Tiny Eco House Is The Greenest Off Grid Home On The Market

If you’re looking for a Tiny Eco House to start your off grid dreams then the Leaf House could be your new dream home. It’s got a tiny footprint, it provides an eco friendly way of living, and it’s named after something that helps to gives us oxygen – everyone loves leaves! So without further ado, let’s take a look at one of our top tiny homes!

Meet The Leaf House – The Ultimate Tiny Eco House

Tiny Eco House - The Leaf House

This tiny eco house isn’t a trailer or a teardrop camper; it’s a tiny house on wheels, and it’s a green way of living off the grid in any location. Leaf House are based in Canada, and they build miniature abodes that are built to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. Think of the Leaf House as a portable version of the log cabins that you see in all of the movies, except this one could actually be yours!

Leaf House aren’t a mass producer, i.e they don’t make a different Tiny Eco House every day of the week. They concentrate on building two or three amazing houses per year, but you can also buy the plans to build your own if you have the materials and the know how.

Tiny Eco House - Exterior

What’s inside this Tiny Eco House?

Tiny Eco House - Inside the Leaf House

If you haven’t guess already then it’s very rare that these tiny eco houses will ever look the same, unless you a for a specific design or the same layout as someone else. This particular model is very cosy and has everything in it that you would need for off grid living.

Whether you’re an off grid girl or an outbound boy, you’ll know the importance of comfort in the home. The mezzanine bed level is spacious and utilises the height of the leaf house, leaving extra floor space for a sofa, mirror, full kitchen area, dining table and other necessities that you need on the road.

Tiny Eco House - The door of the Leaf House

There’s a built in radiator unit and full mirrored wall to create a feeling of being in a bigger space, and you can also use it for having a shave or brushing your hair in a morning. The Leaf House is fitted with house electrics, so you can hook up to the grid in a campsite or add solar panels/wind turbine to generate electricity for your tiny house whilst off the grid.

Tiny Eco House - Shutter

What Makes The Leaf House So Special?

The Leaf House is one of the best tiny homesย that we’ve seen so far on our travels, and not because it’s full of tech or handy gadgets, but because it has a rustic charm and really feels like an off grid country home. What’s more, it’s tiny footprint makes it incredibly eco friendly and a greener alternative to modern living. This tiny home ticks every box!

Tiny Eco House - Rear of the Leaf House

Each tiny eco house that Leaf House build is made to measure and can fit on a trailer between 16-20 feet in length. Depending on how much you want in your build and how many trinkets you fill your shelves with, each Leaf House can weigh anything 5,000lb to 20,000 lb. This makes the Leaf House a light and fuel-friendly option if you play your cards right. And, because the Leaf House can be towed, you can always pull it with an eco friendly car or an electric campervan.

Tiny Eco House - Leaf House Lake Shot

Where Can I Get My Own Tiny Eco Home?

Visit the Leaf House website to find out more about pricing options, self build plans, and how this tiny eco home could change your life for the better!

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Tiny Eco House - Feature

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