This Van Life Clothing From Passenger Is Perfect For Any Adventure

Living in a van or in an off grid home can be tough, especially when it all boils down to how much space you have to store all of your belongings. I’ve been living in a van since October 2017, and my girlfriend and I both have a draw each that’s crammed full of multiple t-shirts, shorts, socks and sweaters. But, when it comes to van life essentials such as having the proper van life clothing, we chose the right tools for the job and threw away all of our substandard coats, backpacks, towels and adventure gear. We’ve teamed up with Passenger, van life clothing experts who make off-road clobber that looks as cool as it is durable and wilderness-proof. Keep on reading to check them out!

Passenger – Van Life Clothing For The Masses

First, let’s introduce you to Passenger and tell you a little bit about their ethos. We teamed up with Passenger earlier on this year and immediately connected with their brand message of getting out into the wild and doing everything possible to live your true life. Their brand is built around adventurers and thrill seekers, and from their warehouse to your front door, there’s a feeling that your parcel was sent with a little bit of wanderlust attached to it for good measure.

Van Life Clothing - Passenger

We were lucky enough to receive three of their signature products in their van life clothing series; the Tracker Packaway Jacket, the Rambler Rucksack, and a nifty little Turkish towel that doubles up as a blanket and a scarf too for those chilly days in the wild. I took the jacket on our trip to California to check out some amazing Four Wheel Campers, and we’ve been relying on the backpack and the towel on our recent adventures around the Spanish Coast. So, enough waffling; let’s check out some Van Life Clothing!

Tracker Packaway Jacket

Van Life Clothing - Tracker Packaway Jacket

If you’re short on you space in your adventure bus, then you need a coat that will keep you cool in the summer but also packs a punch when it comes to chilly winds in the autumn and winter months. The Tracker Packaway jacket is the perfect addition for slinging on your passenger seat, and it’s great all year round too. I pretty much lived in this in Yosemite, and it didn’t matter whether the wind was blowing a gale or if the heavens opened, I stayed warm and dry whenever it was zipped around my massively muscular (scrawny…almost grinch-like) body.

Van Life Clothing - parkway

The name might have given it away, but this 100% nylon ripstop jacket also fits inside its own handy packet which is located in the pocket, making it perfect for shoving into the top of your crammed rucksack or in a handbag or gym bag. I didn’t ever pack mine away as I’ve been continuously using it, but if the need arises, then it’s a feature that is pretty handy. 

Rambler Backpack – A Van Life Clothing Essential

Van Life Clothing - Rambler Backpack

Speaking of crammed rucksacks, maybe it’s time that you upgraded to one that never seems to get full no matter how hard you try. Rose claimed this rucksack as her own as soon as it flopped through the door of the Van Clan office, and she’s used it on countless trips to see family and our mini adventures into the Yorkshire Moors. Now that we’re in Spain in our off grid van it’s really being put to the test, and so far the verdict is looking pretty good!

Van Life Clothing - Backpack 2

Now I know that some of you might think that Ramblers are your grannies age and like to wear knitted walking socks and talk about the weather, but this backpack is built for the modern day digital nomad and is built for your every need. We like to do a lot of work on the road, so if you open Rose’s rucksack you’ll find her tablet, my laptop, and a couple of water bottles. You’ll also find the Turkish towel (for use as a scarf or towel after impromptu skinny dipping), snacks, my Tracker Jacket if it’s not on, and you’ll also most probably find a lot of snacks and biscuits too. 

There’s a padded laptop compartment for your valuables, and the front of the backpack is large enough for you to attach a portable solar charger on there to charge up your gadgets on the go! It’s waterproof too, so you won’t need to worry about your Apple Pencil if you get caught in a storm!

And Finally…The Turkish Towel!

Van Life Clothing - Turkish Towel

Van Life Clothing is only one part of living off the grid; how we use our gear and the adventures that we have with it define us a vandwellers. This versatile towel dries quickly and is large enough to wrap around you after sunbathing or to use as a scarf or blanket on those winter nights. You can use it as a picnic blanket or on the beach, and when you’re done, it’s small enough to fit inside a Scrubba Wash Bag so that you can keep it clean on the move!

This authentic Turkish Peshtemal towel is 100% cotton and stays soft even after washing and drying on a makeshift washing line up a mountain (we’ve tried this, and we can confirm it to be true). It mostly gets used as a towel and a picnic blanket in our van-hold, but as we’ve said, you can use it for everything from a shawl to a surrender flag, and we’d recommend putting it on your Campervan Gifts list!

Final Thoughts…

I like to keep an open mind about products and don’t jump on the bandwagon before I’ve checked who’s driving it and if they have a clean license, but it’s safe to say that Passenger has their Van Life Clothing properly nailed down. From the personalised, handwritten ‘thank you’ letter to the adventure blogs on their website, they compliment the Van Life ethos and have a tonne of products for every vanlifer from every walk of life. With male and women sizes and different styles available there’s plenty to choose from, so give them a shout and tell them that I sent you (it might not do anything but get my fanboy restraining order increased, but you never know!)


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