Meet The Ultimate Airstream Trailer Built For Millionaires

Vanlife isn’t for everyone, and thats a fact that we accept (although with some difficulty it has to be said!) But we don’t judge here at Van Clan, so for those that like to take the kitchen sink the matching toaster, and the whole street on holiday with them, we’ve got a Classic Airstream Trailer that will blow you away.


Airstream Trailer

Just look at the size of this thing! This Airstream Trailer is 33 feet long; I struggle driving a van at times, and I can’t imagine heading down country lanes dragging this thing behind me. But, what I can imagine is kicking back in absolute luxury when I eventually reached my destination (whenever that might be!)

Let’s look at the roof before we dive inside. TV ariel, roof boxes, multiple sky lights. You can already smell how much money this is going to cost you, which means that the inside is probably going to look incredible (spoiler alert – it looks unreal!)

Each Classic XL includes a touch panel electronic control system, four external pre-wired solar ports, a Polk audio system complete with a 200W subwoofer, large dinette, heated shower floor, and Cognac Maple décor throughout the entire trailer.

What’s Inside?

Airstream Trailer - Inside

Camping done right. Check out this interior! The iconic airstream roof soon morphs down into a modern kitchen and living area that looks a lot better than my old flat. Storage, leather sofas, a master bedroom with ensuite, marble worktops. We’re thinking of putting one outside of the Van Clan offices and moving into it full time!
Airstream Trailer - sink Airstream Trailer - Projector And when you’re bored of the scenery and the mountain glades, you can just pull down your projector screen and stick on a bit of Game Of Thrones (or the Sound Of Music if you’re getting a bit agoraphobic but still love those fields).Airstream Trailer - shower

Final Thoughts…

You certainly can’t put a price on that incredible Airstream Trailer look, that sleek, dynamic and funky fresh body work and that sense of 70’s camping that makes you want to turn Led Zeppelin up to 11.

But the truth is, you have to put a price to this Airstream Trailer if you want to actually buy it, and that price is $135,600. This isn’t the kind of thing that you buy with the loose change in your pocket, it’s a serious investment and one that matches the level of luxury that it provides.

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife

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