VW Grand California Sparks A New Generation Of Campervans

There are so many different campervans out there on the market for off grid living enthusiasts to choose from. You can pick anything from a Pop Top Camper right through to the suave and stylish Carado Axion, or maybe the best family camper that has all of the amenities you need to keep the kids occupied on long journeys and rainy days. It is, however, rare to find a vehicle that is family-friendly but also sophisticated enough for solo travellers or van life couples who want to get away from it all. If only there was a camper that could do all of this and more, providing you with a superb tiny home from the beaches to the peaks, like the VW Grand California, perhaps?

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Welcome to the hotel VW Grand California! This superb looking camper might have been too small for the Eagles to travel around in while out on tour, but it’s the perfect size for a digital nomad to spread out in comfort or a family of four to get out into the world on an off grid adventure. Billed as the ultimate lifestyle accessory, the VW Grand California is the next biggest thing in the motorhome world. You can check out any time you like, but this is one mobile-hotel that you’re never going to want to leave!

Living’ It Up In The Hotel VW Grand California!

VW Grand California near a lake

Before you go on, I need to make one thing very clear. There will be numerous references to the Eagles song ‘Hotel California’ throughout this article. If you’re not a fan of Don Henley and the gang, then you might want to read this article with one eye closed. If, however, you like the sound of cruising down dark desert highways in a VW Grand California, then carry on reading (extra points if you spot all the references).

Here it is, folks, the VW Grand California in all its glory! Based on the trusty and reliable VW Crafter, the big brother to our favourite Volkswagen Bus Camper and the VW California Camper series, the Grand California is redefining luxury off grid camping by harnessing wanderlust and making adventures accessible to everyone. The California range of busses have been around since 1988, and this latest offering is another pivotal chapter in VW’s iconic tale of building freedom on wheels for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Let’s take a look in more detail!

What’s On The Outside Of This New VW Camper?

The outside of VW's new campervan

As you might expect from the latest VW Camper Van on the market, the VW Grand California features cutting edge technology both inside and out, combining gadgets designed to make your time off the grid more enjoyable with equipment that will help to keep you safe on the road while travelling to your destination.

Let’s start with some of the driver-assist functions that make manoeuvring a large vehicle much easier. The VW Grand California comes with a clever bit of kit called Front Assist which monitors the area around the front of the camper and hooks-up to City Emergency Breaking in case something unexpected happens while you’re out and about. Park Assist does what it says on the tin, allowing you to have a better idea as to whether you’ll be able to fit into those tight city parking spots or whether you’re about to back into that guy’s really nice Harley Davidson. The Rear Traffic Alers and Rear View camera also take the stress out of backing out into the road when you want to head back out on your adventures.

Grand California trundling along an empty road

All VW Crafter vans now come with Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Assist to give you extra peace of mind while you’re on long journeys too. We’re not saying that these features give you a reason to take your eye off the road, but you can enjoy the journey a lot more and feel the cool wind in your hair while tapping along to your favourite tunes. (Spotted any more Eagles references yet?).

Are There Any More Hidden Features Outside?

The VW Grand California comes with a fold-out step to help bridge the gap up into the camper itself, and a pull out awning to give you shade on those sunny days or a bit of cover if you want to cook outdoors while it’s raining. The external temperature-controlled shower is also a great touch, especially if you enjoy scooting around on travel bikes or getting muddy in caves and forests. How many showers give you a view over a range of mountains or the ability to look out across the ocean. It sure beats those porcelain tiles that you have in your bathroom at home, right?

What’s Inside The VW Grand Calfornia?

Relax (said the Nightman), we’re getting to that bit now! You might not be met with the warm smell of colitas as you open the door, but the inside of the VW Grand California sure is a sight to behold. Let’s start with the living area, a fresh-looking space with two swivelling captains chairs and a large dining table that the whole family can play games or eat around. The dining table is situated right next to a spacious window too, so even when you’re inside you can still gaze out at the amazing scenery around you. To top it off, the airline-style overhead cupboards open out from the top and the bottom, giving you tonnes of extra storage space for dry goods, tinned food, ingredients, and more.

The cupboards in the Grand California are super big!

VW’s newest camper can sleep 4 people comfortably, based on the assumption that you’ve got 2 adults and 2 children on the road with you. If you’re a party of 4 adults then it might get a bit cosy for two of you, and if you’re a party of four children, then I guess you need to quickly work out a system where one of you uses the pedals while someone else steers. We’re kidding, guys; the only things that children should be able to drive is their parents up the walls (it’s their given right, after all!).

Tell Us More!

Dining table in the VW Grand California

There is so much space inside this campervan that it’s hard to believe it’s actually a tiny house on wheels. The VW Grand California has a separate bathroom inside it, so you don’t have to grab your trowel or set up one of the portable options on our Best Campervan Toilets list. That’s super useful if you’re using your vehicle as a stealth camper van in the middle of the city or on long journeys with little ones on board.

The bathroom itself measures 840x800mm which is more than enough room for you to do your business in. It comes with a toilet, shower, and a sink that folds out to save space when not in use. You’ll also find built-in shelves for toileteries and towels too. The blackwater tank is a whopping 90L; you’d be hard pushed to fill that on a short trip to the beach, but it is definitely a plus point if you want to live in this van full time. I know a lot of you don’t like having toilets in your vans, but I bet there’s at least one time where that you can remember wishing you had one!

The surfaces in the VW Grand California are all neutral and bright, so it’s going to be hard to offend any potential buyers unless you have a fear of white and light (that’s all of the moles out then). You can also opt to have a panoramic skylight installed in your camper to bring even more light into the living space and air when you’re cooking indoors. This is open plan mobile living at its finest, and the surprises don’t stop there.

Let’s Talk Tech!

The VW Grand California has some neat little tech options stored away inside the living area. Bluetooth speakers have been integrated into the build itself, giving you the option to play your favourite music throughout the camper without having to pack your ANKER or JBL before you travel. The camper also makes use of touch-control LED lights, allowing you to create mood lighting when you’re reading or watching your favourite shows.

While we haven’t found any information about charging devices on the go, we can assume that the Grand California will come with an all-singing-all-dancing battery system with an inverter and 12V sockets throughout the camper for charging phones and tablets. If you need any more power, then you can always grab yourself one of these Jackery Explorer 500 Power Stations and charge up on the go! There’s also a neat little Dometic panel that you can use to monitor water levels, battery power, temperature, and more inside your new tiny home.

Final Thoughts…

This camper has it all and more. VW have struck gold again with the Grand California, and we’re not just talking about the two-tone paint job on the outside of the vehicle. With a 110L water tank, spacious living area with oodles of storage, a kitchen with a 70L fridge and dual burner, an on-board bathroom, and showers on both the inside and the outside of the vehicle, this vehicle is the perfect rolling home for anyone who is thinking about selling their house and giving alternative living a try. If you don’t want to go as extreme as changing your entire life around, then this still makes a great van for taking trips to the woods or to the beach with your friends and loved ones, and it’s perfect for long holidays to Mainland Europe and beyond.

Prices for the VW Grand California start at ยฃ65’000 (โ‚ฌ72’345) which is what we would expect from such a large camper. I see this campervan as an investment that can be used again and again by you and your family. Maybe your kids will even go on van life adventures of their own in it when they’re old enough, unless you’re still out there enjoying life in it of course! Dealers are taking orders now, and we expect to see these out on the road in a few months time once 2020 gets underway. Let us know your thoughts by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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