Vanlife Cooking Just Got A Whole Lot Tastier With This Portable PIzza Oven

It’s no secret that we love our top cooking accessories here at Van Clan. In fact, if we could give you any van life tips, it would be to purchase yourself an XL Ridgemonkey for cooking burgers and fish on the go. But what if you feel the need to take your vanlife cooking to the next level? Where do you go from there? Well, what if we told you that you could get a Portable Gas Pizza Oven that you can set up wherever you are for authentic Italian tasting pizzas? That’s got your attention, hasn’t it!

Vanlife Cooking With The BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven

vanlife cooking - portable oven

My mouth is watering writing this article, mainly because I’ve already written the word ‘pizza’ three times; four if you count that last one. If you, like me, enjoy a proper Italian pizza like Papa makes back in his restaurant, then the BakerStone Portable Gas Oven Pizza should be on your Campervan Gifts list this Christmas. 

While it might mean that you have to cook for the entire campsite, this latest addition to our vanlife cooking equipment certainly makes off grid living a lot tastier. Gone are the days of trail mix and omelettes from the leftovers; now you can sit back and wait for Dr Oetker and Papa John to come running to your culinary masterpieces. 

How Does It Work?

This vanlife cooking gadget can reach some serious temperatures, producing the same amount of heat that you’d get in a real-life Napoletana wood-fired pizza oven. A unique air flow system is created thanks to the inner stone chamber and enamelled steel housing, enhancing the combination of convective, conductive and radiant heating and giving you a firm pizza base in under two minutes!  

vanlife cooking - oven off grid

At just 58 cm wide it’s not a bulky vanlife cooking item can easily store away in your bulkhead or garage area when not in use. Easy to read icons let you know if you’re using the normal oven mode or supercharge Italian wood-fired setting. This little beauty can turn 450 degrees Fahrenheit into 750 degrees in an instant, and the oven top part also works with most three hob burners and gas grills. It does come with its own heating source though, so all you need is some gas and you’re good to go!

You don’t just have to make pizza though; you can cook burgers, pies, fish, roast potatoes, casseroles, meat and Quorn dishes…in fact, pretty much anything that would go in a conventional oven.

vanlife cooking - oven top

Final Thoughts…

We’d totally recommend getting one of these for your vanlife cooking rig, even if it only comes out once in a while. At $99 it’s a cheap gadget to have too, giving you more incentive to cook outdoors in the summer and making mealtimes
more fun for the whole party. Making pizzas in a RidgMonkey is possible, but you can’t get the stone baked texture that you can from one of these vanlife cooking ovens, making them one of our most sought-after items yet! Grab yourself a slice of the action and head over to the BakerStone website. 

vanlife cooking - off grid cooking

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