Best Family Camper Sleeps Up To 7 People And Has An Onboard Shower!

Some of the best holidays I ever had as a child were camping trips with the entire family. Getting to hang out with cousins and uncles that I hadn’t seen since the last family gathering was always exciting, and the stories that we told and the games we all played have stayed with me until this very day. Living the van life is all about keeping this feeling going on your day to day travels, it’s just that the family members are now new people that we come into contact with on the road, and the friends are just strangers that we haven’t met yet. The trouble back then was always finding a way to get the whole family in one vehicle, and packing tents and sleeping bags always seemed to take an age. We’ve found the Best Family Camper that has been designed to take the faff out of family camping, and it can sleep up to seven people!

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There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a luxury RV, but luxury doesn’t always have to mean that your camper will be insanely expensive. The spacious subject of today’s article comes from camping superstars Knaus, and it’s called the Boxlife 630 ME. Famously known for living life outside of the box (see what I did there), Knaus create comfortable and functional family campers that ooze cool while still managing to be practical and affordable. That’s enough of an intro from me; let’s take a closer look at the Boxlife 630 ME and discover what it’s all about!

Could The ‘Knaus Boxlife 630 ME’ Be The Best Family Camper On the Market?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Knaus, where everything is possible and camping is the number one priority. The Boxlife 630 ME is the latest in a successful line of panel van conversions from the German camping guru’s, and while it might look a lot like one of our DIY Camper Conversions from the outside, it has all of the best van life essentials that you have come to know and love from the best motorhomes on the market.

What’s On The Outside?

The Best Family Camper on the road needs a solid base vehicle as a starting point, which is why Knaus have built the Boxlife 630 ME around the Fiat Ducato Camper. The Ducato is actually the most used panel van in campervan conversions alongside the Sprinter Camper Van, and Knaus are firm believers in the quality tiny homes that these vans can produce.

On the outside of the vehicle, you’ll find all of the basic motorhome gadgets; a foldout step, space to install a Dometic Freshjet and Oyster satellite dish, insulated windows and fly nets, and a set of 17″ alloy wheels that are perfect for trundling along country roads in search of the best van life travel spots. The Boxlife 630 ME might well be the Best Family Camper for people who don’t like the idea of driving the dreaded white motorhome that you will often see parked up on free aires around the south of Portugal. This is a cool camper for the modern-day digital nomad family, and it has everything that you could possibly need while living off grid.

What Makes The ‘Knaus Boxlife 630 ME’ The Best Family Camper?

While the outside looks funky fresh and comes in a variety of different colours, it’s the inside of the Boxlife 630 ME where the magic really happens. Knaus have this amazing ability to turn a common-old-garden van into a hotel on wheels, and they do it in a way that maximises the available living space while creating so much room for hidden storage. They’re wizards fit for a tiny Harry Potter House!

Let’s start with the living areas first, as these are the spaces that you could potentially be spending the most time in (while awake at any rate!). I know I tend to bang on a lot about storage in my articles, but when you are living in a van and especially travelling in a van, having space for all of your belongings and not cluttering up your living space can be a real challenge. Storage is a massive factor when picking the Best Family Camper, and the Boxlife 630 ME utilises modern shelving solutions and practical design elements for every situation. There are even flaps on the overheard cupboards to keep everything in its place while you’re driving, and they’re all soft-close so you don’t wake up your sleeping companions in the middle of the night.

Is There Enough Room For All The Family?

It might be a little bit of a squeeze if you all want to fit around the dinner table at the same time, but the amount of amenities that you will find inside the Knaus Boxlife 630 ME certainly sets it up as a firm contender for the title of Best Family Camper. The kitchen set-up is perfectly suited for the family that likes to cook together. The worktop has a built-in cooker and sink combo that can be covered over with a glass lid when not in use. This provides the Master Chef with an easy-wipe surface on which to wield his or her top cooking accessories, and an extendable table on the left-hand side provides even more space to prepare veggies and salads, or child-friendly food-prep to train your little chefs-in-training.

Clever kitchen storage in the knaus best family camper

I Seem To Recall You Mentioning A Shower…?

If you’re going to make the Best Family Camper on the market, then you need to add a shower and toilet into the mix. The wet room boasts a shower and a toilet, as well as a sink that can be converted into a washbasin with minimal effort. There’s also a sliding mirror that you can position in your favourite spot to get the best light (everyone wants to look suave on the road, right?), and you’ll also find more practical storage solutions hidden away inside here too.

The bathroom is a really nice touch in the Boxlife 630 ME

Speaking of practical solutions, the upholstery options in the Knaus Boxlife range are perfect for any families that have small children. Kids spill stuff; it’s a fact of life, and parents must constantly live in fear of running out of tissues in which to wipe up potential culinary accidents. Luckily, the Best Family Camper in the Knaus CUV range and indeed the world uses special dirt-repellent fabric that will stay clean for many years to come. It also repels red wine too for those messy kids who have grown up into adults.

Let’s Talk About The Beds In Knaus’ Best Family Camper!

I know that this was the main reason that you came to check this article out, but if I had told you about the beds at the very beginning, then you wouldn’t have read about all of the other amazing elements in the world’s Best Family Camper. So, the Boxlife 630 ME can sleep up to seven people, and it does it in a very clever way.

The folding beds in this camper are so versatile and really allow you to create a family home from home

For starters, there’s a queen size bed that can move up and down depending on what height you want to sleep at, so if you have a claustrophobic family member it might mean you sleeping with your nose pressed up against the roof to compensate. The adjustable bed means that you can also tuck it away up against the roof when not in use and create extra space for sitting. Sleep count – 2.

If you’re more interested in carrying gear around with you, then the lower bed below the adjustable bed can be removed entirely to make space for travel bikes and adventure equipment. But if you want to get the whole family sleeping in the same space, the lower bunk can also sleep two people. When not in use, it can fold up and act as a sofa that you can use to kick back on and watch the world go by with a cup of tea. Sleep count – 4.

Now you’re wondering where the extra three people are going to sleep; I can almost hear your brain ticking over from here! Well, the dinette area at the front of the camper can transform into a single bed, which brings our sleep count up to 5. The last two cosy campers can bed down on a lift-away bed that can be slotted into a space at the very front of the camper. Total Sleep Count – 7.

Now that’s what call a propper vanlife family gathering! Obviously, you would have to be pretty close with your family members to live in such a small space for an extended period of time, but if you love hanging out with crazy cousins and amazing aunties, then this could definitely be the Best Family Camper for you!

Final Thoughts…

There are a lot of interesting and exciting elements that I like about the Knaus Boxlife 630 ME, and it’s another great addition to the ever-expanding CUV range. I especially like the fact that you can have the whole family under one roof in this rolling home, and the design concepts and practical elements such as the LED lighting and savvy storage solutions make this the perfect choice for larger groups or a couple that really like to spread out!

Best Family Camper - bike storage in the back

One problem that I can immediately see is that this camper can only seat four people while in transit, so while it can comfortably sleep seven, not all of your party can join you for the ride. This can be easily solved by having an extra car in tow, and if you’re bringing an extra vehicle, then you might as well attach one of these small travel trailers to the back of it and bring a few more family members along for the ride.

Now all that’s left is to talk about the price. You could take a slice of the Best Family Camper on the market home with you for โ‚ฌ64’519 ($58,325, ยฃ46’997), which isn’t bad at all considering that you’re getting a brand new van and a state-of-the-art conversion. If you’re looking for a camper that can keep the kids occupied, has enough room for your mother-in-law to read her book in peace, and the right amount of space to whip up some tasty paninis at lunchtime, then the Knaus Boxlife 630 ME could be the Best Family Camper that you’ve ever set eyes on. If you want something a little smaller and perhaps more eco-friendly, then why not give this VW Electric Campervan a try out for size!

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