes. Now looking at it from a far, the first thing you will notice is the amount of compartments, doors and accessories attached to this thing, so let’s briefly go over, what everything on the exterior does.

Sherpa Trailer Exterior

Is the Sherpa Trailer a worthy off road Camper?

First, the top. On top of the Sherpa Camper lies a pop up Alucab roof tent, making it an avid competitor in our top pop up campers list. In here, you can open it up for more head space, or more realistically a place to sleep the kids while you’re living off the grid. This pop top not only has mosquito proof netting, resilient outlining but also 3 windows, one with a rain stopper, allowing you to open it up, and feel the full force of all elements when you please.

sherpa trailer exterior

And that’s not it for the top section, below the pop up roof you’ll find an extendable gazebo that pulls out and then wraps around half of the Sherpa trailer, allowing 180 degrees of cover, be it rain, or sun! The two entry doors, are in our opinion a bit overkill in size, but they allow easy access to the main compartment. Towards the front you have a large window that allows you to gaze into the stars when camping, this can also be covered up with a lightproof curtain allowing for complete darkness if needed when sleeping.

Just under that large window at the front you’ll find a massive amount of space for storing your things. For example tools, fold up bikes, a stargazing chair to match, or a handful of your top cooking accessories. There’s space for it, take our word for it.

sherpa trailer exterior 3

Now towards the backend, this is where magic happens, and by magic, we mean the delicious food! The back of the Sherpa trailer opens up to become an incredible off grid living kitchen. It offers ample fridge space with two 30l domestic fridges which will keep your food nice and fresh on the go. And to cook, you have a two burner cook top that also folds out, along with again… plenty of storage for your pots and pans. Oh, and there’s a sink too, so the designated cleaner has their own area too.

sherpa trailer exterior 4

Near the kitchen there’s also an un-clipable outdoor shower that drops down and covers your gems when in the wild, because nobody wants to see those in the cold! All you need to do is power up the diesel water heater and this will pump out of a handheld shower head so you can clean yourself, the kids, and your surfboards.

What’s inside the Sherpa trailer? Show me the money!

Now enough of the exterior, lets talk about what’s inside. Not much, it’s a teardrop trailer so the only real item you need inside is a bed, and this one happens to rock a double bed, with a 21″ LED TV for you to watch movies on, or you can even hook it up to your laptop to do all of your digital nomad work.Sherpa Trailer 5

With 2x power outlets there’s plenty of space and power for you to do your work and charge your gadgets. There’s also a few warmer night lifts and fans inside to really make it homely.

Overall, the Sherpa Trailer is one serious camper, the fact that it can transform into a campground on wheels that features a gazebo and a stargazing pop top makes this a winner in our eyes. And you know us, we love anything that looks out of this world. Unfortunately BS Off Road are keeping the price under wraps, and only revealing it to customers who are interested, meaning it’s most likely a very large price, but once we know we’ll be sure change this section of the article. Let us know your thoughts on the Sherpa Trailer, is it your cup of tea?

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